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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on January 18, 2013    

Kelly has in-depth experience working with Singapore’s leading companies and delivering the best talent available.


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Good service

Kelly Services was the agency that I approached when I was looking for a job after my major examination. They provide top-notch services and kept calling clients to ensure that they will find a suitable job in the fastest time possible under their company.

Unfortunately, all the jobs offered by Kelly Services were not suitable for me due to a tight schedule during that period of time. I was expecting a nasty response from the staff but it turned out the opposite. Majority of them are friendly and approachable so there is no need for anyone to worry if you are thinking of approaching Kelly Services!

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Tries to acccomodate to needs of job seekers

iKelly Services are relatively quite accomodating - you can let them know your wants and needs and they will try to fit the positions accordingly. The keyword here being "TRY"; they do TRY, but it is evident they are putting in minimal effort and nothing more. Well, at least they do TRY and are not unreasonable apathetic agents like that of Recruit Express.

They also offer better jobs for a better pay. Their agents are also more friendly and patient; and are pretty approachable and warm during interviews. They need to continuously provide competitive job positions if they want to rise above other bigger (but not necessarily better) companies like Recruit Express. Nonetheless, I would still recommend Kelly Services above Recruit Express anytime.

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Yet another recruitment agency

Kelly Services is another recruitment agency present in Singapore. In contrast to Recruit Express, they do offer plenty of different jobs. I don’t know if it’s just me, but the hourly pays (for the jobs I applied) are often higher than those offered by Recruit Express. A friend of mine managed to get a relatively high paying temporary admin job through this agency, drawing almost 2k per month. Now that’s shocking!

The way they work is akin to plenty of recruitment agencies, though I must say that Recruit Express agents are much more aggressive and proactive in offering job positions.

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Not much jobs

Many years ago, when I was looking for a change of job, Kelly Services would be one of the job agencies that I would send my resume to. During that time, they would still be able to call me up and discuss on possible job placements that they can represent me.

But in recent years, I did not see so much of them. May be the whole job market was not good or they had simply switched focus to help place the more lucrative part time jobs. Even if I looked at some of the job portal web sites, I do not see so much of them for the kind of jobs I was looking for.

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(Updated: January 28, 2013)

Good and bad, depending on how you look at it.

I am not sure how good or bad Kelly services are when it comes to permanent job searches, but my latest experience was with two part time jobs that I took up with the help of this agency.

While speaking to the managers in charge of both my part time jobs, I quickly found out that the commission taken by Kelly Services was quite a fair amount. I am not sure what the market rate for agent commission is, but when I compared the sum given from my employer to Kelly Services with the sum I actually received, I realized that I had actually lost some 20-30% of my actual pay.

Having said that, I do acknowledge that I may not have gotten the job if weren't for the work of this agency. Hence I am a little divided as to whether I should stick to them for my future jobs. But if, like me, you are scouring for a part time job with Kelly Services, just be prepared to lose some money for commission to the agency.

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