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OG Private Limited owns the OG group of department stores. The Company, founded in 1962, began the department store business in 1971 with the establishment of OG People's Park in the heart of Chinatown. OG has since grown into a department store chain of three stores, all firmly anchored in the city. OG prides itself as your one-stop destination for apparel, shoes, bags, housewares, health & nutritional supplements, children's wear, toys & much more… We've got it all! OUR VISION To be the best family-friendly store with affordable prices. OUR MISSION Together with our people and our business partners, we will consistently • deliver with integrity to customers of all ages, excellent customer service, the best selection of quality merchandise with exceptional value and a family-friendly shopping experience • develop and reward our staff • drive to achieve long term growth. OUR "OG TIPS" VALUES Open-minded Guest-centric Teamwork Integrity Professionalism Sincerity

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AUNTY!!!!!! That is most people's impression of OG, probably due to our childhood memories of going to their People's Park outlet. Even though their Orchard outlet has a much more upmarket feel, it is very difficult to shake off the aunty image as there is always a section dedicated to selling aunty fashion in all their outlets.

But OG is great whenever they are having a sale, especially for children's toys and clothings. Their lingerie sale is worth going too.

I usually shop at OG Orchard during my birthday month, to stock up on Fancl products. That is the only store in Singapore that I can get 10% off for Fancl with the OG discount card, and the renewal period of the OG card happens to be around my birthday so I'll make it a point to go get my Fancl stuff every year.

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Unique membership card

This is a department store that has a unique membership card. Whenever i shop at OG, the cashier will ask whether I am a member. The first time I was asked this question, I said no and then I asked the cashier whether I can be a member then. Depending on when you ask the question, the likely answer would be no. Their membership is only open for application and renewal in a certain period of the year.

On and off over the years, I had been a member but never continuously for a few years because I would always forget the renewal period and missed renewing my membership. Luckily for me, my mum is a fan and she will always have the membership card. Sometimes, she will remember to inform me the membership period was here and those were the years that I would have my membership card.

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Quality and quantity!

OG is a place that holds much childhood memories for me as my mum used to love shopping there. She could spend hours looking through the variety of apparels and accessories while my brother and I will happily discover all the new and exciting toys on the topmost floor for children. OG sells goods that have a rather drastic price range-- here you can find T-shirts at $10+ as well as branded bags costing a few hundred dollars. The best thing about it is that the quality of the goods available is always of superior quality; which I feel is the main reason for its popularity with middle-aged women as they often seek for quality over appearance.

I like how the staff here are all very professionally trained and every section of the department store has at least one staff allocated to service the customers.

What's more, most of the time when you make a minimum purchase of a certain value, you will be entitled to freebies such as real pearls or shopping vouchers to double up your savings the next time you make a purchase!

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A special place, but apparels more suited for the older generation

My mother is an avid fan of OG, and I've been shopping there with her for years. OG holds a special place in my heart as one of my favourite departmental stores. I find it relaxing to shop there, as the staff do not follow you around, and I have the freedom to explore the place as slowly as I want. OG offers a wide range of apparels, which I must admit cater more to the elderly. Nevertheless, the quality is good, with the price being rather reasonable.

I personally prefer the OG outlet in Orchard as it has more clothes catered to the younger population. I especially love the first floor, with it's wide array of bags and shoes at discounted prices. I would recommend the bags and footwear section for all, young or old. As for apparels, those looking for trendy clothes should not head down to OG.

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hourly special promotions

OG used to be a very popular departmental store for both the young and old. However, nowadays, we hardly see a crowd at OG.

OG at People's Park have frequent hourly special promotions on weekends and things can be bought at quite a steal! When i went last Saturday, in hopes of getting myself a new luggage, I was pleasantly surprised to see a travel fair going on. Luggages, winter clothes, jackets, sweaters, etc were all going at great discounts! I bought my luggage at a 40% discount, a huge saving that I probably would not be able to get it in other departmental stores elsewhere.

