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Listing created by elbie on September 23, 2012    

Not really an ethnic enclave but more of a small area located in Chinatown, consisting of Club Street and Ann Siang Road with its own kooky style. Ann Siang Hill is easily accessible by foot from central Chinatown. 

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For the Ferraris in all of us

Whenever I walk through Ann Siang Hill I am reminded of what happened in 2007. They closed off the downslope leading from Club Street to Cross Street and pumped in artificial snow. The 'aspirati' in their Maseratis, and the furry fronded Ferrari drivers were out in force. So pretentious. So weird. People milling round clinking champers and bending their wrists every which way but loose.

Actually, it was fascinating: but for me it fitted. The area is expensive. It plays to the upper echelons and that is a world of its own.

By all means, wander through. Club Street is not just one street - a few lanes dot off to the right as you wander towards Cross Street. Maybe a maitre'd might incline his equine nose at you as you pass wearing shorts and rubber thongs with tailored t-shirt, but don't be upset. The place is fascinating.

My favourite stop is Beaujolais. At least it is relatively affordable. Then wander up the lane towards the steps leading down to Telok Ayer. Pause and read the history on the several tourism sign boards and just enjoy the ambience. It is worth it.

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Pricey, Pricey, Pricey.

When I first discovered Ann Siang Hill, I was immediately filled with a sense of wonder as I saw all the small boutique stores cramped with knick-knacks. After that first trip, I couldn’t wait to go back again.

Ann Siang Hill is one of the quieter places in Singapore I like to explore, but over the years, it has also become one of the more expensive places I explore. I hardly go home with anything new because the things sold in the various shops are a little pricey. This place needs just one shop selling dirt-cheap items, and it’ll be perfect.

I like bringing friends who have never been there before around, because who would have thought that just down the street from Chinatown would be a “hill” filled with independent stores selling such unique items! However, the trips have become less frequent as I become increasingly aware of my lack of loots from there.

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Collection of awesome food

Located in the middle of tanjong pagar and chinatown, it is definately strange to go from the hustle bustle of the central business distric to this small area lined with pretty shophouses and good food.

Famous places like P.S Cafe, Oakham Market and Antoniette have brought people back to this scenic place. Just walking along Ann Siang, one will see many tourists snapping pictures furiously trying to get the best shot of the pretty shophouses. There are also alot of hidden treasures, like Gembar and Shots that sell really good food and coffee. There are also quite afew shops selling vintage clothes and bookstores round the corner, so if you have time, just drop by and explore this place.

Even though Ann Siang is well known for the pubs and drinks, everybody has to pay a visit to Ann SIang at least once in their lives to experience Singapore in a different light.

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(Updated: February 02, 2013)

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life

Nestled in the depths of Chinatown, Ann Siang Hill has gained much popularity in recent years due to the intervention of local indie and vintage stores that offer quite the shopping experience for those who are jaded of mainstream shopping. If you still haven’t been to Ann Siang Hill, then you have been deprived indeed!

Apart from its quaint and delightfully quiet stores, Ann Siang also boosts of intricate architecture and colours if you look around carefully. Photography enthusiasts should check this place out. It’s an ideal spot to hang out with a book and.. you yourself.

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lovely shophouses for photography

The first time I went to Ann Siang Hill was to explore the surroundings and to take some good shots of the interesting places in Singapore. Not only does Ann Siang Hill boast lovely and quaint books/clothing stores, it also has antique shophouses which house the cafes and various retail stores. A lovely combination of the old and new existing together. (:

I recommend visiting their bookstores, such as Woods in the Books, The Picture Book Shop, and Kki/ the little drom store. They offer fascinating, one of the kind items, and the price range varies, but it is pretty reasonable. I do hope most of the interesting stores have not moved out though, as it has been around three years since I visited Ann Siang Hill.

Do be well prepared for the exploration of Ann Siang Hill, and wear good walking shoes. Also, though I have not tried their various cafes, they do look interesting, and I would definitely like to come back again to try it out.

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Gay Hill

At the risk of sounding stereotypical and perhaps even discriminative, I'm juz gonna call this gay hill, simply because that is the most memorable experience I have of this place.

My friends and I were walking around the area after having dinner at Maxwell Food Centre and somehow walked into a den of homosexuals. Actually, I guessed we looked like a bunch of gays ourselves - 7 guys talking and laughing along. When we came to a swing in the middle of nowhere, we jumped right to it and jostled like little children in a playground.

Belatedly, we came to realize that there are couples of men talking here and there all around us. A few of them were even SMILING at us. Some of my friends were freaked out and we began to speak in hushed whispers about getting out of there. Along the way back to Maxwell Market, we saw quite a number of buff men walking together hand-in-hand.

It was quite an experience to me. Not good or bad, juz an experience. I know Ann Siang Hill is not gay central, but I shall always remember it as Gay Hill.

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Great place for phototaking

The first time I went to ann siang hill was for a short photography trip with my friends.

