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Listing created by Iswariya on November 30, 2012    

The Singapore Arts Festival is an annual arts festival held in Singapore. The festival is usually held in mid-year for a stretch of one month, incorporating all forms of visual and contemporary art forms. 


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A stunning display of works

One of the biggest arts event in Singapore, this festival is always the place to be for all the art lovers, especially me. Being someone that enjoys, appreciates and takes in the atmosphere of the arts, the arts fest is always a time for me to bask in the showcasing of a talented local pool.

The visual arts segment of the arts festival always attracts me the most - regardless of style or culture. I am always attracted by the night arts festival that happens - there is often a myraid of lights in the event that there is a light show, which is always almost present, and the combination of different mediums to create spectacular art works in the dark.

Where else can you exhibit light works playing with shadows?

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Popping eyes, Singapore Art's Festival made 'nice' an understatement

The Singapore Arts Festival I went several years ago was one embedded in my memory thanks to it's spouts of uniqueness!

It was held at the barren land sprawling directly in front of Mount Elizabeth hospital. Singapore Arts Festival Banners were whipping against the wind, tied securely on every lamppost available there. There was a humongous tent right smack in the middle of the venue.

My family and I headed towards the entrance, gushing with excitement for it was a tent like no other. We were taken aback by the air conditioned situation within the tent! It was that era whereby air conditioners was still a rare sighting.

Apparently, we have stepped into a realm in which being 'taken aback' does not occur simply once. We were greeted by waves after waves of jaw dropping situations till we couldn't resist releasing a booming gasp.

Firstly, we were ushered to our seats. Seats. They were definitely no ordinary. Layers after layers of deck chairs sprawled before us. Indoor deck chairs! When had that ever been done?

We grabbed a deckchair and soon after the performance ensues. It was a circus. The name of the circus wasn't grasped in my memory but the performance itself was.

Laying back on the deckchair with faces facing the tent's roof, all I need was some cushions and cocktails and I'd be dozing off into serendipity. However, the moment the acrobats leapt out and began performing air-crobats, dozing off definitely exited my mind.

I was blown away. They defied gravity, flung across the tent without a magic wand and bounced on the safety net below like it was the usual King Koil mattress!

I remembered witnessing another circus that wasn't associated with Singapore Art's Festival. That one had ordinary propped up seats. I remembered craning my neck till the air between my neck and jaw bones popped.

The usage of these deck chairs for the circus that concentrated on air stunts was certainly a supremely applaudable and effective decision! Nothing popped!

Except for my pair of eyes. They popped in amazement.

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great range of artistic talent

I always look forward to the Singapore Arts Festival as I am a lover of art and dance and look forward to the various shows and exhibitions brought in. I constantly enjoy the diverse range of acts brought in and if possible, am a frequent attender of such performances. The acts never fail to captivate me and I am constantly taken aback by the wonderful talent showcased, and it really inspires me (:

Art can really connect people of different cultures, and everyone is able to reflect upon the artists' work together. It is a pity that the Singapore Arts Festival is on hiatus this year.. I look forward to 2014 when it is back again. I cannot wait to see how the arts scene in Singapore has changed with more people being more artistically aware (: Definitely recommended a visit.

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Something for everyone

I am not the most artsy person but I do appreciate the arts. Be it music or literature or art exhibitions, workshops, dance, concerts and plays, bring it on!

I've been to the Singapore Arts Fest every year the past four years and it's like this little block period every year that I take time out to delve into the arts and literary scene. I'm a frequent concert-goer at the Esplanade and it's definitely a plus to be able to see budding artistes take the stage during this period of time to showcase their raw talents! Some of the performers come from overseas, some local students and dance troupes while others have been in the industry for a long time. Every year the theme of the fest changes and I just really really really love the artsy atmosphere that transcends language, cultural and even personal barriers established by war-old perspectives and preconceived notions. Art has the power to change that!

I am a sucker for walking around aimlessly and the art exhibitions set up around town never fail to allow me time to reflect and think about each art piece I see and the purpose behind them. This fest is a great stepping stone for individuals yearning for a medium or stage to stand on and also an equally great opportunity for art lovers and untrained novices to explore the world of art in the comfort of their own town. It's a pity it's on hiatus this year ): Make sure to visit in 2014!

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