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The Robinson Group manages four retail entities that trade under the following brands - Robinsons, John Little, Marks & Spencer and Coast.

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Not Prominent

Thinking about it, John Little is underrated given the quality of products that it sells. I usually only go there whenever there are sales or discounts but I do not have a single complaint about lousy products. I like that it has the feel of a classy departmental store but the items are not as expensive as imagined.

They used to have more outlets but nowadays, I see the other brands under the same parental company becoming more prominent instead, for example Robinsons. John Little is like Robinsons, but just smaller in scale and can also be found at the non-city areas.

Personally, if I am in town, I would choose places like Robinsons and Marks&Spencer to shop at because they have more categories and products in their bigger stores. However, if you are not at the city areas, John Little provides an excellent alternative to such stores, saving you the hassle of having to specially travel.

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A yearly affair

I think that there are too much competition out there, it feels like every time I pass by John Little in Jurong Point, there are not many people at all. Well, that is one good thing about if when you want to shop. (not much queues!)

I actually feel that the clothes from this store are pretty durable, and they are not that expensive as well. I normally bought my undergarments there and yep, they have served me well for their value. If you take the time to search through this department store, you may be in for a surprise. There are sometimes hidden gems (nice clothes that does not cost too much) around, though you really have to search instead of just taking a glance over the racks of clothes.

The shop attendants are helpful and polite as well, and are readily stationed at different parts of the store. Thus, you do not have to walk or wait long to find a person when you require some assistance.

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Great value

I regard John Little as a departmental store that offers great value. If you are looking for fashion forward apparel, give John Little a miss. The clothes and accessories section don't seem to evolve. I drop by occasionally but there don't seem to be any notable change. Although it does not house any prominent fashion brands, I go to John Little when I need to source for basics that are durable and affordable. One of their clothing lines, Everyday Great Value (EGV) indeed offers simple, quality staples that will probably last you a lifetime. I bought a black pencil skirt for less than $25 and it is still in pristine condition despite multiple wears the past three years.

They also offer a JL ValuePlus Card that gives a 3% rebate on all purchases, including those made at their Expo Sales, and customers only need to spend $30 to get one. Although it is only 3%, My mum loves to accumulate such points and rebates, so it's definitely one of the factors that draws her to shop at John Little. Speaking of their Expo Sales, they offer great discounts. One of the steals that I got from their sales is a pair of $9 sandals that originally cost more than $50!

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Jurong Point, Marina Square
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Going downhill

Since the closing down of the John Little at Somerset, this department store brand had been losing its attraction. The only John Little of significant size should be the one at Marina Square. The other branches are those that you may have passed by and would not remember in which shopping malls.

I guessed the scale of operation would make a brand name stands out from its competitors. John Little had made the mistake of closing down a significantly big operation in Somerset and diversifying to smaller branches in more shopping malls. For a casual shopper just passing by a mall once in a while, they would not be able to remember that a John Little actually was in the mall.

The one big event that let people remembers JL must be the "JL Sale at Expo". This event will let people recall the brand again.

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(Updated: December 05, 2012)

A departmental store facing too many fierce competition

An impromptu bowling session at Marina Square ended up with me making a purchase at John Little first, a nail clipper for my lady friend who has long finger nails.

As I entered the departmental store, I felt a different vibe from the bustling Marina Square. The atmosphere tends to be a lot quieter, perhaps due to the lack of the crowd within the departmental store. Even with racks of clothes all over the place, I managed to find a small section of hand care products hidden at a corner without the need of asking the staffs.

While the price for the nail-clipper was a tad expensive ($4+ each), or is that the usual pricing since I seldom have the chance to buy nail-clippers, I find the quality to be reasonably good although it felt rather heavy (I bought the big kind of clippers).

It might also be worthwhile to mention that there was no queue at the payment counter for there doesn't seemed to be a lot of customers lurking around within the departmental store.

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No crowd
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Marina Square
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used to shop here quite abit

When I was younger, my parents used to bring me to John Little for shopping. I remember loving their toys section very much. They've got many interesting automobiles, dolls and soft toys too. I would always be sulking whenever we had to leave. Till today, John Little still sells many affordable, appropriate and cutsey clothings for kids.

My mum would always head for the household section where promoters would be selling and doing some live demonstration on their pots and pans. Though John Little used to be more "happening" many years back, it brings about great memories for me when I was a kid.

In addition, John Little often has got sales and credit card discounts too. So, I think that it is a great place for people who are looking for a steal.

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Huge departmental stall worth a visit.

This is one of my favourite stores to enter mostly for window shopping. Reason being I love going to huge departmental stores which carry many brands and goods and a walk around the store can update you of the latest fashion trends.

John Little sells a wide range of things like cosmetics, health supplements, shoes, kids' wear etc. They also have membership where members can get to enjoy certain benefits, making shopping at JL a greater experience for shoppers.

The JL which i frequent the most is the outlet at Jurong point, it is a rather big outlet consisting of 2 floors. Their house brand sells pretty nice clothes with great quality, good cutting and cheap prices.

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A typical neighbourhood store

Despite having franchises in shopping malls all over Singapore, John Little has a reputation of being a 'budget store'. They sell anything from apparel to tidbits, and one particular feature about them is the constant bargain prices that you can find.

Unlike say Zara or Bossini, where prices are generally lower during the end of a season, John Little has sales almost every other week. I believe this is to capture the eye of the typical Singaporean, where he is always looking for a cheap buy. However, this has also a double-edged sword. The business is now burdened with this stigma, and if they are to remove the 'sales-all-year' USP, they might just find themselves with no customers.

Quite a catch, but take heed of the quality and aesthetics of the purchase.

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Nothing much that interests me there

It's a department store with bright white lighting. I don't really fancy places that have white lights unless it's a bookstore or a place to study. It just gives off the serious vibe, not suitable for shopping.

There's lots of things you can find in John Little. They even have Fox clothes there at cheaper prices. Other than the beachwear brands of clothes, I don't really buy much from John LIttle because like many other department stores, the bags and shoes are lacking in terms of design. I feel that John Little is a downgraded version of Robinsons. In Robinsons, I can actually find clothes that are pretty.

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