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Michelle Racho
Listing created by Michelle Racho on January 11, 2016    

Fresh is a health and beauty brand which was founded in Boston in 1991, when Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg, Fresh co-founders, developed the now iconic Oval soap collection. They are also the pioneer of the use of natural ingredients in the beauty industry, most notably using sugar in their products, 

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Give Me (Lip) Therapy

Priced at $29 a pop, Fresh Cosmetics may have just revolutionized lip therapy (at a cost, of course) with their Tinted Lip Treatments. Coming in a variety of attractive shades, you’re basically covered for all occasions.

The lip treatments are highly pigmented so a little goes a long way! Having used them in the UK’s dry winter season, I can say these suckers are highly hydrating and add a pop of colour to your outfit.

However, one must be cautious when storing them. I would recommend them keeping these products in the fridge where they would not feel overly sticky - especially with the humid Singapore weather. Instead, they'll provide a glossy sheen for the rest of the day.

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A review on rubbing $29 on my lips

Lipsticks often scared me - maybe it’s because I never know how to pick the right shade, but I always ended up feeling like I looked like Miranda Sings. Nevertheless, I wanted to start somehow, and this resolve made me pick up Fresh’s tinted lip treatment in the shade Petal from Sephora ($29.00).

This tinted lip balm was nothing compared to a lipstick, of course. In fact, Petal was almost the same exact shade of my natural lips, but I applied it nonetheless as moisturizer and for some enhancement. Its moisturizing effect is nothing special though - I would choose Vaseline’s Lip Therapy over this anyday. The formula was also too sticky, having melted quickly in the hot weather. I had to pop the balm into the freezer many times in order to salvage my money’s worth.

It may look tantalizing, promising smooth and supple lips. But think twice before splurging on this, since better lip balms can be found in our local beauty supply stores for less than half the price.

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