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Listing created by wangkh on December 24, 2012    

Go down to Marina Bay on New Year's Eve for Singapore's biggest Countdown event of the year. Join thousands of others in counting down the finals seconds of this year and celebrate the arrival of 2013.


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Crowded, Noisy and Exciting?

I've tried to go for this event many times but without success. All the times that my friends and I try to plan an outing for the countdown party, we always end up not managing to get tickets - resulting in us ending up at other locations where we can, too, view the fireworks and countdown for the new year.

Actually, while I've heard that the atmosphere of the countdown party is always cheerful and noisy, I find that it is probably not the best place for me to be. Being someone that hates being in crowds and loud noises, it might actually turn out to be a bad night for me squeezing in the midst of the crowd trying to see the stage performances. Watching the countdown at Marina bay on the television is still good for me at the moment. Maybe some day I'll take the chance to go down to the actual destination and experience it for myself, but until then, I will stick to more valuable company time with my friends at less crowded places.

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