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Listing created by equina on April 16, 2013    

One of the first HDB heartlands in Singapore.

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Prime Location

I particularly love the Queenstown area because of its prime location. It's near the city and yet far enough such that it still manages to maintain that touch of quietness and serenity. I lived in Queenstown for quite a number of years, and can attest that out of the 5 neighbourhoods or so I've lived in, Queenstown is by far the best. There is no shortage of food centres within the vicinity, with many famous stalls calling Queenstown home, for example Xin Lu Fishball Noodles, which is situated at Mei Ling Market.

The only bad part about Queenstown is that it falls short on entertainment. There is no "popular" shops in this area, no Topshop, no cinemas, no Forever 21, no Starbucks. To get my share of all these, I have to travel to town. This is perhaps the price to pay for Queenstown being a quiet and peaceful area. However, I think this is about to change because construction works on a new hotel + shopping building have started and once completed, is sure to usher in plenty of hustle and bustle into Queenstown. Not sure how I feel about this!

Fun fact: Queenstown was so named after Queen Elizabeth the Second to mark her coronation in 1952.

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Good food

My father lived here for many years, and he has fond memories of the place that he shares with us in the form of anecdotes. We took visiting relatives to Queesntown for dinner once, and we ate at a modest-looking kopitiam. The table was plastic-skirted and the fans were coated in dust, definitely a rustic place to have meals.

While I don't remember the name of the place exactly, I remember that the stir-fried vegetables were delectably fresh, and that the fish in the sweet sour fish was succulent and tender.

The final bill at the end of a 10 dishes and rice dinner for 8 was about 100 dollars, pretty inexpensive, in my opinion at least. I think many of Singapore's hidden food gems are here, and I'd urge everyone to try the food here at least once.

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