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5B Portsdown Road Singapore 139311
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Listing created by jared on December 10, 2012    

Wessex Estate is an artist enclave part of JTC Corp's 200ha One-North Innovation and Research hub. These charming blocks of colonial style apartments were originally used as barracks for British soldiers and are now a home to local and foreign artists.

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Is this still Singapore? A truly unique experience.

I can't remember the reason for my visit to Wessex Art Village to meet a friend some time ago. But the place definitely left a lasting enough impression for me to want to go back again.

Tucked away on a little hill amidst lush greenery, this quaint countryside-like estate sometimes made me forget that I was still in Singapore. Complete with restaurants and cafes that carried a fresh yet cosy ambience, the area was a self-contained world of its own and it was hard to miss the strong waft of artsy heritage air as you walked among the restored black-and-white colonial houses and between the courtyard walls that were occasionally coloured with art works. Prices at the cafes and restaurants, however, seemed pretty steep, perhaps due to their unique location and interesting concepts.

For some reason, a strongest memory that I had was catching a glimpse of pottery works in the making that were left outside one of the houses. It seemed that while some houses were the private residences of local artists, others were housing art classes and offering art works for sale.

Overall, though it was a very quick visit and I did not have much time to really explore the place, the infectious artistic atmosphere of the place coupled with its tranquil environment certainly made my long journey there a worthwhile one.

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A hidden gem

It was a lazy Sunday and like all lazy Sundays, my boyfriend and I had to find something that we could do in Singapore. And so, we decided to explore Wissex Estate, a place that had once housed British armed forces in the 1960s.

Wissex Estate is quite remote and only accessible by car or taxi. Should you prefer taking the bus, it will be a long walk from the bus stop along AYE.

The quaint Tuscan restaurant, Pietrasanta, and stylish Laurent’s Café & Chocolate Bar will first greet you at Wessex Village Square. Upon driving in, you will spot black and white colonial apartments located spaciously from each other on cow grass. Most of the buildings share old public laundry lines that are on ground level, in front of the buildings. I spotted cartoon pajamas and bed sheets on one of the laundry lines so that shows that they were in fact being used. This was an eye opener for me; that people in this time and age would choose to live like in the past. The roads are narrow and had a few cars parked along them. I spotted a Mini Cooper and a Mercedes Benz.

A part of Wissex Estate was turned into work apartments for the creatives as well.

Wissex Estate was a walk in the past for me and it appealed to the part of me that appreciates bohemian living. I’ll be back to try Pietrasanta on another lazy Sunday afternoon.

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