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The Skincare Must Have for Lazy People

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Pon Swee Man
Listing created by Pon Swee Man on February 15, 2016    

Wanting good skin and watching beauty gurus’ skincare routines on youtube can be very disillusioning - especially when you realise the trick to flawless skin is not a secret tip but a fifteen minute long video of creams and serums. While perfect skin is realistically unattainable, especially when you have a budget of both money and time, good skin is possible with just one trusty product: the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum.


Retailing at $36 per palm-sized bottle, this product has seen me through most of my school year and kept the stress pimples at bay. I use it at night after washing my face, just purely on its own, and I wake up to brighter and slightly dewy-looking smooth skin in the morning. Just to prove its wonders, I abstained from it during my A level month and I looked like death: dark and dull skin, a light sprinkling of small forehead pimples from stress (no thanks to late night studying and exams) and dry skin. There was a real difference, especially when I returned to using it after As and my skin brightened up two notches (although it could also be the light of freedom and fun shining upon me because no more studying for 8 months!).


Let’s be real, this alone cannot give you perfect skin, but it can keep your complexion bright and smooth, and maybe even keep pimples at bay (my skin type rarely experiences breakouts but since I started using this, I’ve had zero big pimples.) Compared to a sped-up fifteen minute long skincare routine, I’ll take just a one-minute spread serum, thanks!


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