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Seow Khim Polythelene Co Pte Ltd .(SKP) has revolutionized the plastics disposable packaging industry , and indirectly , the entire food and beverage industry in Singapore and world . Food vendors, from food courts to bakeries to up-market restaurants can supply take-way meals to their consumers using SKP's disposable packaging; thus increasing their business and bringing added convenience to today's busy working class . These containers are micro-wave safe , thereby making a significant impact on modern lifestyle, as food can be stored, heated and eaten off the same container .

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Childhood memories

SKP is the place to be when you hold a party. You can find almost anything and everything there. To me, however, SKP has a special place in my childhood. When I was really young, I happened to pass by a SKP outlet. At that age, I did not know it was an SKP outlet, but since it had colourful streamers and such, I dragged my mother into the shop. When I got to the party section, I was in awe of the wide selection of products. One thing stood out. It was the tube of glow sticks. Seeing my excitement, my mother bought one tube. I was ecstatic. At night, the glow sticks brought so much fun.

However, the fun did not last for long. Within a couple of days, the tube ran out. And I was devastated. My mother promised to buy another tube, but the SKP shop had moved to another location. Over many years, my mother and I did not see any SKP outlets. Over many years, I soon forgot about the glow sticks. Until an outlet opened near my house. I did not remember that SKP was the shop that sold the glow sticks, but once I saw the glow sticks, I knew. I bought 3 tubes without hesitation. I had a whale of a time with them. SKP has since then been my place for parties and decorations.

Though not everyone has a fondness for glow sticks, SKP will not disappoint. They stock a wide variety of household items at a reasonable price. It is also a one-stop destination for party holders. No matter why you are there, you are sure to walk away with a satisfied smile on your face.

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Glow sticks
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Selling common things we take for granted.

If you ever wondered where to get odd items such as plastic bags, clear bags, cable ties, etc, look no further than SKP. These are items which are very common and usually taken for granted, but when we want to buy them, we have no idea where to get them from.

An example is the clear plastic bag/wrap which can be found when you purchase new items such as clothes or other items. Recently I found myself looking to repackage some clothing stock of my blogshop, Cassiel Treasures. I tried looking for the necessary plastic seal-able bag in nearby supermarkets or DIY stores but could not find them. Finally I came to an SKP shop and was spoiled for choice in sizes.

The downside is that some items are not cheap. I recently when to them to buy cable ties. It cost $5 a bag which was selling for only $2 elsewhere!!

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Different business strategy

My first memory of SKP was during the times when they were only selling disposable containers and plastic bags. At that time, few people will visit the shop except those doing food business. I was also there a few times to buy trash bags and plastic bags.

Recently, I went into another SKP shop and they were selling a lot more stuff. Of course, the plastic bags and all the containers were still there but on top of those, they were selling a lot of small items good for party.

It is now a norm for children to have birthday party in school especially those children in child care. For those people who are affluent, they would buy pre-packed party packs from some high end shops. But for people like me, always working on a tight budget, I appreciate the stuff SKP sold and I was able to customise my party goodies bags according to my budget.

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For a DIY kid's party

Each year, when I'm done with my list of things needed for my kid's birthday party, I always end up at SKP. This is usually the first store I go to when I need party favours. It has just about anything I need for an enjoyable kiddie party. I would often spend hours exploring new items. Almost all the time, I get new ideas for party games and decorations as well.

The items are cute, colorful and affordable. Perfect for creating happy memories for the child's growing years. I am a DYI mom and it often saves me a lot of money. I search the internet for newest party designs and get my stuffs at SKP. I even get to pick my personal choice of giveaways with personalized designs only for my girl.

Birthday comes once a year and I believe every child needs to feel it's special. It may not always mean an expensive and grand birthday party but to a child every party is equally special.

Thanks to SKP for always making my child's dream a reality.

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It has everything

One of my favourite shops in Singapore! It has almost everything that we need/want. I don't mean literally everything, but most of the here and what's not that we need! From plastic bags of every size to toys and stationary to party needs, this shop has it all!

I used to go to this shop whenever I'm down, and this shop never fails to come to my mind first when I need something! The things that can be found in this shop never fail to fascinate me, especially the childhood toys, like the toy cars and beyblade tops, that are less commonly seen nowadays. Set apart from the usual rush of town or shopping centres, this shop is located around neighbourhood. Not only is it quieter, it is also cheaper to purchase the things we need!

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it's party time!

SKP is definitely the place to go whenever there is a party at home or in the office. I managed to buy all the party supplies such as disposable plates, cups, cutlery and napkins of different sizes and materials. Plastic boxes of various sizes and dimensions are also available for guests to pack leftovers back.

It is perfect whenever I have to organize kiddy birthday parties because I can get everything I need there. They have gift bags of various sizes to pack candies for the kids, party hats, masks, and even Happy Birthday banners and table cloths with Happy Birthday prints. I even managed to find angel and butterfly wings for fancy dress parties!

The only drawback is that they do not accept payment by credit cards, which will definitely make it much more convenient for shoppers.

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Cheap and convenient!

I remember how my camp committee was fussing over where to get the materials required for our games until someone remembered that there was a SKP near our school. Instantly, everything seemed to be much easier and we stopped worrying about things like budget and quantity.

At SKP, we found everything that we need: plastic bowls, paper plates, paint - you name it, they've got it. It's not just party goods that they have either! They sell masks, water gun and bubble blowers as well! All these eventually ended up in our baskets and brought even more fun to our camp.

For the convenience and the price, it's definitely the place to go!

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(Updated: December 14, 2012)

Convenient place to get party ware

Nowadays getting partyware is not a very difficult thing to do. An SKP outlet can be found in almost every housing estate which is much better than going down to town.

You could get possibly everything that you are looking for here. Plastic bags, disposable wares, party hats and toys, you name it. If you can't find what you are looking for, ask nicely enough and you may be able to make a special order for it. I've tried it once and it happened for me.

Price is reasonable though not at wholesale prices, but it is worth the convenience afforded to you.

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The ultimate party supplies store!

Having a SKP branch not far away from our home, my mum will always purchase plastic bags of different sizes for use at home. From small sandwich bags to large garbage bags, you name it, they have it. My mum will always buy in bulk of 10 as it is much cheaper this way. You can also buy in bulk of 30 for a further price discount, but not advisable if you are doing shopping alone as it may be too heavy to carry home.

Earlier this year, our home organised a birthday buffet and we are really glad that most of the items needed for the occasion can be found at SKP at really affordable prices! I like how similar items can come in different quality and sizes for a wider consumer choice. For example, there are both paper and plastic disposable plates available and they come in many different sizes.

There are also colourful toys such as masks and tiaras for children which can come in handy if you're organising a theme party for your child!

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(Updated: December 06, 2012)

Party hosting convenience

It's convenient and does the job. Whenever I need plastic plates, party supplies or containers for school fun fairs - SKP is the first place I think of. It is one of the few places that provides logistics at an affordable value and at accessible locations.

They sell all kinds of containers, plates, disposable cutlery, serviettes and also little party souvenirs and halloween masks or even simple fancy stationery for little children which makes it so much easier for parents to host and organise their children's birthday parties! It is practical and straightforward, the stock is normally abundant and ready to go. It's great!

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