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Huber’s Butchery is a European-styled premium speciality store that is poised to redefine the standards of the average meat counter through the use of exceptional service to deliver the finest meat products. We offer the widest selection of meats, sausages and hams- you will not find finer quality or a more varied choice anywhere else. It’s as simple as that. What makes us unique is that we import most of our meat directly from the best farms and we also produce all the hams and sausages ourselves.

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Best food ever!

Huber's Butchery has officially claimed the #1 spot in my heart as my favourite place to get steak.

Unsure of what to order, I went with the classics and ordered the U.S. Ribeye Steak. However, what was presented before me was something I had not expected at all.

The slice of meat was sitting in a generous pool of sauce, with a huge portion of café de paris butter resting on top of it. The warmth from the freshly-grilled steak melted the butter into a pool of oil which I spread all over the meat. Yum.

The meat itself was tender, juicy and extremely scrumptious. Thankfully, the meal was not yet over - the steak came with fries - which, I find, weren't anything special - and salad, which I thought was as delicious as the steak itself.

The excellent food, combined with the ambience of the place, made Huber's Butchery the best place ever to try meat products - on a whole new level!

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its all about the meat

ahh franks franks and more franks

Those who know me, would now that i lovee hotdogs and franks. Sigh, I know there are a crazy amount of preservatives in some types of hotdogs, but I can't help not loving their snappy casing and their delicious and juicy meat encased inside. Topped with some mustard and chilli and i'm good to go.

Of course i couldn't turn down Huber's wide range of hotdogs which were served with a variety of toppings and sauces. We got one to share between us when we were dining at Pasar Bella, where HB had a little store there. The franks were fantastic and was well harmonied with the onions topped and the mustard and chilli. Moreover, they were pretty damn huge.

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