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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on January 07, 2014    

One of the trendiest enclaves in Singapore, which doesn't look like anything in Singapore. Has a row of hip modern restaurants, a harbour and W Singapore. Of course there are the Sentosa Cove residences too.

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(Updated: January 11, 2014)

An amazing place

I love this place so much! Visited it once on impulse after reading up on it and my first response after setting foot into Quayside Isle was to jump around in ecstasy!

It took us a 10 minute bus ride from Beach Station (Bus 3) to get to Sentosa Cove Village. From there it's just a mere 5 minutes walk and you can easily spot the beautiful harbor. It really has that out-of-Singapore feel, with all the expatriates walking about, beautiful palm trees and plenty of mouth-watering cafes to dine at.

Dining can be a little costly, about $20+ a main but it'll definitely be worth it with the view you're dining to. Go al fresco of course! Very suitable for that special date or when you're looking to surprise someone!

Tip: Go at sunset, it's the best time!

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(Updated: January 11, 2014)

Must Visit!

Oh, this place - must go! You won't even think you're in Singapore. The whole place is beautifully designed, from the lamp posts to the railings, everything is intricately designed, like something out of a European country.

I suggest taking a long stroll along the pier, where you can see all the yatchs parked at the ports as well as several restaurants and eateries. The food is a tad expensive, but if you come here, you should just go all out and enjoy a great afternoon!

Remember to bring your camera, this place is really scenic. Getting there might be a little troublesome though. I highly suggest taking a cab in, because even the free shuttle bus does not go all the way into Quayside Isle.

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