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Emma Lee
Listing created by Emma Lee on January 07, 2016    

Wakai Shoes are made in Japan. They specialise in espadrilles which come in various designs and are sold in BHG. 

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Shoes for the lazy

When I got my first pair of Wakai shoes as a gift, I immediately thought of TOMS. With similar cutting and designs, it wouldn’t be surprising if people label it as an imitation without a second glance. To my pleasant surprise, these Wakai shoes are extremely comfortable and cute!

Wakai Shoes are made in Japan and the quality is superb. I was afraid that the shoes would cut the back of my ankles and give me blisters, like normal espadrilles do. However, the Wakai shoes I bought fit me perfectly and I could walk long distances in it without getting a blister. The shoe is padded well and provides adequate comfort even when walking for long distances.

Prices for Wakai Shoes vary depending on the design – the solid colour shoes are cheaper than those with patterns. In general, they are also cheaper than TOMS, but provide similar comfort and style. Lazy people like me will also love how we can just slip into these espadrilles so easily. No regrets buying my Wakai shoes!

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