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It was established in November 1996 in Singapore. It has built a reputation as an established and reliable dental healthcare services provider with multi-disciplinary expertise. From a single clinic with one dental surgeon to now with more than 50 clinics strategically located island-wide. The clinics are highly accessible as they are conveniently located near bus interchanges and MRT stations.

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Me and my family visited Q&M Bukit Batok office to address our dental needs recently. I heard good reviews from my friends about Dr. Marina Spektor, so we went there. Dr. Marina was very professional and honest. She provided us with very comprehensive explanation regarding offered treatment plan. I have to mention that she is very gentle dentist. Finlay, I found the dentist I am not afraid to go to. All procedures went smoothly and nicely. Great job!
Overall, we had very positive experience with Q&M and I highly recommend Dr. Marina Spektor.

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Come if you need a dental surgeon

So I needed a dental surgeon. Why? I had two teeth growing from the roof of my mouth. Only dental surgeons are certified to conduct such extractions. There are two ways of extracting such teeth: The expensive way (where your gum is actually cut open), or the cheaper way (where your teeth are yanked out). Let’s just say that I was very pleased that 30 minutes later, I was ridded of those two intruding teeth, without having my gum cut open. Though I felt the six anesthetic injections acutely, I didn’t know my teeth were no more till she told me so, and I have an extremely low threshold for pain.

Later the receptionist actually bothered to offer me tissues and gauze when she saw me with blood dribbling out of my mouth.

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City Square Mall
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(Updated: November 05, 2012)


I went for Scaling and Polishing that came up to a bill of $120, I didn't expect it to be so expensive and its my first time visiting a dental clinic on my own and paying for the services using my own funds.

Being a newbie at this, i went ahead with other services at another branch nearby my house. I paid almost $50 for the X-Ray and another $75 for each filling. They even wanted to charge me $1000 for a root canal that cost me $750 at Simply Endodontist at Wheelock.

1 month after going for and polishing my brother recommended another dental clinic, Meridian which is more affordable. The dentist at Meridian though i haven't done polishing for years and he was shocked that i did it only recently. He told me my teeth are not cleaned at all, only polished on the bare surface. He did a much better job at only $50.

No way am i going back to Q&M anymore or recommend anyone there.

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Good treatment of patients

I've been visiting Q and M for about 6 years already. I have to admit, I have always walked away a very satisfied customer. There hasn't been a single instance where I've walked in scared and apprehensive about how bad it would be.

The scary dentist's office and mind-numbing pain are all but non-existent here. The dentists at Q & M are all really nice and friendly. Their service is gentle and understanding, I find. Be it for a root canal procedure or even a simple polishing, they always seem genuinely interested to get the job done, and getting it done in a professional manner.

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