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The race features 5km, 10km as well as a 21km routes, and is open to every woman. It is the first women-only half marathon in the region, and the race route is usually around the Central Business District, where looking at attractions like Gardens By The Bay, Marina Bay Sands and The Singapore Flyer would be part of the run.


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Awesome views!

I used to go for the Great Eastern Women's Run every year since I was in Sec 2 because my school encouraged us to go for it. We'd come down docked in our yellow school running tank and have loads of fun during the 5km run.

One thing I liked about the Great Eastern Women's Run is that it's held at a very scenic area, and we get to run through the F1 area. You get awesome views while running so most girls my age would probably stop to camwhore in the middle of the road.

So, if you're a girl, grab your girlfriends and go for it! I know I'm gonna do that this year!

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Enjoyable run with friends and family

My school uses the Great Eastern Women’s Run as a school event and encourages everyone to join with their friends and family. I participated in the 5km category last year with my entire class and it was an amazing experience, very fun and enjoyable!

The 5km run was a non-competitive run, and so the atmosphere was great, no competition, and no stress at all and everyone was just having fun with their friends and family. It was heartwarming also to see women of all ages taking part in the race-an alumnus from my school who is almost 70 years old actually ran with us as well. Overall it was a fun-filled Sunday morning and I strongly urge all women, whether or not you actively run, to join the race and just have fun!

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Great opportunity for personal challenge

I participated in this race this year for the first time. Being my second 10k run, I decided to try to do a personal best timing for this particular run - and I did!

The event was very well-organised and had a very positive, pumped-up atmosphere - the sheer number of women who wanted to push themselves for a new challenge was enough to motivate me to try my best.

The route was especially scenic. Starting a run from beneath the Singapore Flyer? Not something we can do every day! And we got the opportunity to run through the CBD and over highways, which we are usually not able to do - so this was a really fantastic experience! There were also pacers assigned to run alongside the participants, whom we could follow if we wanted to hit a particular timing for our run. I thought this added a particularly nice touch to the race experience, especially for those less-experienced runners who have not yet learnt how to pace themselves.

Besides the race itself, the goodie bag was excellent - filled to bursting point with an array of different products. A water bottle, maxifuel drink samples, face cream... you name it, it was inside that goodie bag.

I think the organisers really put in a massive amount of effort into organising this women-only event and their effort paid off in the form of an overwhelmingly successful event. I would definitely recommend everyone to participate in this event next year! Unless you're male. Sorry, guys. You don't want to get kicked out mid-run.

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Fun, scenic route!

I went with a close friend in 2011, and we plan to return again this year! The route was amazingly scenic and we had a wonderful time running the 5KM through the CBD area. The race was well organised, so there was good crowd control for the large turnout. The water stops along the route were helpful.

The goodie bag was filled with excellent gifts for women, including handbag organizers, vouchers and pain relief patches. There were so many vouchers that I was practically spoilt for choice. This is definitely a great workout for women who are looking for a good time with friends or family. I will definitely be back!

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Great bonding session

I have participated in this run twice, in two separate years. I have to say that this run is one of the must enjoyable runs I've been in. As my friends and I decide to sign up together, and run together, the 5 km distance that we ran seemed to be shorter than it actually was.

Another thing I like about the run is the route. Between the two runs that I've been to, the route varied abit, but was mostly the same. It is a privilege to be able to run on the roads and around the CBD area, because it's not everyday you're allowed to do that. I really like running through the scenic route, and past places like the Esplanade and Merlion Park.

In addition, I really enjoy the products that come in the goodie bag, that is sponsored by many companies. It really introduced me to various lady products, including things I wouldn't have bought to try on my own.

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