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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on December 03, 2012    

SITEX is the infocomm event of the year where computer hardware and software, digital products, wireless applications and solutions are showcased to consumers.


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Hard wired

Looking for a new computer or a camera but on a budget? I would recommend going to an IT show and taking a look at the products that are available there. SITEX is an IT fair that I visit every year, if not to buy an electronic gadget, then to see if I could snatch up any good deals.

This year's SITEX boasts of a larger array of products then usual. Besides the usual demarcated section marketing laptops, cameras, televisions as well as hardware accessories such as wires, cables and memory cards, a series of unorthodox products were on display as well. For example, take the remote sensored vacuum cleaner, which can roll around the house like a land-bound drone and change direction upon coming into contact with a surface.

The trumpets were blaring and numerous dealers were on stage to offer live promotions to the first few buyers of their products with incentives. This combined to make for a noisy atmosphere not unlike a marketplace. Whilst the deals are really good and the prizes attractive, one should exercise caution whilst shopping as the products are mainly for clearance and their quality could be dubious.

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It will all be worth it

A successful show would undoubtedly require copious amounts of traffic, which is what Sitex seems to achieve again and again annually. While all the unceremonious squeezing might turn some off, the alluring discounts would still see throngs fighting for the deals. It is ultimately a win-win situation for both retailers and consumers.

Are the deals worth it? Yes, they actually are! Retailers may not offer major discounts, but expect freebies, freebies and more freebies. It is best to check and do your research prior to committing to a purchase though. Hourly discounts occur throughout the entire duration, especially so towards the end of the fair.

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(Updated: February 25, 2013)


I always avoid SITEX unless I have something specific to buy. And even then, I try to buy them elsewhere unless I hear about some out-of-this-world deal that will only be present at the event. As you can guess by now, I'm not a crowd person.

When I first went to the fair with my friends a few years ago, the first thing I noticed was the jam, then the absence of parking lots. When I finally walked through the door of the convention hall, two lines of flyer distributors saluted us on each side by stuffing our hands with leaflets, imbuing us with a false sense of importance. Then, that illusion was suddenly dispelled when you get sucked into the crowd and realized you're one in a million in a shuffling marathon through hordes of zombies. I discovered that you can actually let yourself flow passively with the momentum of the crowd and take a chance at reaching your destination. It was a slim chance at best, but with the surging crowd of people all around you, any active recourse would mean a controlled effort at pushing people away without seeming too rude. Of course, a nice guy like me could never manage that.

I heard from my friends later that whenever a computer fair is on, the prices of stuff from places like Sim Lim Square get discounted as well, making the only incentive to wade through the SITEX waves is the freebies that comes with a purchase.

Yup, I could live without that.

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Too many people

I think the great appeal of SITEX isn't about the lowering of the prices of the electronic goods sold there but the additional goods thrown in at the same price. I am personally very attracted to this marketing of goods - who isn't attracted to such great deals? They do have a large variety of goods sold there, though I think sometimes the place is too messy and people can't really get to what they want to get quickly.

There is also the most annoying part of SITEX which is the crowd. The crowd seems endless; I often go on the last few hours of the show because that's when I feel the crowd seems the least. The volume is compounded by SITEX being held over weekends which most people are free, but that is the point, which is to reach out to as many consumers as they can in one event. Still annoying, though.

Also, there are way too many people giving out fliers there it gets really frustrating because fliers which are of no interest to me gets stuffed endlessly in my face. I wish they would limit the number of people giving out fliers or spread them out more evenly. This could help with crowd management too.

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Amazing electronics deals

SITEX is one of the largest fairs in Singapore, and the halls housing the exhibitions are always filled with people, regardless of whether it is the first or last day. The reason for this is simple - SITEX houses the most amazing deals for electronics, and locals often wait for this fair to purchase any necessary electronic goods.

Selling a wide range of electronic items from laptops to cameras, and even phone covers, SITEX definitely covers every aspect of electronics, so it is hardly surprising that the halls are always crowded.

There are several deals that can be found at SITEX. Some of these deals include free gifts like an MP3, or a free camera, so I would recommend scouring the halls for various sorts of deals first, before making a hasty purchase at the very first booth, as more often than not, there are better deals further into the hall. I would also recommend visiting the fair on the last day, as it is usually the day when retailers are desperate to sell off their items, and electronics can go even cheaper than the original sale price!

Personally, I dislike visiting SITEX, despite the amazing deals that they offer, as the halls are always way too crowded for my liking. However, if you do not mind the slight squeeze of the crowd for an amazing purchase, SITEX would probably be the perfect place to get electronics at extremely cheap prices.

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Cheap Lelong!

SITEX fair is a must go for electronics lovers because they sell everything cheaply ranging from TVs, DVDS, Handphones, tablets and computers etc. It is one of the few electronics fair around, along with Megatex etc but i dare say its the biggest and most deals-worthy.

Almost all electronic providers will particiapte in this fair like Microsoft, Sony, Apple, Toshiba, Sandisk etc and i have personally purhcased thumbdrives and a PC before which gave me a free printer! How awesome is this deal! Going at the first and last day has its pros and cons, first day usually have discounts like the first 50 sets to be sold at a ridiculously cheap price and there are more selections. However going at the last day, you can find very good deals because its clearance time and prices may be lower than the previous days!

Note: Remember to take the phamplets distributed at the entrance, they can help you in your decision and finding the booth in this HUGE fair

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Overcrowded, for cheap things obviously.

SITEX is a great place to purchase your IT needs. Cables at a few bucks, headphones at ten over bucks, laptops pricing from $800 - $4000, based on your needs. Cameras at sale with lots of free gifts, probably one of the best times/places you can get your IT stuffs.

I went to SITEX on the first day itself. I walked through the doors, only to find 2 rows of sales personnel shoving brochures at me. It's good for choices, but not every time that I pass through that door.

And most brochures end up in the bin or on the floor. I actually knocked into a dustbin, and it's kinda... messy in that sense. The overcrowding doesn't help either.

However, i did manage to get a laptop at $1082 with extended warranty, and the specs are pretty good as well. Also, I grabbed a pair of Audio technika headphones for $28 instead of $48, which is really worth it.

You just needa sieve through the mess and crowd to find the perfect item you're looking for.

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