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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on December 03, 2012    

NATAS Travel brings together travel specialists, tour operators and national tourism organizations to present travel destinations around the region and the world in a annual event.


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I dont want to pay admission fee

NATAS Travel is a annual event where all travel agencies, cruise travels, hotel providers will come together to hold this one-stop event for consumers who want to travel. It is defintely a crowed-bustling event. However in recent years, its always held at Singapore expo which is so inconvenient and they have begun to charge admission fees, even though its just about $2 if i remember correctly. It just feels a little overboard because people may just want to see and compare.

If you ask me, i have not booked any travel at NATAS Fair due to the crowd, and although i can compare prices, i feel that its still cheaper if i handle everything myself- from the flights to the accomodation. I guess i just like travel planning. These agencies do markups in prices although at fairs, you get credit card discounts, freebies, or like pay 3 and the last one travel free.

My advice is to go ONLY when you have the intention to travel because of the admission fee and inconvenience and the overwhelming crowd which deters people. Remember to compare prices at this one stop event!

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Not to my liking

Despite having an entrance fee, the turnout at NATAS did not seem to diminish and it was very crowded. I was with a group of friends looking for bargains for a free-and-easy trip to China.

Despite having a wide variety of vendors, we were unable to find any bargains specific to our needs. The free-and-easy tours we found were VIP packages that were beyond our budget. Even though we bought our air tickets there, it could have been purchased at the same price online. Thus, I would not recommend this fair to people who are looking to organise their own trips, whether its accommodation or airfare.

Having said that. this fair would be perfect for families and people who wants their trip organised for them. The prices are competitive with many add-ons. Thus, whether this fair is for you largely depends on what you are looking for.

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Best tour deals

Once my family misses the annual NATAS Travel fair, we won't even think of travelling for the subsequent holiday. The deals at NATAS are so good that travelling without them is seen as somewhat of a waste.

At each NATAS Travel fair, several travel and tour companies come together under one single roof to compete for customers. As such, some of the travel deals can get ridiculously cheap, as the companies more often than not attempt to beat their rival companies' rates. However, in recent years, they seem to have come to consensus and the travel deals have gotten less cheap, but they're definitely still worth the look.

NATAS also provides several lucky dips and draws, often offering prizes such as luggage bags, carriers, and TV consoles. Personally, I have even won an MP3 Player once from NATAS Travel.

The fair can get a little crowded at times, as it's definitely the best travel fair in Singapore so it's hardly surprising that it draws such an eager crowd. The tour promoters are usually friendly, as most of them are seasoned tour guides themselves, so customers need not worry about unpleasant service.

I'm waiting for the next NATAS Travel fair eagerly. I've been looking forward to that trip to Europe.

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