I like ann siang hill for the many shop houses there which are all so vibrant and colorful. Situated near Chinatown, it was rather crowded during CNY period. However, most of the bars weren't open in the noon so it was still perfect for photo-takings! The architecture there are also rather different from normal cities and other places in SGP. Thus, a really great place for people with photography interest.

Along the hill we saw many restaurants and bars, each of different specialties and concepts. I have not tried them but I guess it would be a great place for chilling isn't it? :) There isn't much shopping there except Oakham market, which is widely raved by my friends. But I heard it is crowded though.

Overall, I wouldn't mind exploring the area again and would definitely try out the bars and visit Oakham market next time!

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The upscale version of Duxton Hill

I would say that this is an area for those who have a client from out of town who wants a bit more of a westernized experience of Singapore. It's similar to Duxton Hill in that it has wonderful shophouses with bars, restaurants and some quirky stores. However, it feels more upscale than Duxton Hill.

Although I have not tried most of the restaurants and bars, the popularity seems to be consistent. In the day, it has a good number of people everywhere and not completely deserted. It sure gets pretty crowded at night though. The crowd definitely veers more towards expats, foreigners, and a few locals.

There are some interesting stores to look at like Swagger and The Little Dröm Store (which I highly recommend visiting for some local artsy merchandise and cool designs). But it is more restaurant focused.

If you do go, really walk around and explore. There are many cool hidden stores around.

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(Updated: November 11, 2012)

Not exactly hipster paradise

I am constantly searching for the less mainstream up-and-coming places to hang out at in Singapore to indulge the hipster in me. Needless to say, I was pleased when I finally got the chance to explore Ann Siang Hill (Singapore’s hipster heaven) with a friend. Unfortunately, I was sorely disappointed with the area. Ann Siang Hill didn’t really have much to offer in terms of shopping and it fell short of my expectations.

My friend and I did manage to check out Oakham Market. There was a queue to enter when we got there, and since Oakham Market was located underground, we had to queue on the stairs leading down to it. It was immensely stuffy and the heat was stifling, and we were relieved when we were finally able to enter the air-conditioned store itself. The prices at Oakham Market were generally quite low, however, the clothes were disorganized and there wasn’t much variety. The vintage clothes there were also rather expensive. The wait to enter was like a grand prelude to nothing, as I didn’t manage to purchase anything much.

My friend and I also checked out a few other boutiques around the area, but we didn’t really find anything much. Overall, Ann Siang Hill is a good place for friends to hang out and relax as it has quite a few quaint little cafés, but don’t expect to be able to enjoy a day of shopping there.

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Quirky and cool

Only a short walk away from Chinatown MRT Station, Ann Siang Hill is an accessible area, brimming with quirkiness that will definitely surprise both locals and tourists alike. Although Ann Siang Hill is located in Chinatown, it deviates greatly from the first impression that Chinatown generally lends to locals. Beyond the tourist shops and the Chinese goods, lie a scenic area which houses nostalgic cafes, a vintage store, and a few bars.

If you can take the time for a short getaway to Ann Siang Hill, I would recommend giving Oakham Market a visit. This vintage thrift store lies in the basement of a quiet road in Ann Siang Hill, though the serenity of the road betrays the eccentric loudness of the store. You can expect to find several one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, at thrift items at relatively affordable prices.

Ann Siang Hill is definitely worth the visit for locals and tourists alike who wish to see the slightly more tranquil alternative to the typical busy Singaporean lifestyle.

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(Updated: November 03, 2012)

Running Up That Hill

Ann Siang Hill has come a long way. Back in the 90s, this area used to be deserted and all boarded up, a total ghost town. Now, it is vibrant and glamorous, combining the old world retro charm of colonial architecture set atop a little hill with the moneyed elegance of tenants such as boutiques and numerous bars and restaurants.

I highly recommend the recently-opened Platters Wine Bar for its cosy atmosphere and extensive wine list. Ann Siang has many great options if you’re looking for an after office hours hangout.

There used to be more cool boutiques on Ann Siang Hill (Asylum, Style Nordic, Front Row), but many have either moved or closed down.

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upmarket area

From the looks of it, Ann Siang Hill is the place for many aspiring local designers cum entrepreneurs. They have rows and rows of quaint shop houses which sell pretty classy, high end goods, which are unique to these shops only; meaning that these goods are not found anywhere else in Singapore! They are either handmade or from exclusive manufacturers.

This place is definitely for the rich; an upmarket area - the items have sky high prices, and the eateries there have extraordinarily high prices too. Nevertheless, this place is definitely great for tourists; it may not be able to compare to our very own Orchard Road in terms of the large variety of retailers, but it will definitely be an eye opener.

This place is great for photographers! I have gone there quite a number of times both as a photographer and as a design student, but this place has never failed to impress me! I love the attractions around it too – Maxwell coffee shop is probably one of the oldest coffee shops in Singapore; their prices may be just a dollar above the average coffee shops, but the food is to die for. There is also the Red Dot Museum nearby, which also showcases the work of local designers.

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