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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 12, 2012    

A chic ante-room for sweet-toothed night hawks, Holland Village’s 2am:dessert bar offers sleek, modern desserts paired with a carefully selected wine list. Try the smoked white chocolate with hibiscus jelly and cinnamon beads, or the alpaco chilli chocolate. As per its name, it stays open until 2am.

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6pm - 2am


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Good for desserts

I had come here with my family once, after we had dinner at another restaurant. As it was my dad's birthday month, he had some kind of voucher, and decided to bring the family here for dessert.

As it was quite late into the night, the place wasn't packed, but there were a few diners having late dinners. The cakes and desserts were beautifully showcased in a clear glass fridge at the front of the shop, and being a sweet tooth, they made me drool.

The ambiance of the cafe is quite cosy, perfect for dates or small group meals. After much deliberation, I finally decided on what dessert to have. The wide array of desserts made it hard to choose!

The waiting time was quite long, considering that it was just a few slices of cakes, so no preparation time was needed really, and that was a bit of a turn-off for me, because I was really looking forward to having dessert. The dessert did not disappoint though, it tasted as good as it looked and I emerged from the cafe with a smile on my face.

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(Updated: November 28, 2012)


2am dessert bar is way too overpriced in my opinion. Each dessert costs about $20 or more and I feel that it is not worth it at all. I would rather have a proper meal with $20!

They've got nice comfy couches at the side and that's all that is good about that place. The desserts were alright but definitely not worth it! We ordered a warm chocolate tart with orange sorbet at the side. I wish I could post a picture of how it looks like! the chocolate tart is smaller than my palm and the miserable scoop of ice cream by the side was tiny! In 3 scoops, $20 was gone! I thought that it tasted just ok. I could have gotten it somewhere else at a fraction of that price.

Not recommended in my opinion.

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Be prepared to fork out some serious dough to satisfy your sweet tooth here. Desserts are typically priced from $14 onwards - that could easily buy you say, 2 desserts elsewhere?

Definitely a chic place to hang out, the decor sticks to a sleek and minimalist theme, and the chairs are perfect for lounging about in. I tried the Snickers as well as the Popcorn. Both were a blend of sweet and salty, and whilst not inedible, I'd consider them slightly above average at the very best.

Based on the price, this wouldn't be a place that I would visit often - the desserts aren't much to my liking - the fancy presentation seems to be there to make up for the lack in taste, but then again this place has been around for 5 years so far, proving that a select clientele do appreciate and enjoy what the chefs have to serve up.

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(Updated: October 03, 2012)

Avant Garde Dessert

Tucked away at a corner of Holland Village is 2am Dessert Bar.

The menu had such a wide array of desserts, leaving us dumbfounded. Seeking recommendations from the waiter, we ordered his favorites: Kayambe H20 cake - made from 72% fine Michel Cluizel dark chocolate, Snickers - consisting of peanut mousse, hazelnuts, ginger flower, jorda's bread ice cream.

Desserts arrived in petite XS Victoria-Beckham portions. We let our gaze linger over the meandering strips of syrup and other unknown ingredients, admiring the detail in the presentation of our dessert.

I was thoroughly disappointed as all 3 of us were unable to finish the Kayambe cake - it was simply too bitter for our liking. Snickers was enjoyable - salted caramel with a luscious layer of hazelnut accompanied with ice cream. Unfortunately, we were unable to finish it as it was too heaty.

Maybe I will just stick to Haagen Daz, or Ben & Jerry's. Or the more conventional flavors like Tiramisu.

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Holland Village
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