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Edlyn Seow
Listing created by Edlyn Seow on January 20, 2014    

A brand recognized for their fruit-scented shampoo and bodywash. Does an excellent job catering to different hairtypes with their wide selections available online and in stores.

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Will leave your hair smelling lush all day

I’m surprised that I even recognise Herbal Essences anymore, they’ve changed their packaging more times than I can remember, but I always make sure that they’re the brand I decide to go with when taming my mane of hair. There are about a million different flavours, all doing different things so frankly I just pick whichever has the nicest looking bottle nowadays, they all probably do the same thing anyway, right?

The new packaging means that all the bottles have witty names, for example the one for long hair is called ‘Long term relationship’, and if I love anything in this world it’s hair products that don’t take life too seriously. Every time I use their products my hair smells like the perfume section of Sephora, and there’s something weirdly nice about having someone say to you that your hair smells like fruit. The conditioner makes my life worth living, it doesn’t make my hair greasy no matter how much I use, and actually leaves my hair feeling almost soft. A miracle for a frizzball like me.

My favourite thing about HE, has got to be the price. It’s always one of the cheapest hair care options and they last for ages. Cheerful, good quality, and super cheap? It’s a no brainer to me as to why HE is my favourite.

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Drier Hair

I totally agree with many other reviewers about the essence-less of herbal essence. Initially I thought it was only me, now it seems like I have found my friends.

I first tried herbal essence many years back and have stopped using them since then, unless I have small sachets of samples. I was rather young and was very intrigued by their commercials as well. In particular, they always show how those girls have extremely smooth and bouncy hair and how they have this range that specializes in targeting dry hair. I had very coarse and curly hair, cut in a mushroom shape (yes) and was so happy when my sister actually bought their shampoo home. And so, I used her shampoo without asking and got my retribution - drier hair.

It was really surprising to me how that shampoo, which targets dry hair, could actually make it worse. And I seriously thought it was just my hair, now I know.

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Dry hair essence


Herbal Essences are one of the best smelling shampoos in the market. It is heavily commercialized and their commercials are an eye fest. Nice flowers, colors, pretty models... The packaging of the bottle is also pretty. The name sounds credible. Everything seems great so what could go wrong? Well, the shampoo itself!!!! It was a disaster for my hair. The "essence" did not do anything to help my hair. Ok let's not talk about the "Wow" kinda effects. This shampoo does not even do what it was supposed to do - clean my hair. I assume the basic function of a shampoo is to clean your hair right? Well.. it didn't really make my hair feel clean because my scalp itched so bad and my hair was as dry as hay... I hated it so bad. So I tried to use the conditioner to salvage the disaster that was my hair. The conditioner from the same range made my hair felt so dry as well... WORST conditioner ever ever ever.

It might be my hair and scalp's problem but this just didn't work for me. I hated it so badly after the first wash so needless to say I will not be re-purchasing this stuff ever again.

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Herbal Essence-less?

It's been quite a while since I chose to use Herbal Essences shampoo. My experience with this brand is a rather unpleasant one. I don't think it gives you a run for your money if you purchase their shampoos, unless you've been a loyal fan all this while and nothing's gone wrong.

The shampoo I used made my hair tangle. All that talk about making your hair smooth is actually untrue. I wouldn't say that the shampoo is utterly disgusting, it does have a nice aroma because of the ingredients and scents used in their shampoo formula. Although, I don't think that chemical-wise, it's very helpful to the hair.

Before buying, I recommend you to check the ingredients listed on the bottle. For me, I usually use other shampoos like Head & Shoulders because of my sensitive scalp skin. But otherwise for more organic option, I think Lush or Sunslik is a much better choice.

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Herbal Not Much Essence

Herbal Essences shampoos and conditioners usually comes in an intriguing package. Their bottles are eye catching what with it’s vibrant colours. The colours used may serve as a purpose to lure the attention of those seeking for shampoos or conditioners. That strategy of theirs was deemed successful for I, personally, was drawn into the myriad of colours displaying Herbal Essences portion on the racks. After being lured towards those bottles, I began to check out it’s contents.

The person responsible for Herbal Essences product design was one who seemed to think out of the box for every corners and details wrapped around any Herbal Essences product. The contents were showcased in an intriguing manner. Even the choice of words used there were ones that would spur curiosity amongst many; ‘ Tousle Me Softly’ and ‘Color Me Happy’ etc. Doused with supreme curiosity from it’s colours to it’s contents, I purchased several bottles of Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner.

