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Takashimaya Shopping Centre, #02-09 and Level 1 391 Orchard Rd Singapore 238872
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Audrey Oh
Listing created by Audrey Oh on May 19, 2013    

Ladurée is a maker of luxury cakes and pastries most popular for their double-decker macaron which they sell over fifteen thousand every day.

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10am - 9:30pm
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Takashimaya #02-09 and Level 1 (between LV and Chanel)


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Delicious macarons, but overpriced!

As someone who loves almost all things sweet, I was really pleased when I found out that the world-famous laduree brand would be setting up a store here in Singapore.

I didn't have to queue very long for the macarons, unlike some of my friends, perhaps because I visited right after it opened early in the day. However, the cashier looked like she was really bored with her work, and wasn't friendly at all.

The macarons tasted fantastic, as expected! The shells were airy and powdery, not too sweet, and the flavours subtle and lovely. I found the salted caramel macaron unique and delicious. The rest of the flavours - chocolate, praline, and a few others I can't recall - were decent, but not extraordinary.

Overall, the macarons here are certainly delicious, but are unfortunately twice the price of TWG's macarons. I don't think they're worth their exorbitant cost.

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Paris in Singapore

If it's new in town, popular, with a queue, you have to try it. A very typical Singaporean attitude which apparently best describes me.

$32 for 6 tiny pieces of macarons, too over priced? Compared to how other confectionery selling macarons, Laduree is way over priced. But I guess if you have a sweet tooth, you'll pay for anything that looks appetizing and in trend.

Salted caramel was the flavor that most people picked and shared that it was fantastic but I personally find that it didn't suit my taste bud. Vanilla, the most common flavor and their new creation, pink pepper, are my favorites. The pink pepper is a combination of a creamy macaron with a tinge of pink peppercorn flavor. From what I've surveyed, pink pepper macarons are madly loved by the ladies but deeply disgusted by the males. I've had a few of my male buddies tasting it and their reactions were " Pepper? Seriously? Gross... ". So I guess if you're getting boxes of these macarons for a male friend, leave the pepper out.

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Overrated macarons

Like every other Singaporean, I was buzzing with excitement when news arrived that Laduree would be selling their macarons here at our tiny island. I went to join the snaking queues and got myself 5 flavors. The selling point of their store is obviously their brand and the grandeur and prestige of the store. At $3.80 per piece, I found it really expensive considering that macaron stores like TWG and Canele sell theirs for $2-$2.50 per piece. But hey! They don't specialize in macarons. So I thought $3.80 was probably the price to pay for these branded macarons.

I got 5 flavors: Chocolate, vanilla, salted caramel, praline and marie-antionette. The only flavor I really liked was the vanilla. The salted caramel was a fail for me, it tasted SO odd. The praline, chocolate and marie-antionette were okay but I was disappointed because I expected so much more. Maybe macarons are just macarons after all.. I did not purchase the box as well as it would cost an extra $9. Service was really slow and I even saw one guy standing there without doing anything. I wouldn't go back there again. If it's nice, I wouldn't mind paying the $$$ but really, it was just average to me and I would rather go to Canele or TWG which carry more unique flavors at a lower price point and taste better than Laduree's.

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