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myCK Dept Store sells cheap fashion and household products. It also sells cheap stationery and cosmetics as well.

We recently did a price comaprison study on myCK versus other convenience stores. You can check it out in our article here!

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Not Bad At All

C K Department is one of the few particular stores which I wouldn’t bat an eye for. I’d usually glance at the alphabets C and K scrawled atop the store and resume walking towards the interchange. None of it’s contents sold there seemed to be screaming out for my attention. However, my perception of it being a redundant store took a 360 degrees swivel when my friend dragged me into it’s compound in search of an accessory. I glanced around and caught sight of the price. Such appealing deals!

I began questioning the quality of the apparels and accessories sold there thus I grabbed some of it to inspect. The designs weren’t entirely horrid. The quality of it isn’t bad either. Some of it felt better than clothes sold at Topshop; the store which sells attires that tore as easily as a scrap of A4 paper! The clothes sold there are definitely perfect or ideal for trips that do not require any ‘dress to impress’ theme.

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Eclectic mixture of products

I find that the products available at CK's are an eclectic mix. My first impression of the Chong Pang Market outlet, which I frequent for necessary household products, was that of a huge bra shop. The side facing the hawker centres exhibited a full range of bras, and it is easy to miss the other products which occupy the back and outside the store from far.

Bemused when i discovered that a 'bra' shop also sold blu-tack as well, I gathered my courage and walked in, fully expecting to be lambasted by glares from the cashier for being a pervert any moment. But however, I found myself in the shampoo and body wash section after venturing a bit. From then on, I discovered that CK is actually a wonderful place to get my shampoo, stationery and the occasional blu-tack. Occasionally, I stocked up my 'mini-pantry' in the bottom compartment of my cupboard in bunk from the store as well.

The service provided by the staff in general was mediocre, I felt that there was no pride taken in their work. Hence, never expect to be approached by a helpful staff member should you not be able to find an item you were looking for, take the initiative.

Overall, I felt that CK Department store is comparable in standard to other departmental stores I've shopped in. But theres nothing special really.

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Ok ok

Compared to the other gargantuan departmental stores, CK is probably considered small fish. Usually situated in neighbourhoods, they cater mostly to residents. Although they are small, I think they are doing a pretty good job. They have a wide variety of household items so you definitely can find what you want. They have the occasional sale and discounts to attract customers so they get points for marketing and publicity as well.

The only bad thing is that perhaps they do not really have the incentive to stay on the ball or on top of their game. I have bought from them numerous times and found that some products on their shelves are dusty. Not a very significant cause for concern, but can be quite a turn-off at times. Service staff are generally helpful but I did meet a few who were grumpy and showed lousy attitude. CK also sells clothes although it is not a place I would go to get new clothes! They are not very nice nor trendy, unfortunately.

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Bukit Merah
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Lower price for the same product

What I love most about CK is that for the same product, their pricing tends to be lower than that of other places such as drug stores and supermarkets. Better yet, I have a store in walking distance while the nearest drug store or supermarket is at least a bus ride away. Talk about best of both worlds!

CK also offers many housebrand products which are necessities such as tissue papers and toilet rolls, they are extremely affordable and helps to reduce the average size of the bill that a household spends on such items leaving more budget for other things!

A note of caution though, it would be wise to stay away from their clothings which tend to be rather poorly made and are not the most fashionable.

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(Updated: February 02, 2013)

Perfect for necessities

The main selling point of CK would have to be its cheap products. It is strategically positioned as a one-stop grocery store where you can get necessities like toiletries to food items and clothing. A small bottle of Dettol sanitizer is retailing at $3.90 per bottle, but at CK you get 3 bottles at only $5. CK is a bargain bin!

The basement outlet at Far East Plaza is the one I visit if I ever get the time to. Don’t walk past CK and dismiss it as a lowly departmental store — chances are that you’d be able to score bargains if you look around.

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(Updated: December 05, 2012)

The place for me to purchase snacks but definitely not clothings

I frequent the Chinatown CK branch during my lunch hours, with the ground floor selling apparels which I usually skipped unless I'm really eager for the air conditioning. The designs just aren't really my type for I found them to be rather out-dated personally.

The basement level is where CK shines. Galore of snacks at low prices often tempted me to snatch up supplies to fill my office pedestal drawer. Chocolates, biscuits, crackers, they have it all, only to be cheaper than the supermarkets. Perhaps it's due to the low prices that I often get paranoid and started checking the expiry dates. To my surprise, I've yet to see any products I purchased to have expired, or nearing expiry for that matter.

Also at the basement, my colleagues loved to stock up box tissue for they claimed to be cheaper as well. For me, I get my car air freshener from CK as well, with about a dollar discount from supermarket, even more as compared to the petrol kiosk.

In short, you can get almost everything here at a cheaper price. Even the CK money changer at the first level offers attractive exchange rate (be warned of the long queue though).

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Low price food and daily necessities
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Different Specialities!

CK stores offers a range of cheap items from fashionable clothings to daily neccessities. But, they are not found everywhere! But before further elaboration, allow me to share some good visits I had.

After walking around Bedok market for a long time trying to find some office wear/formal and yet fashionable pants, I chance upon pants at CK. The black pants are of good quality materials and what's more, the "shiny" material makes it look fashionable with the "cutting" that I like. Furthermore, it is sold much cheaper than those I bought from departmental stores...

As for the branch at Tampines blk 201, I frequent it to get shampoos and whatever tolietries they offer. Well, they sell those in small bottles. Just what I am looking for, for travelling or simple wash-up after some sports. They are sold cheaply and the some of the small bottles of soap could not be found in supermarkets like NTUC or Shop & Save.

With their different specialities in each store, do ask around before heading down to any particular store if you have some things to purchase in mind to prevent a wasted trip. (happend to me before.)

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Decent quality with good prices.

The clothes available at all C K outlets have one thing in common: Cheap!! However, let's not confuse that with tasteless clothes. C K always ensures that their range of clothes are in fashion and are not outdated.

I sometimes pop in their outlet at Ang Mo Kio and very often, I find that their quality on offer is pretty good. Be it menswear or girly clothes, I think C K definitely has something to offer to the whole family.

However I feel that at many of their outlets, sadly, the general customer service shown by staff is unsatisfactory. More often than not, they seem to appear happier not to be around when you need them!

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Cheap, Cheap and Cheap !

CK retails cheap fashion and household products. I love going to CK to buy shampoos as they're much cheaper as compare to NTUC or Watons. They're cheaper because they're imported from different places, may be from Thailand, or Indonesia. But anyway, they're the same thing, so why bother whether they come from which countries?

I also like to buy their clothes for my grandmother, they're suitable for her. But it's not really that cheap, if you compare with MM1 (a shop that sells women clothing), clothes as MM1 have prices as low as $9.90, whereas if I choose nicer clothing at MM1, it may costs at about $19.90 and above.

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