Both the shampoo and conditioner had an impressively strong aromatic scent. The bottle that was purple in colour had a delicious grape scent just as it was advertized/labeled. Unfortunately, I wasn’t that impressed by it’s products apart from the aromatic scent contained within it. The shampoo didn’t seem to serve it’s purpose as a shampoo. Neither did the conditioner. My hair felt like it hadn’t been shampooed for centuries after I used this shampoo for several days. So itchy!

Usually, conditioners transforms hair into one that is silky smooth and tangle-free upon usage. That wasn’t the case when it comes to Herbal Essences conditioner. It was the exact opposite. Apparently, Herbal Essences products seemed and felt much more like an innovatively packed form of H20 sprayed with delicious fruity scents.

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Long-lasting, sweet scent

I can't express how much I love sweet-smelling bath soap and shampoo. They're one of my weaknesses. Every time I go shopping for soap or shampoo, I choose them based on their smell and not what else it can offer (luscious thick hair, anti-dandruff, etc etc)

So once I smelled the shampoo by Herbal Essences, I instantly fell in love with it and bugged my mom to buy it for me. On that day - and possibly for that entire week - going home and using the shampoo was the highlight of my day.

Unlike other shampoos where the scent fades quickly after the shower, the scent from Herbal Essences shampoo stayed on my hair for quite a few hours. I think I was kind of addicted to the smell (smelling my hair every few minutes, back when my hair was long enough for me to smell, that is.)

I've also heard from some friends that Herbal Essences shampoo made their hair really soft. This didn't work for me, but that's probably because I swim too much and my hair is way too damaged to be fixed. :(

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Lovely Smelling Hair

Mmm, the glorious smell of the fruity shampoo makes me smelling good the whole day. Back when I had long hair, this was the shampoo of my choice.

Unlike other shampoo that has smells that fade off later on in the day, the smells for this shampoo seems to last longer with a distinct smell. Easily put, any other user of Herbal Essences will know another user of Herbal Essences. Being naturally attracted to fruity smells, this shampoo appealed to me. Unfortunately, Shampoo choices are hardly mine to make - I hardly have the time to choose the shampoo I want and my mother chooses on my behalf.

I haven't used this shampoo in awhile, maybe its time to bring the smell back. Somehow, the smell is therapeutic in itself. I could fall asleep to it.

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Herbal essence, supposedly, was meant to have anti-dandruff and hair care properties. I mean, its comprised on herbs and herbs are supposed to be healthy and good right? Wrong, it turned out to be.

Ever since puberty, I had plenty of problems with dandruff. Every 3 days, it seems I could create a dandruff shower with a flick of my head. It'd be cool if it were snow, but unfortunately dead skin did not appeal to anyone around me, hence the need to source for a solution. I turned to Herbal Essence, and began using it regularly for the next few months.

There are both good and bad points about the shampoo, in my opinion. What I really liked was the nice aroma that permeates the room I'm in. I actually got complimented about my hair and I loved going to sleep since my hair is in such proximity that I could take in the smell. However, the proclaimed herbal properties did not improve my dandruff problem. Instead, my skin got flakier and drier and I rained a bigger storm of dandruff.

Over the course of time though, I realised you can't depend on shampoos anymore. My dandruff problem improved tremendously after I got botak and spent loads of time in the sun during BMT. This, indeed, toughened my scalp and actually made it healthier (Though there was the itchiness and initial bigger shower of dead skin flakes!).

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Luscious Thick Hair?

I remembered purchasing Herbal Essences' shampoo after being introduced to it during my early teenage years. I remembered getting all excited for it as it was my first shampoo brand that tore me away from my Johnson&Johnson baby shampoo, which my mum was adamant on making me use throughout my adolescent.

Herbal Essence has a range of shampoos and conditioners which may just leave you at awe, and hair smelling oh-so-yummy. I personally like all their flowery scented shampoos. Their line of products never failed to give me that luscious thick hair everyone wanted.

Sadly, after a few months, I was left with a flaky scalp and dried up hair. Apparently, prolonged use of their "strong" shampoo caused my scalp and to be stripped of the natural oil. It was upsetting because I have grown to love their products but had to eventually say goodbye. Though I do recommend anyone who doesn't have sensitive scalp to give them a try.

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Lasting scent

My first ever shampoo brand. It got me hooked since I took a first whiff of their very addictive fruit-scented shampoo.

They have a few selections of shampoo available on shelf at NTUC and after smelling the first bottle. I simply couldn't resist the urge to open the rest just to have a sniff. Which was exactly what I did. Haha!

In the end, I think that the 'Dangerously Straight' shampoo was the best, so I bought it. To my amazement, it not only smells good but it lasts long as well! I had my friends asking the brand of my shampoo every time I give me tresses a good fling.

I also love the subtle shine it provides my hair with after every shower. My hair is also significantly more manageable after. A good buy!

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