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F1 Singapore is held at the new Marina Bay Street Circuit. One of the highlights of the Formula One calendar, earning it the title of “the jewel in the Formula One crown”.



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Great experience

The experience of watching the F1 up close is more than memorable. I still remember the first time I watched the F1 practice from Marina Square, and the experience was surreal. Althought the sounds were very very loud, it gets your adrenaline pumping just to watch the cars zoom by. I feel honoured that Singapore is able to host the F1, and it is actually something that we should be proud of.

This year, I went to the Rihanna gig at the Night race, which was my first gig. The experience was totally unforgettable. It was very fun to watch, what more it being at night and also at the same time with the race going on. The ticket prices, though, are a little too high for my liking.

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(Updated: January 23, 2013)

An experience out of this world

The loud sounds of car engines, coupled with the smell of burnt rubber in the air signals that the only formula one night race is back in the Republic. Compared to watching it on television, my first race live on scene at Marina Bay Street Circuit was a memorable and exciting one. The drivers can be seen accelerating past you after each turn. One moment they are right there in front of you, the next they are gone past the next corner.

My recommendation for the tickets would be the 3 day walkabout tickets. They are affordable and grants you the freedom to roam around the circuit looking for the best spots to come up close to the drivers. For people with more money to splash, the grandstands near the pits would be a pretty good place to catch all the action as you can see the deft maneuvers of the pit crew changing the rubber of the cars in the shortest time possible which promises to be a treat to the eye.

Another main draw would be the concert line-up. Looking from it at a rational point of view, the cheapest tickets which costs about $170 upwards for 3 days also gives you access to the entertainment during intervals and after the race. This is a steal judging by previous line ups which include maroon 5 and linkin park, you get to enjoy 3 days of heart-pumping music from top-of-the-class acts.

Do not forget your earplugs or risk going deaf!

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Highly Interesting

I think it is really interesting for Singapore to host the F1 racing, because we're not exactly a racing hub so it seems odd. However, i like the concept of Singapore F1 being a night-time modern street racing track. It's distinct and interesting. I've watched the F1 racing only on TVs and I was actually quite captivated by the smoothness of the racing track and the bright lights.

I think it's good for Singapore to host this event. It increases our prestige as a sports hub and offers a unique landmark to F1 races. I quite like it, although I would not like to actually go and watch in person. I think it would be too hot and bright. Watching from TV feels more comfortable. Haha!

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On the last weekend of September for the past four years, i see many sports cars in bright colors like neon green, pink, orange, and purple zooming along the streets when I seldom see them at other times of the year. It is the F1 fever! All hotels including budget hotels are usually fully booked for that weekend too. Everybody around the world is flocking to Singapore to catch the F1.

I am not a big fan of motor racing but I have been going for the concerts and parties all these years. This year as usual, I will be looking forward to all the parties.

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Sports or carnival?

I have attended the Singapore leg of the Formula 1 race for 4 years running. While I am not an avid motor sports fan, I do think there is something for everyone in this over the top circuit.

First thing that hits you on entrance is the carnival like atmosphere, there is a zing in the air, a buzz that only millions of fund can create. Ticket prices are tiered in such a way that you get what you pay for. A hundred dollars to see an artiste perform, or a few thousand dollars to be treated like royalty at the Paddock Club.

While it might not seem like it is worthwhile for the average blue-collar worker, I definitely recommend it as a must see/do at least once, just to experience what the hype is all about.

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(Updated: January 20, 2013)

Just to hear 'zooooom'

I find F1 not so spectacular. You pay a hefty sum of money just to hear the 'zoooom' sound. The cars are moving way too fast for you to actually 'look' at anything.

To be dead honest, I bought the ticket just to attend the maroon 5 concert. I have almost zero interest in car racing and having the F1 here didn't help make any difference.

If you weren't there, you aren't missing out on much, really. I would prefer watching from the side barricade, listening to the exotic roars of engines instead of trying to catch a glimpse of the cars.

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Cars? What cars?

It is common knowledge that no sane Singaporean goes to F1 for the race. I mean, seriously, tickets are way too overpriced for a trip to a racetrack to see phantom race cars. The F1's only saving grace is the concert after the race. Which was why, even with the crazy ticket prices, I went for the race to watch Maroon 5 live.

It isn't all that bad, really. There wasn't much to do but there was the atmosphere to soak up. Food, on the other hand, was disappointing. It was expensive but below average :( Other than the free airbrush tattoo service which was quite rad, I found myself doing nothing much but taking photos of random things to quell my boredom.

I suppose the concert was the one and only event that salvaged F1. So yeah, that was F1 for me.

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Better to watch from a distance

I was there when F1 first came to Singapore. I did not pay for the tickets, I was one the cheapos that looked for slots in the barricades to try to watch the race for free.

It was an experience but not an experience that will be missed. I did not pay for the tickets, the best view I had was very limited, I was not even able to tell which car just drove past me. I also lost track of how many rounds the car had gone, it felt like I was being bombarded continuously and I was not able to think properly.

It was fun to experience the roar of the engines and the vibration waves when the cars sped past. This was the only experience worth travelling down for the live race and this experience should only be experienced for a short time because I felt uncomfortable after the cars sped past me a few rounds. So it is better to watch from a distance and by that I mean from the live telecast.

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Not worth the exhorbitant ticket

The experience of sitting in the stands at the Marina Bay Street Circuit is hair raising and surreal. I get it. But I was pretty disappointed that for that much money, all I got to see was a small segment of the 4+ kilometer circuit. With this being a street circuit, the design of the roads makes it hard for any one seat to get a view of all the action taking place.

This is the very reason why I'd rather spend all that money to fly down to kuala lumpur where I can watch the same F1 cars on an actual racing circuit.

But that’s besides the point. Here's the thing, I do find the Singapore grand prix prix to be an absolute spectacle, but what I feel is that it is much better enjoyed at one of the pubs nearby or if money permits, at one of the Marina Bay Hotels. Buying a ticket for the event makes little sense, as you can hardly see all that is going on.

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(Updated: December 19, 2012)

Not Impressive At All

I do not really see anything very special about the race. You pay an exorbitant sum of money to watch cars drive in circles on roads you see everyday, and "anticipate" their passing of your stand more than 50 time just so you can see the fast moving figures of the cars pass you and smashing your eardrums at the same time.

Many go to the F1 race for the concerts, such as the Katy Perry live concert, and not for the novelty of watching the race. It is not exactly comfortable at the event, the area is hot and the stand seats are not very pleasing.

For this event, if you are really interested, just watch it on TV, if not, just give it a pass and go for better things like watching a movie.

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