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67 Sungei Tengah Rd Singapore 699008
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Listing created by wangkh on December 21, 2012    

Experience kampong farm activities without leaving Singapore. Located in the part of Singapore where high rise buildings have not invaded yet.

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Food Outlets Mon-Sat 10.00am - 10.00pm Sun/ Public Holidays 9.00am - 10.00pm Retail Outlets Mon-Sat 10.00am - 8.00pm Sun/ Public Holidays 10.00am - 8.00pm


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Awesome Food, Awful Ambiance

If sambal stingray, fried chicken wings, otah, and sambal kang kong sounds good to you (sure sounds good to me), then you would love the food that Farm Mart offers. These dishes are wrapped in aluminium foils and served on paper plates, preserving the aroma of the dish making it even more appetizing!

However, there are a few boons that may discourage one from visiting Farm Mart. Firstly, its venue is very "ulu". The best way to get there is by car as it is located among greens and more greens. Alternatively you could take the MRT to cck and take a shuttle bus from there, not too sure about the frequency of the shuttle bus though.

Secondly, because a lot of uncles and aunties visit this place at night (which is the best time to savour such food because it is cooling), Farm Mart has an open mike concept going on. So anyone can go up on stage to sing whilst people are eating. And common songs being sang are the types that resemble "WA MENG TI" (I ask heaven). So whilst it is all good and enjoyable for the folks there, it is not too good if you don't enjoy random uncles and aunties singing hokkien/chinese songs to you.

If you could look past (block out) all of that, the food is really yummy and you may want to check the place out!

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Inaccessible and boring

I visited this place 2 weeks back and sad to say, it was not to my liking. I visited on a weekday afternoon and though the car park looked full, the place was actually very deserted and boring.

As the name suggests, there are several shops selling pets from fishes to birds. My friends and I were entering a shop to check out the birds when a guy sitting at the door, probably the owner, told us it was closed. I looked at my watch and it was only 3pm! So we ventured further along the walkway. Most of the shops were either closed or closed down.

I believe this place is meant to be visited on early mornings and weekends, judging by the number of shops that were opened when I was here. There is also nothing much to do here besides prawning, unless you really like animals. This also seems to be a place to get fresh seafood as well as poultry. If you are young like me and looking for things to explore or do, this place has nothing worth visiting! The inaccessibility of this place makes it worse for me, though some might like the serenity around.

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Hidden gem

When I first brought my children to this place, they asked me, "Are we in Malaysia?". This place is so different from the normal places that our children go to that when they arrive, they will think they are out of Singapore.

The interesting place to visit is the small farm where they kept some animals. Children can buy food for the animals and try feeding the animals. There are goats, rabbits and frogs. Also, there is a prawn fishing pond. The otah from the coffee shop is also very good. The shops surrounding the car park are also worth visiting, you may find some different and cheap stuff there.

Remember to bring mosquitoes patch when visiting, and dress casual.

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