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Picotin, a family-style European Bistro, situated in the newly revamped Horse City along Turf Club Road, Bukit Timah. Picotin houses a bar and a bistro that serves wholesome, appetising and uncomplicated European cuisine 7 days a week. Open daily from lunch through dinner, breakfast served on weekends and public holidays. Picotin is a collaboration between the Saint Pierre/Relais Chateaux Group by award winning chef and co-owner, Emmanuel Stroobant together with talented and prominent F&B personality Jacky.

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A perfect little escape from city life

Picotin is the perfect lunch spot. Overlooking a beautifully presented golf course, which gives the restaurant an amazingly open feel to it, you feel a million miles away from the city and its hustle and bustle, instead you can just look out over the greenery and watch out for the birds and lizards that can be found in the towering trees above you. Serving a European Menu, there’s everything from a full english breakfast to pizzas to seared tuna, meaning that pretty much everyone should be able to find something that they’re craving on the broad menu.

The prices are quite expensive, with mains ranging from $20 to $38, however I had the Pico Burger which for $28 seemed quite a lot, but it was massive, I reckon it could have fed two easily and it came with a hearty amount of fries too, making it one of the only places in Singapore where I can’t actually finish a meal. Impressive Picotin. The service was also amazing, really friendly staff who manage to get your food out to you quickly even when the place is completely packed.

Although at lunch it’s the perfect spot, light and airy and a little escape from the city, when it gets dark it does feel a little more dingey, and having been there for a party it just doesn’t seem to work as a hosting venue. It felt too large, there were people still eating and drinking near by and it just didn’t feel quite right. Stick to a daytime meal here, and you’ll love the whole experience.

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Above Average French Food, But Service Is Better

Birthday celebration for the BFF (Best Female Friend)! She wanted French, so I decided to take her to Picotin. A casual, homely bistro, set in picturesque surroundings, Picotin serves simple, uncomplicated European food.

Ambience at Picotin is very good, partly due to its excellent locations. Picotin is typically surrounded by greenery / water, which gives a calm, homely feel to the place, a vibe that invites you to take it easy and relax. The actual decor at Picotin reflects its surroundings, with greenery, mahogany furniture, fine cutlery, homely decor that is simple and uncomplicated, yet modern and still comfortable.

Service at Picotin befits a fine dining restaurant. Staff are very polite and efficient, but also show initiative and are observant. However, the junior staff are not very knowledgeable about food ingredients or wine pairings. We experienced a slight hiccup with a missing order, but decided to cancel it as we were too full, but otherwise, I would say the service at Picotin deserves top marks.

Picotin offers European food on its menu, though its main influences are French and Italian. Head chef and co-owner of Picotin, Steve Kaye, has honed his craft in French and Italian cuisine by climbing through the ranks, and his style of simple, uncomplicated, homely comfort food is something that you'll probably wish to eat daily. Ingredients tend to shine through in terms of taste; but the actual menu is rather small. Prices at Picotin are considered expensive as compared to other casual restaurants, but considered reasonable and slightly cheaper when compared with fine dining restaurants.

The Half Dozen Baked Snails With Wild Herbs And Garlic Butter is wildly aromatic and fragrant, and a joy to eat when hot. Consume it before it cools!

The most popular pizza on the menu, the Banker Pizza consists of honey baked ham, bacon and pepperoni on a 12 inch, thin crust pizza with mozzarella cheese and home made tomato sauce.

The Classic Beef Bourguignon With Mushrooms, Bacon, Pearl Onions And Mashed Potatoes is a traditional French dish of Beef Bourguignon from Burgundy, France. It is a stew prepared with beef slow braised in red wine, traditionally red Burgundy, and beef broth, then flavoured with garlic, onions, and bacon. It is garnished with baby carrots, pearl onions and braised mushrooms, and served on a bed of smooth mashed potatoes. This results in a flavourful, tannic, earthy taste to the beef, and also renders it very tender and soft. The sauce has notes of bitter, savoury and salty, and complements the meat well. However, this taste profile may not appeal to everyone.

The Pan Fried Sea Bass Fish, Lemon Thyme Risotto, Parmesan Emulsion is an Italian style dish. The fish has soft, flaky meat, but cooked till the skin is flavourful and crispy. The risotto is wonderfully creamy and smooth, with the correct thickness in texture and consistency, and a fresh tangy taste due to the lemon and herbs.

A classic Italian dessert, the Tiramisu is made with ladyfinger biscuits / Savoiardi biscuits, dipped in coffee or espresso, layered with a whipped mixture of sugar, egg yolks and mascarpone cheese, and flavored with wine (normally Marsala wine) and cocoa powder. The version here uses a light sponge cake instead of biscuits, has a garnish of strawberries, and the coffee and alcohol isn't as strong as it should be. It's still pretty good as a dessert though, but definitely could be better.

The Lemon Tart With Vanilla Ice Cream dessert (Tarte Au Citron) is prepared in the traditional French style of a thin, low tart with a semi-gelatinous, soft lemon curd sitting on a buttery and crumbly biscuit base. It's both sweet and sour at the same time, with a refreshing tangy taste and creamy texture. Served chilled, it's accompanied by fresh berries and fruits and a small scoop of ice cream, though these are just sidekicks to the main hero / star.

Picotin is a nice place, but I'll probably only visit it for special occasions or celebrations due to the cost.

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Pricy but good food

Tucked deep inside one of the lanes along Bukit Timah Road, Picotin is a place for those with cars, because it is very difficult to reach by bus or any public transport.

The place is very dimly lit in the evening, which may be suitable for a date but definitely not for a big group of friends because the lack of lighting made the place look dreary. The service was alright, and the food was good! We had three of the 21" pizzas and just a word of caution, that might be just be a tad too much even for 10 (hungry) people.

We had the mashed potatoes for starters. Even though it came without gravy, the dish still tasted surprisingly good. The price range is a little bit on the high side and should be for an occasional indulgence.

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