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Audrey Oh
Listing created by Audrey Oh on May 27, 2012    

Metro, one of Singapore’s most successful department store company was first started by Ong Tjoe Kim 王梓琴 in 1957. The name was inspired by his passion for the silver screen and the famous Metro Goldwyn Mayer movie studio. It is a department store that carries everything you need. Metro is also the first departmental store to promote and support global green efforts by creating a more caring and sustainable environment through Bring Your Own Bag (BYOBD) movement and launching The Metro Green Project.

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Wide varieties

One thing I love about departmental stores is that they carry a variety of different brands for each item. I love coming to Metro, especially to buy my undergarments and also shoes.

They are almost always having sales, and this is why I shop for my undergarments here. The staff in Metro are extremely patient and kind, always suggesting to me other options and explaining how one is different from the other. I appreciate how the staff at Metro treat their customers with such service, because there are some other shops whose staff couldn't care more about you.

The shoes at Metro are really nice. They range from the average-priced to the pricey and branded types. Sometimes, from having a variety to choose from, I can compare and see how the higher-end brand's quality compares to that of the average-priced ones and that has helped me to make several informed decisions before buying something.

I think Metro is underrated, though. There is always never a crowd whenever I go, I guess that can be a good thing too.

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Metro is totally like a subway of marvellousness!

When Metro and Singapore is seen within the same sentence, you know that it isn't some ordinary store. It is store that has 'everywhere' written all over. They are strategically littered on Singapore's spines. North spine. Check. They're there. Metro Woodlands. Central point. Check. They're also there, at Paragon.

I used to frequent Metro last time. It was a ginormous outlet. It was like Carrefour full of perfumes and apparels. I could find anything, possibly everything there! The apparels aren't catered simply for adults. There's the children's sector too within the same store. I recalled my jaw lolling about the first time my eyes were first greeted Metro. They own a mammoth scale and do not occupy simply a single level in the mall.

I went to the Paragon outlet recently. The amount of customers in Metro now has shrunk considerably! I was appalled! However, the items sold there didn't seem to deteriorate in terms of quality. I was rather unimpressed by the tiling or lighting they had there. It was rather drab and begged for a sprucing session! That must be the reason behind why not many seemed lured to enter the Metro stores these days.

Additionally, the perfume section was rather diverse! I strolled around carefully, sniffing whiffs of differing aromas. I had a bag pack on me. It wasn't a hiking bag. It wasn't severely gigantic. It was certainly one that anyone would call ordinary. However, the way the perfumes were being placed in Metro wavered precariously near the edge, threatening to plummet to the ground and shatter into trillions of pieces!

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Accessibility and scale
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20% off days!

Have you seen the cosmetics counter during Metro sale (i.e. 20% off days)? It is insane and trust me, you DO NOT want to be there. But due to higher calling (aka my mother), it is of course the best time to make your purchases then. Waiting and squeezing aside, the savings will be worth it. UOB cardholders also get to enjoy the same deals as the members.

In my impression, Metro used to seem to cater to the middle-aged and older, but it seems that it is still well received amongst young adults. Go to Metro for variety, you will never know what you can find.

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The metropolitan taste in clothes

Just like the train that it was named after, Metro is extremely fast paced. It is a brand that I find, keeps up smoothly with the latest tastes and fashion. Dabbling in a wide variety of brands, Metro was an eye opener for me. I remember one of my visits there to buy a pair of jeans, I was astounded. 'Hey! Levis!', ' Wow they sell XXX brand.', 'Hey! YYY brand!' were what I constantly bombarded my friend with as we trawled through the section.

Metro outlets are retrofitted such that they cater to all age groups. In Compass Point, the first floor entrance of the Metro Outlet shows a dazzling display of perfumes which effectively drew a small crowd of women. Progressing further in are men's apparels, both formal and informal wear. Moving north from the men's section leads you to the women's section. Upstairs caters to women, teenagers and children, with a toys and kid's clothes section, a lingerie section for women, jeans and tees for teenagers, and even some pots and pans (amazing). My experience was awesome as they knew how to manage the lighting and fixtures to manufacture the perfect climate for shopping in. It subsequently drew me again and again, and to this day, I still inevitably walk into Metro on every visit to Compass point.

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Sadly lacking

I remembered I was at Metro in Causeway Point a few months ago to buy some new clothing for my children for a wedding dinner. The selection was so limited that after a few minutes of browsing, I could already determine that there was nothing worth choosing from this store.

