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Edlyn Seow
Listing created by Edlyn Seow on February 19, 2014    

An eco-conscious Korean Cosmetic brand that has most of its products formulated from the purest green tea seed growing in Jeju Island. Endorsed by many Korean celebrities, it claims to bring about clear radiant skin! 


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(Updated: February 16, 2016)

Refreshing products

Innisfree never fails to snake its way through conversations whenever I’m on the topic of cosmetics with my friends only because it boasts to have 70% natural ingredients from Jeju island. Innisfree uses eco-friendly and recyclable bottles to store their products, designed to preserve the balance of nature.

They vary in products suited to most skin types, ranging from dry, mature, combination to oily and sensitive skin users. Being a sensitive skin user, I wasn’t convinced that any of these products would work for me because the even the mildest facial brand broke me out. I decided to check it out and got approached by a friendly middle aged lady who seemed knowledgeable about skincare. She recommended the Green Tea range for my sensitive, combination to oily skin to balance my skin out. 2 months later, my skin looked slightly more hydrated however there wasn’t a significant difference or improvement. Infact, some days I break out more than usual.

I’ve stopped using the Green Tea range products however, the Bija trouble skin toner has been a considerable help in maintaining the condition of my skin. I’m currently on my second bottle and will continue purchasing this toner until I find something better. I would definitely recommend Innisfree to others as their products are gentle on the skin and effective.

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Bija Trouble Skin Toner
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The Skincare Must-Have For Lazy People

Wanting good skin and watching beauty gurus’ skincare routines on youtube can be very disillusioning - especially when you realise the trick to flawless skin is not a secret tip but a fifteen minute long video of creams and serums. While perfect skin is realistically unattainable when you have a budget of both money and time, good skin is possible with just one trusty product: the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum.

Retailing at $36 per palm-sized bottle, this product has seen me through most of my school year and kept the stress pimples at bay. I use it at night after washing my face, just purely on its own, and I wake up to brighter and slightly dewy-looking smooth skin in the morning. Just to prove its wonders, I abstained from it during my A level month and I looked like death: dark and dull skin, a light sprinkling of small forehead pimples from stress (no thanks to late night studying and exams) and dry skin. There was a real difference, especially when I returned to using it after As and my skin brightened up two notches (although it could also be the light of freedom and fun shining upon me because no more studying for 8 months!).

Let’s be real, this alone cannot give you perfect skin, but it can keep your complexion bright and smooth, and maybe even keep pimples at bay (my skin type rarely experiences breakouts but since I started using this, I’ve had zero big pimples.) Compared to a sped-up fifteen minute long skincare routine, I’ll take just a one-minute spread serum, thanks!

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200 Victoria St, 188021
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Aloe Real Squeezed Mask!

I had a mini Innisfee shopping spree while shopping in Korea and it is hard not to given its eco packaging and Jeju island focused marketing.

My favorite of all has to be their facial masks. As I was looking for moisturizing benefits, I got their aloe real squeezed mask. I was surprised at how much I love their facial sheet material. I usually prefer thin sheets as I thought they would stick firmer to my face but Innisfree’s ones didn’t lose out at all. They are thicker in material but yet stay perfectly on your face! No more slipping of masks and dripping of essence all over the place. And every time after I remove the masks, my face feels much more healthy and soft.

Aside from their facial masks, the shopkeeper recommended me their green tea eye serum. It’s really affordable compared to other eye creams, with a nice soft green tea fragrance. According to her, it is one of the most popular items among young ladies in Korea.

Finally, let’s talk about the highly raved volcanic masks. They generously gave me some samples so I and my friends could use it. When my friend first tried it, she was crazy over it and kept praising its pore-unclogging and brightening properties, making me itching for a try. I sadly didn’t experience the miracles but she was definitely not boasting about its brightening effect.

I will continue to use their masks in the hope of staying young forever!

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Perfect products for the skin!

Finally had time to check out this new store personally! So many of my friends were talking about it and of course, how handsome the brand endorser: Lee Min Ho, looked in his photos taken during his trip down to Singapore recently.

I was surprised to see that the outlet was actually pretty huge. It has plenty of skincare, haircare, makeup and many other products that will keep you girls occupied for at least an hour there.

I tried out many products but constrained myself to only buying one in the end, the Super Volcanic Clay Mask. Having read many reviews on it, it's said to be rather useful and can rid you of blackheads and reduce pore sizes easily! I'm at my 3rd application now and amazingly, my face still gets brighter every time and definitely more smooth.

I'm sure to be buying their green tea range of products next because my friend used some of them and the benefits proved to be as accurate as they claimed it to be.

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