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Edlyn Seow
Listing created by Edlyn Seow on January 17, 2014    

Japan's number 1 water-based make up remover, formerly known as the Cleansing Express. Removes all stubborn makeup and even waterproof ones with just one swipe! 

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MOIST cleansing lotion

This is hands down my favorite makeup remover!! It is water-based and is light while delivering a heavy-duty performance. It doesn't feel heavy and messy like oil-based ones. After a long day out, the step that I dread would be the removal of my makeup... but I have to and having a powerful and easy-to-use remover definitely makes the process much better. It is advertised as a "non-rinse" kind of makeup remover but to be safe, I still wash my face with a mild cleanser and use a toner afterwards.

There are a few different types of makeup removers but the one I like best would be the "Moist" one. It hydrates my skin and my skin never felt tight and dry after using it. My skin also looked brighter and more radiant after using this to remove my makeup!

I usually apply tinted sunblock, blush, and fill in my brows and 1 pump of this is enough to remove everything on my face! One bottle would thus last me for a long time. For my eye makeup, I use a separate remover because I am using a heavy duty mascara and eyeliner (Heroine Make). If you have on non-waterproof eye makeup I guess this can help to remove your makeup too. Overall, it is an affordable, highly effective and no-mess makeup remover that I will recommend to everyone! I am sure the cleansing efficacy is high across the different types of makeup removers so just try out to see which type you like the best!

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Moist cleansing lotion
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Great Use For Beauty Junkies

Does anyone remember the time, about a year or two ago, when BIfesta was promoting their makeup remover on Facebook? All you had to do was like their page and you will automatically be eligible to get one of their makeup remover sample to be posted to your doorstep. I have to admit, that was one hell of a great marketing idea. Not only will they be able to promote the products but also use the word of mouth and IT savvy individuals to help them along with it.

Their makeup remover is great to completely rid off all those waterproof and stubborn makeup. And they do live up to the fact that you don't have to wash your face after. But, I still recommend everyone to wash their faces to remove excess dirt and bacteria from a day out. And because it's water-based, it was a breeze to remove all the built-up makeup without leaving you with those tired looking skin after.

I personally like that they have a range of makeup removers catered to the needs of different individuals. However, I did find my love of makeup remover products from another brand now.

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Miracle remover!

I love spending time to doll myself up before going on a date, a girls' night out or for that night of partying. I believe all you girls do too! At the same time, we all hate that one thing: Removing it.

Many of us use waterproof makeup, in fear the rain (or probably tears) might cause them to run if it gets on our faces. This makes the entire removal process a whole lot harder. A lot of girls use oil-based makeup removers because they are known to remove waterproof makeup easily, That's true, but it leaves behind a greasy film that gives us the additional step of cleansing it once or twice through. That stripes our face of even more moisture!

I came across this gem while I was doing random shopping at Watsons. I saw that it had many positive reviews and hence decided to try it. To tell you the truth, I was shocked at its ability. I dispensed generous amounts of it on a cotton pad and left it covering my right eye. About just 10 seconds later, I gave my eye one good swipe and ALL the makeup came right off! No oily residue and all of the impurities got trapped firmly on the cotton pad so you won't look like a panda during the process.

The remover has several options catered to different skin types: Moist, Bright up, Sebum and Agecare. Something for everyone!

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