My children happily went over to the toy section just besides the clothing section. They were only there for less than fifteen minutes. Normally, when they went to the toy section of other department stores, it would take them at least thirty minutes before they were willing to leave. This Metro also had very limited selections of toys so they were able to see most of the toys in the short ten plus minutes.

When we went over to Kiddy Palace to look at the clothing, we were there for about an hour and my children were at the toy section for at least thirty minutes of that hour. This compared how much lacking was the variety from Metro.

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(Updated: December 05, 2012)

A departmental store which has ample variety

So I was in my Trail slippers (old school I know), flopping around Orchard on a Saturday morning when it started pouring. If you've a pair of Trail slippers, you would understand how long ago they were in trend and needless to say, I had my pair for ages and the soles are totally worn out.

Thanks to the horribly slippery flooring outside Paragon, I slipped and skated my way into the building, determined to find a pair of shoes/slippers anything to prevent myself from falling to death along Orchard. Went into Metro and browsed for a pair of suitable footwear. While the selection isn't many, especially for leisure male footwear, the crowd sure is abundant. The service staff seemed to be outnumbered by the customers and I had problem getting hold of a staff for the correct sizing for me to try after deciding upon a pair of Crocs.

Perhaps it's just a coincidence for the time was at its peak but I think the service can be improved. Unlike all the other reviews, I didn't seem to have any discount at that point of time and paid $80+ for the pair of Crocs casual footwear. Nonetheless, I still needed to purchase the life-save pair of footwear in order to safely continue my shopping spree.

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Definitely worth a visit!

One thing I like about departmental stores is that there is always a section for everyone. For example, when my mum and I shop at the Ladies' department, my dad can shop at the Men's department.

Metro at Paragon is huge and the nice decors plus christmas carols being played at the store puts me in a jolly and happy mood, all ready for christmas! My mum always start her christmas shopping early and her first stop would always be Metro as she as a cardmember and they often have better discounts and deals for their members. Metro sells a great deal of things ranging from cosmetics to clothes to designer gowns to bags to shoes to household appliances. You name it, they've got it. I always have fun browsing through their clothes as they are rather trendy and if you're lucky, you can get a great deal!

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Great range

Metro was the store where I got my first pair of cufflinks. Being young and experienced at the time, I was advised to head there, where entry-level brands were aplenty, and I could experiment without getting ripped off/persuaded into buying something too 'atas' at that time.

You can definitely find something here (if you are shopping). From cologne to formal shirts, there are a large range of apparel here for you to choose from. In fact, if you give me $150, I can probably get you two nice sets of formal wear. Of course they won't be tailored or cutting edge, but definitely easy on the eyes.

Oh, and anyways, I ended up getting a pair of cufflinks from Goldlion.

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(Updated: November 20, 2012)

Great sales!

People, myself included, often complained that department stores are too expensive for everyday shoppers on a budget. However, with a little bit of patience, you can find great deals at department stores. This is the case for Metro. This department store has a lot of sales going on. From upscale to bohemian chic, and everything in between, Metro is suitable for everyone.

The kids section is a great place for children to hang out. You can find a wide range of children apparels, baby products and toys.

Ladies can even shop for their prom dresses for their graduation. Although, I have to say picking a suitable prom dress takes a lot of work. There are many kinds of dresses such as the Essential little black dress, the sequined dress and the jacquard sheath. Most are of reasonable price.($50 on wards)If lady luck's on your side, you may even find cheaper ones.

Despite long queues, the cashiers were quick in action. With a ready smile, they wasted no time and remembered to thank the customers.

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Great discounts all year round!

Metro has been a departmental which I have trusted and went to for years.

As a child, I used to frequent the place as they had they quickest stock updates for the toys. As an adult now, I frequent to collect points for my membership and I am also very attracted to the sales they have so very often.

Metro has to be one of the most generous stores with a twenty percent off on most of their items. I was shocked to see that the new items were entitled to the discounts as well. Being a collector of Lego sets, I am pleased to find that their 20% sales include the Lego sets. This is a rare sight as most shops, including other departmental stores, don’t usually include the Lego sets in their storewide discount.

The staffs at Metro are very friendly as well. I have met a couple of managers in charge of the toys department and we even had conversations on the latest stock of toys. They even encouraged me to make reservations so as not to be disappointed if there is no stock left.

Metro is located in many convenient parts of Singapore, namely Paragon Orchard as well as the heartland, Sengkang.

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