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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 15, 2012    

Singpost is Singapore's main postal services with the main office at Singapore Post Centre.


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Stamping it out

There was a time, about thousand years ago perhaps, when I was young, when you went to a post office to buy a stamp, send a parcel or a telegram, and that was it. Things have changed. Be it Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, wherever, post offices now offer services that are anything but letters and stamps and 'postage' stuff.

You want personal loans? They got them albeit at a rather hefty interest rate. Did I hear someone whisper loan sardines? Want to pay your traffic fines? No fines? Oh. YOu must be an exception.

How about insurance? Got lah. Banking? Credit card services? Yes, yes. Logistics? Distribution? Bisa diatur! Need help from AVA, CPF or ICA? SIngpost can do it. Even want to pay your examination fees, see your friendly PO.

I understand. Postage stamps and letters are becoming fossils. Let's diversify. Trouble is that whenever I go into a post office there is almost inevitably a long q, with a capital ooooo as in looooong.

"Oh, you want stamps?"

I nod as I stagger forward when my turn comes after half an hour.

'"Try the counter at the end there....."

I look sadly at the lady who sits under a sign saying remittances and botox injections (or something similary.

She stares back. Finally she says: Send an email, it's quicker."

At least we agree on that.

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Lost registered item & still need to pay to review signed receipt.

I always believe in SingPost until recent incident regarding my lost registered item. I called SingPost hotline but the outcome was unsatisfactory. I wrote on SingPost website as feedback but no response.

Following is the summary of the incident: I did not receive a registered item and called to verify with SingPost regarding my item status. SingPost mentioned that the item was delivered with signature confirmation. I am very sure that nobody in my house received the item so I wanted to verify who actually signed for the item or whether it is really signed in the first place. Instead of proving to me that SingPost delivered the item, SingPost even wanted me to pay a FEE for the signature confirmation. It feels like a scam! I have to pay to see the proof that my item was delivered? This is unreasonable as SingPost should assist in the investigation of lost registered item. Till date, I still did not receive any explanation from SingPost. SingPost provides very unsatisfied and bad services.

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All good except during peak hours

We do not usually go to Singpost unless we have got business there to do. There is a post office or post box in almost every neighbourhood. From sending letters to your pen pals, a parcel to your loved ones abroad or general postal services, post office is the place.

The post office releases beautiful collection of stamps at different months. Check out the dates on their website and try to avoid going to the post office on those days. It will be slightly more crowded as stamp collectors will head down to purchase their stamps. Buying online, that will be another alternative to beat the queue if you are collecting stamps and looking to buy. They have an online shopping portal for you to get your items online.

The queues can get ridiculous during the start and end of the month as well as after office hours. There will be people remitting money back and collecting or sending their packages. Expect to queue for up to an hour or more.

One thing to know would be the postage prices that increased last month. Up to sixty cents, it is no longer fifty cents for a postcard and do check with the post office for the updated rates. Larger packages can get more expensive especially to countries away from Asia. Postage prices go by weight and bring your packages to the post office to get it weighed.

Aside from one or two missing packages, the others have been delivered quickly and successfully. If you are looking to send a package or parcel, head down to Singpost today and the friendly staff will help you with your package.

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Mega long waiting time

Despite being a Singaporean, I have only started noticing Singpost recently. When I was younger, all I know about Singpost is that you can mail postcards to your friends and receive letters in your mailbox.

But about a year ago, I started out a small blogshop with my friends and started to visit Singpost more regularly. I have to say that their service really needs to be improved on. I remember vividly that every time I go to Singpost, the waiting time is terrible. Very often, I ended up having to wait close to 20, 30 minutes just to mail out a few items, even if the queue wasn’t long to start with. In addition, some of the staffs’ attitudes were really bad.

However, there were also instances that made me impressed with their services. There is this Singpost delivery lady who would go all the way up to my house to deliver me a parcel (instead of squeezing them into the mailbox) even though I did not request for registered postage. And even at some of the busier branches, there are also friendly and polite staffs.

Although people no longer use mailing as their primary mode of communication, online business has created a whole new different meaning to traditional mailing. Thus, I believe that in order to continue surviving in the industry, Singpost got to improve her services.
Otherwise, her market position would eventually be replaced by other upcoming companies?

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More than postal services

The decreasing number of users of postage for informal communication locally has reduced, making Singapore Post perhaps less apparent in our list of communication services. Other than sending parcels or formal letters, people prefer faster forms of communication like E-Mail and Skype.

