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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on April 23, 2013    

Tampines is named after the tampines trees that used to occupy the entire Tampines area. Tampines trees are also known as ironwood trees. These forest of ironwood trees were first discovered approximately a decade ago, in the 1900s. Tampines is also termed as the residential Orchard Road. This is due to it's wide variety of shopping malls made available there. Tampines was previously the site for military training. Military training however, ceased in 1987. 

Tampines is accessible by public transportations too. It falls under the green MRT line. Several expressways are also directly connected to Tampines, like the Pan Island Expressway and the East Coast Parkway expressway.

Tampines does not fall short under the parks and schools sector either. It offers a wide selection of parks there including Sunplaza Park, NParks, Tampines Bike Park and many more. The schools available here includes those from primary all the way to tertiary level; Tampines Junior College and Temasek Polytechnic. There is also a Tampines National Library. It is located within walking distance from the Tampines bus interchange.


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Great place to visit and live at

The first time I actually frequented Tampines was when I visited my aunt often last year. About once a week I would go to her place opposite the MRT station, and I would say Tampines is a really nice place to live, as opposed to, say, my home at Pioneer. The walk to her home is calming, as I get to walk on the park connector.

Tampines is great because there is an immense amount of convenience. Surrounding the MRT station is three shopping malls, walking distance from each other. Each of them offers its own unique combination of shops, so what are the chances that all of them will not have what you want? Also, the library is close by and if you would take a shuttle bus, Courts, IKEA and Giant are nice places to visit too. I say Tampines is a really good place to live, or even to visit once in a while.

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Passing by the town on a bike

I must have passed by or even stopped in Tampines numerous times. However, more often than not, it seemed that I make my visit there on a bike, and stop there to visit some usual hangouts.

The park connector located opposite my house leads to Punggol, from whence I cut into Pasir Ris via Lorong Halus and the animal farms in the Pasir Ris rural countryside. From Pasir Ris, I then make the trip down to Tampines, and hence my first impressions often come from the greenery, the fitness corners and the lakes that the small town has to offer. Indeed, Tampines is home to many trees, and occasionally, you can spot the Tampines tree, which the town was named after. Usually, i visit Tampines because quite a number of friends live there, and we'll often take advantage of the bountiful NPark trails available to commence our biking trips.

My usual hangouts include the shopping malls. Tampines is different from many other towns in that three main shopping malls service the town: Tampines Mall, Tampines 1 and Century Square. The Mall are clustered together together with the MRT and Bus Interchange such that it forms a miniature shopping district, the concept which I found quaint and interesting.

Another place where I frequent would be the Library. The Library is well stocked, and its 1990s interior gives it a rustic and aged feel. Not to say this type of feeling are bad, but it speaks quite loudly of potential wisdom to be found here. I love Tampines Library as it is a frequent stopping place of mine to stock up on comics, DVDs and books. Moreover, the selection of reference books available is indeed eye opening.

Worthwhile to make a visit to!

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Crowded; just like everywhere else

Tampines is getting more and more crowded; as with every other residential estate in Singapore. I see fewer and fewer Singaporeans in my HDB block, and increasing numbers of non-Singaporeans everywhere else in my neighbourhood. Bus stops get flooded during peak hours, and it becomes a struggle to board the buses filled to the brim with commuters; where only the fittest will survive (okay, maybe exaggerating a little).

With construction going on all the time, we see more and more high rise buildings shooting up as the speed of light; at the expense of our scenery. I used to be able to see all the way to the beach from my HDB block; but now I see nothing but HDB blocks. With roadworks everywhere, roads are often closed for maintenance and jams are aplenty.

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The place I call home

I have grown up and spent most of my life in this estate and as I am typing this, I feel like a true blue heartlander and a proud one if I may add.

Everything is available at Tampines and it makes me wonder as to why I bother travelling out of this estate in the first place. We have got not one, not two but THREE shopping centres. An amazing swimming pool and a polyclinic! I am not surprised that residents from other estates actually come all the way to Tampines because their estates do not offer as much as Tampines does!

And if you want to take flight and explore the world beyond this comfy estate, the airport is only a 10 minute drive away!

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