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Audrey Oh
Listing created by Audrey Oh on May 25, 2012    

DFS Group Limited is one of the world's leading luxury retailer catering to the traveling public. Travelers can get a 7% GST refund when shopping at DFS Galleria.

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(Updated: February 02, 2013)

Enjoy the take of fresh air

Are you sick of squeezing with the throng of eager shoppers with deep pockets (local or otherwise) in luxury boutiques in town? Head to DFS Galleria for a breath of fresh air as you will finally get to indulge in being in the spacious and lush layout that is only fitting when it comes to blowing thousands.

The best part of the shopping experience has got to be the lack of pushy service here. Who would want a pressurizing and judgmental sales person watching your every move like a hawk? If you need assistance, though, they would be more than happy to be of service.

Most of all, its laidback and quiet ambiance makes both shopping and window shopping a pleasurable experience.

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Branded stuff that can't be found elsewhere

DFS is a really helpful place if you're looking for a certain branded handbag that can't be found at other outlets. I recently saw this white coloured handbag from Coach that I really wanted that couldn't be found at Coach shops! (And I really searched hard for it)

It is a comfortable place to shop in. It is quiet, even on weekends and there are comfy sofa chairs around for a quick break. However, I note that most stuff here is branded and thus quite "unaffordable'. The themes of the DFS facade is always changing though - so it's really refreshing to visit it once every few months!

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Always an Alternative

Although situated in town, this building kind of blends into the whole surrounding and is not too eye-catching or hyped up about as compared to the other malls that carry the many international brands. In total I probably stepped into this building 5 times in my whole life, just to browse around at the items they have and to look at the discounted price as compared to how much it is retailing for outside at the departmental stores.

DFS Galleria in my opinion is well stocked enough to have a wide variety of brands and different things. For those who are looking for classics, or like make-up products that are always the same it is slightly cheaper in DFS although not much depending on the price of the item. The clothing and items however, are slightly behind by one season usually, although sometimes they do offer some discounts around. The ambiance of the place is relatively nice because there is very little people usually tourists. So if you're unlucky and you so happen to catch a tour bus filled with tourists and their kids the mall is probably going to be quite noisy. For convenience there is also a longer escalator that goes through the mall all the way to the higher floors.

In particular, there is nothing too great about this that attracts me other than that it is very quiet and quite good for taking a rest in the bustling streets of Orchard Road that can actually get to you quite a bit especially on a hot day.

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(Updated: May 25, 2012)

excellent service

I am reviewing for the MAC Store in DFS Galleria. The whole beauty section is so well-stocked in general and it even includes Giorgio Armani beauty which is exclusive to DFS Scotts Road! In need of a new under-eye concealer, I decided to try my luck at M.A.C Cosmetics. There are plenty of M.A.C counters around town and I happened to be in DFS so I went there.

The sales assistant (SA) was extremely helpful to me and removed my under-eye makeup for me before applying the concealer so I can see the difference better. She did not skimp on the products used and applied everything it need to make it look perfect. Eye cream, primer, base etc. I am really pleasantly surprised by the service there because my general experience in M.A.C. was not that positive. Usually, the SA will leave me alone or answer my queries vaguely. Some even ignored me. I felt so comfortable there that I spent a good 30-45 minutes there and bought the products used.

I am a Singaporean so I can not get GST rebates. If you are a tourist, you can get those rebates! The whole DFS Galleria atmosphere is very inviting and quiet. Not much people there. They even have Chinese names for the products across the various brands. This is not commonly-seen in other make-up counters in town.

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