Singapore post has acknowledged that well, and has tried to stay relevant by offering services like tax payment and fine payment all in one place. I must say, having so many services in one place makes it very convenient, however, not all the staff are well-versed with the systems, which results in some inefficiency service wise.

The standard of their postal service is on the other hand, unquestionable, I have never heard of any cases of lost or damaged mail/parcels yet, and the delivery timing of both normal posting and speed post are satisfactory enough for a service which is dwindling in usage.

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For retirees, by retirees.

I was just at Singapore Post to pay for my road tax. There was some cock up with my car insurance so I was not able to do the road tax renewal online, if not, I will not be queuing to make payment.

The first thing I noticed when I entered the post office was the average age of the crowd. I would say that the front counter staff averaged about 50 years old and the customers closer to 55 years old. It was no wonder the customers need to queue to make payment because may be internet or other self service payment methods were too much trouble for them to learn to use.

One thing to learn when you were served by senior people was patience. They may have passed the age where high productivity can earn them a promotion so they were always slow and steady in serving you.

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Waiting so long for my blogshop stuff to arrive

Singpost is really slow as my parcel can take up to 1 week long or longer to arrive when what they said was 3 working days. Worst thing is that you cant choose when the postman should arrive so that there is somebody home to collect the parcel unlike Zalora's dedicated delivery service. For my house, the parcels always come on early mornings like 10 am when my family are all out working or schooling which make it very inconvenient if my parcel is bulky as I would have to specially walk to the post office which kind of defeats the whole purpose of blogshopping.

Well, at least the normal posted items do arrive safely. Hence, I do not really see the need in paying more for registered mail when it takes as long as normal mail just that it comes with the ability to track your parcel. I guess, I will only choose registered for important documents and not my blogshopping parcels.

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Could be better

I've used Singpost countless times - from sending letters to penpals, to sending out items to customers on my short-term dabble on having an online shop. They're reliable enough.. I've never actually had any complains about lost mail.

But, they could lower down their rates. I mean, sure, it's reasonable enough, and running a post office isn't cheap, but darn, wouldn't it be nice if sending a letter to the US only costs me say, 50cents? I'd be sending out stuff more often, instead of relying on the internet all the time.

Their services are also alright, but again, could be improved on. Some of their staffs really need to smile more.

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Affordable pricing but service can be improved

When I said the service can be improved, it doesn't refer to the service staff attitude. Rather, it's referring to the queue whenever I wish to collect or post a parcel overseas. There was this once I needed to send something urgent to Shanghai (a scrapbook decorated with Xmas lighting) for my friend who's out stationed there and I wanted her to receive it before Xmas, or at least on the same day. Went to Singpost 2 days before Xmas, saw a long queue at the counter (approximately 7-8 people) but since it offers the lowest rate (having checked online), I resort to queuing.

After finally reaching my turn (and that's after 30mins or so), I was disheartened to be informed that the parcel will not reach my friend by Xmas day. No choice, I phoned up DHL to collect the parcel from my house (don't even need to queue) and the parcel arrived safely in my friend's hand the next day afternoon. No doubt, I'm paying almost double the price ($40+ for a small scrapbook) but the shorter delivery time and collection from home is really worth it.

On a side note, another of my friend, who's just staying one MRT station away from me, just sent me a small parcel (don't ask me why he's trying to be funny and sent the parcel to me instead of passing to me direct). According to him, the parcel was sent out 2 weeks ago but I only received it yesterday. Luckily it's not urgent but I suppose their delivery time can be improved.

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two thumbs up

I often shop online and a reliable postal service is as important as a responsible seller, to ensure a good shopping experience for me. Singpost is always very punctual with my parcels, taking about 3-5 working days for me to receive my parcels. They used to operate 6 days a week but is now reduced to 5 days a week. I am glad to say that even though they are operating 1 day less, they are still as efficient and quick as before.

Not only are they efficient locally, they are quick and accurate with international letters as well. More importantly, it is very affordable. I have got no complains about Singpost and am proud to have such a reliable and responsible postal service in my country.

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Singpost is the unsung hero that has allowed us to enjoy our standard of living today. Can you imagine a faulty postal service? I think that it has been too effective, and some of us have taken it for granted. I have lived abroad before, and I have to say, this is one thing that the Singapore government has gone right.

Misdeliveries are rare, letters and bills always arrive on time, and parcels are sent only at a nominal fee. In my experience, whatever I have sent has reached the other party safely. This cannot be said when I was living in the States. Can you imagine, not receiving an important bill until it's deadline has passed by a week?

So please Singpost, maintain these high standards for all of us to enjoy.

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