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Listing created by equina on April 16, 2013    

Bukit Timah is mostly known for having many houses, an area reserved for the rich in Singapore.

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Restaurants and shops galore

Living in Bukit Timah has always had its highs, and since the opening of the new Downtown Line, life has been much easier. Living at the top of Sixth Avenue, whereas before I had to get the bus down to Holland Village to get the MRT, now there’s the Sixth Avenue station it not only makes my life easier, but also the opens up Bukit Timah to more people looking to experience the restaurants around the area.

The amount of restaurants nearby are endless, with everything from grills, to vegan restaurants to Italian, and I also love the multiple bike shops nearby to help me with all of my bike related disasters. I never tend to shop around Bukit Timah, however there are tons of malls nearby which are full of small stores. Unfortunately at peak times because it is such a busy area with loads of housing and many schools, traffic can get really bad, but with the new MRT Line and the tons of buses that run in the area, this can easily be avoided.

Overall this is a really great neighbourhood to live in, and although I don’t know how often I would visit if I didn’t live nearby, it’s great living so close to so many useful shops, bars, and restaurants.

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The Rich Neighbourhood

Bukit Timah is known for being an area that the rich stay at, and is also home to the top schools of the nation. Hwa Chong Institution, Raffles Girls' School (Primary), Nanyang Primary and National Junior College are all located along Bukit Timah Road, making the area sought after. Because of the many schools, morning peak traffic can get quite bad and jams are a frequent sight. One way to get around this is to leave earlier; I reach Bukit Timah at around 7 and the traffic is usually still manageable.

Bukit Timah is also home to many popular food places like Sogurt, Starbucks, Burger Shack and Xin Wang HK Cafe. These places are usually frequented by students, especially the Starbucks. Don't expect to get a seat if you arrive after school hours, you will just be met with the sight of hordes of studying students.

Although as of now, Bukit Timah is quite inaccessible apart from by car, this will change in the future as construction of the Downtown Line is currently underway. Not sure how this is going to affect car traffic but I hope it will lessen the jams and bottlenecks.

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