One thing about OG is that their clothes and footwear appeal more to the older generation. But I think that it is a great place to find some awesome deals.

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Marked up prices, but great selection.

I ventured into OG with one goal in mind - to purchase a wallet. I was there rather late, and the place was just about to close.

Upon entering, I was immediately assaulted by the array of wallets in different styles and colours. There were the classic Guy Laroche ones that exuded simplicity and Parisian chic, the loud, reminiscient of Perlini ones that I wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole and other beautiful designs. I was certainly spoilt for choice there.

I finally narrowed down my selection and purchased a Rudy Valentino one. However, after a while, I spotted the exact same wallet at BHG and realised that the price had been marked up drastically.

OG certainly provides a variety of choices for those with deep pockets who don't mind being cheated of a little money, but for everyone else, give it a miss.

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OG's People's Park

Now you see, in my mind OG is an old-people mall and it always will be, affectionately so.

My grandma is a scrimp and she enjoys spending lavishly on me but never on herself. It is only in OG People's Park where she feels her wallet could be opened for herself. She used to come with a couple of my grand-aunts and they'd close down OG. It was a very cute sight, the way she described it to me, so I went along one day.

She just likes to go and touch the fabrics of the different shirts and make friends with the elderly staff everywhere and doesn't dare to try anything because she's truly scared she'll like it and overspend again. After threatening her that I will buy every single thing she's touched if she does not bother trying me which one she truly likes and promising that I'll never eat my food at home again (she is an avid fan of cooking for me 24/7), she found 3 and tried them on happily, and while I fumbled with my wallet paying for it, she made friends with the cashier.

People's Park is a special place because it reminds me of her. But for all other outlets, I don't think I'd ever walk in.

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People's park
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Family friendly

I'm not going to go into the apparel and goods you can find at OG; I'm sure many reviewers are going to cover that already. I feel that the overall feel OG gives is more intriguing. I have been to OG People's Park for many years now, my old man used to bring my siblings and I here to shop for toys.

There are a number of seats available for tired shoppers to rest their feet. Perhaps it is a marketing ploy, but it gives a very welcoming atmosphere to the otherwise rundown departmental store. When I was younger, I had no qualms of sitting my tiny end down, and playing with my GameBoy. A nearby security guard or booth attendant will always keep an eye out for me, while my parents head off to shop.

It is this aura, that truly stands out for me. Any departmental store can stock better goods, or have more seats, but it is this neighbourhood-ly feeling I get every time I am in OG People's Park, that makes me feel welcome and want to return the next time.

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Great collection of pearls!

I was just walking around OG looking for Christmas gifts last year when I chanced upon their collection of pearl necklaces and earrings.

The designs are really exquisite and are really eye-catching. The thing is, I wasn't a big fan of pearl jewelry till that day. what I love about the whole thing is that the earrings you choose almost always have a perfect accompanying necklace and/or bracelet to go along with! I love going there to check out what designs they have.

The rest of OG doesn't attract me much, but i do know that there're good discounts on deals over there worth checking out.

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Dying out?

OG has probably come really a new way. It might not be as outstanding as Metro and Tangs and Isetan, but it is a place where most aunties will relate to, at least I know my mum and aunts does. They are able to relate to OG better than Metro or Tangs.

This is probably also due to the locations of its shopping since it is at Chinatown and Waterloo Street where a lot of aunties would go. OG used to be less happening in the past, and mainly sells clothes and more clothes. But I went to OG recently and realise that they have changed a lot. They are now more modernised and look more like Metro or Tangs and have many other brands residing within them. This is especially the case for the one at Chinatown. Being a multi level store, there is actually a lot of mini brands within and there is a lot of variety and products to see. However I realised that there is a very big crowd moving in and out but not because they are there to shop, but cause this is one of the way to reach the taxi stand.

OG would probably need to do more to market itself to be able to attract a sustainable crowd as the products are now longer meant for aunties.

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