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NATIONAL DENTAL CENTRE OF SINGAPORE 5 Second Hospital Avenue Singapore 168938
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Listing created by SamanthaWong on March 16, 2013    

National Dental Centre of Singapore (NDCS) aims to be a centre of excellence, delivering oral health care of the highest standard to its patients. NDCS offers multidisciplinary services such as corrective jaw surgery, maxillofacial rehabilitation and aesthetic dentistry. 

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Brace face

I think most people visit the National Dental Centre to get their braces done. Removal of 4 teeth and 2 years of wire torture later, I got my teeth straightened out!

The cost of getting braces done at a private dental clinic is apparently not that much different from National Dental Centre's rates, so I think it is advisable to find a private dental clinic that is much closer to home. I know that I would have done so, had I known better back then. It would have saved me a lot traveling time and expenses, and it would definitely have been easier to book my appointment at a more suitable time slot. I recall having to take a cab from the dental centre to school after my appointment and I had no choice but to miss out on my lessons every time - what a pain!

Additionally, if you ever needed to reschedule your appointment, you have to wait for the next month.

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