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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on December 03, 2012    

The PC Show is one of the IT and consumer electronics exhibitions held annually in Singapore and has been organised for 22 years.


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A place where bargains are found.

Held during the quarter of the year, the computer show is always a must-go event for me. I find that it is the place where bargains are best found. It is the only time of the year where the gadgets that are usually expensive come with free gifts or come at a cheaper price.

I managed to get my camera at the computer fair for a good deal, and coming together with the package was the entire set, a dry cabinet, some tutorial books, and even a free tripod.

If you're always up for a bargain, this place is definitely the place for you if you're looking for a reasonable price for a gadgets - even if the gadget that you want isn't as cheap as you think it is, there are always other gadgets that might be able to match your budget.

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Great deals but nightmarish conditions

I am all for sniffing out a good deal when buying electronic gadgetry that can shoot up into the thousands. But for small items like earphones, thumb drive, mouse or even screen protectors, I do not see the reason why people would want to go to all that trouble just to save that $5 or $10.

For me, IT fairs will forever be a nightmare to navigate simply because of the dense layout and even denser turnout. Not only is walking around the fair tough, getting to it and out is just as bad. What’s worst is that you get the occasional death stare or profuse swearing when you accidentally step on someone’s feet or bang into him or her unintentionally.

I guess this is really the kind of place you go to if you are prepared to rough things out a bit. Otherwise, I think one is better off going to Sim Lim or Funan to shop.

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I visit the show every year

I had visited the show every year since I started working. For the first few years in my work, it was just an excuse to get out of office because my company actually encouraged us to upgrade ourselves by visiting the show.

Subsequent years, after I changed companies, I would normally take half day leave to go on the first day of the show. A weekday afternoon was the only chance that you can properly looked at the products. If you went on evenings or weekends, expect to be pushed along by the crowds.

Through the many years of organising the events, the organisers had got better with crowd control. If you visited the recent shows, you would be guided to make more detours but that was all in the aim of making the flow smoother and it did work.

The only problem that remained to be solved will be the lack of parking lots. All the car parks around the areas would show the car park full signs and even car parks as far as Shaw and Raffles City would be full.

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Definitely worth a visit

I bought a MacBook Pro in the recent SITEX 2012 and it was a fairly good deal. Though Apple products are not discounted even in the PC show, there was still a slight discount and other benefits like a complementary mouse, free upgrade and other freebies. They still offered me a complementary training on how to use the Macbook!

The electronics sold in the PC show are of decent quality as well, and some are priced fantastically cheap. Its extremely wise to wait till the PC show before you purchase your computers and laptops because you can really save up on a lot of money! You can even bargain with the sales promoters for more freebies; they almost always abide to your wishes because they still get a profit no matter what. Definitely worth a visit.

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