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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on January 11, 2013    

Recruit Express has been in business since 1996 and has a proven track record for matching the relevant people to the relevant jobs across Asia Pacific.


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Overly aggressive

I really ABHOR Recuit Express. It has a pretty notorious reputation amongst the younger job seekers; mainly for being aggressive, apathetic and overly coercive. I mean, ultimately, the choice is ours; so stop forcing us and calling us repeatedly to pester us to take up the job!

I would like to add that they have little reason to be forcing us to take their jobs - the offers are not even competitive. Their pay rates are minimal, and when you tell them your preference for jobs; they will always reply with a standard answer "Aiya, won't have position available one. Confirm all taken up already. You also not qualified". Please, we all know that you just want to shove the jobs in our face and NOT take the effort to even CONSIDER our needs or wants.

Recruit Express is just convenient, because of its heavy advertisement and many branches. Its services are not award worthy.

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Prompt response

Recruit Express is a very popular agency for job-seekers here in Singapore. From Secondary school students looking for temporary holiday jobs to full-time workers, Recruit Express is one agency that the majority of job-seekers go to.

After her A’ Levels, my sister went to Recruit Express to look for a temporary job. To my surprise, the moment she registered with her name, she received over twenty phone calls from agents within one hour even though it was a Friday evening. Although this definitely allowed her to find a job fast, like within 5 days, the calls got quite annoying after a while as she was literally receiving calls continuously, and I got really tired of listening to her repeat the same thing to the different agents.

What’s more, to my horror, I received quite a number of phone calls too, because she had added my phone number as her alternative number!

Next time when signing up, maybe you should only provide one phone number. But that's if you are the kind who doesn't miss calls!

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Not too bad

Recruit Express is probably the most famous recruitment agency in Singapore as of now. You can see plenty of their advertisements on job search sites e.g. JobsCentral, JobsDB etc.

The way they work is simple — they would assign one agent to you (even though you may email a few for jobs) who would be in charge of contacting you with job offers. The weird part about the process is that they never seem to appear as if they have read your resume — they would instead arrange a time for a 1 to 1 meeting and assess your abilities and preferences then.

Some recruitment agents may be pushy and recommend all sorts of jobs that you do not wish to apply for (for their own commission, I suppose). The pay part was rather punctual though, in my case. As expected, they take a commission from part of your pay which may be unfair to some.

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Worthy of their name

Recruit express has helped me to obtain jobs from when I first graduated from secondary school, till when I was looking for a part time job in Poly. It has a large network of job vacancies and its repuatation has brought many students and adults to their company for their services.

The best thing about recruit express is that you (the one looking for a job) do not need to pay for any agent fee or recruitment fee. They will also liaise with the company ( looking for workers) for you. All you have to do is to go down for a short interview telling them your avaliability and your background and they will link you up with various suitable jobs.

However, the downside is that you have to fill up a daily time sheet indicating the days and timings you've worked and submit it to them monthly. This can be quite tedious and sometimes it takes them up to two weeks to process the pay.

But overall, I commend them for their services and is a good option when looking for a job.

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