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Edlyn Seow
Listing created by Edlyn Seow on January 08, 2014    

Hada Labo is a Japanese cosmetics brand that focuses on providing skincare products in their most basic form. This means it's free from fragrance, alcohol and contains only the most natural ingredients. Their brand name Hada Labo stands for just that: Perfect and Simple. 


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I’m sure everyone has heard their famous catchphrase “One drop locks up an ocean” and their cute “hadalabo” voiceover at the end of each commercials. Their catchphrase was so popular it created hype a while back and it seemed to be the talk of town.

I didn’t want to lag behind and was constantly looking for a miracle for my skin. So one day, I head over to Watsons in search of this ocean miracle. Not sure about the miracle but it was definitely a search in the ocean. The whole range of hada labo products is so confusing. They have lotion, essence, toner, in various forms and I don’t understand Japanese. I remember there were just many Japanese words and I really didn’t know what I was looking for. I honestly thought their “One drop locks up an ocean” is just a single distinguishable product. In the end, I just simply picked up the blue and white bottle, hoping that it is the one everyone was talking about. Perhaps I was wrong, but I seriously thought only one of it was the highly raved one everyone was saying.

But anyway, that blue-white bottle of essence I bought was no miracle to me and I gave up on the ocean search.

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Affordable and effective moisturizer

The original Hada Labo lotion is one moisturizer that I will always have!! It has been a staple in my skincare routine for the past 2 years or so and the main reason why I love it so much is because it is excellent in what it does - moisturizing. I have combination skin and on some days, the skin on my forehead gets really dry and sometimes flaky but once I pat on the Hada Labo lotion, the dry area will receive intense moisturizing and will continue to stay hydrated throughout the day. After prolonged usage, I found that the problem areas seem to be less patchy and dry as well. It also acts as a great pre-makeup base because it makes my skin radiant and supple and ready for my next step.

I store my moisturizer in the fridge because I like the cooling sensation that it gives when I apply it. Once a week, I apply hada labo as a mask. I buy empty mask sheets from SASA and soak them with the hada labo lotion and put it on my face for 20 minutes. It's an instant perk-me-up for my face. I use it on knees and elbows too... and it works! heh. The price of one bottle is really affordable at $21.90 if I am not wrong! One bottle lasts me for ages... like 6 months of heavy usage? I would highly recommend everyone to try the hada labo lotion for its affordability, effectiveness and versatility.

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Works miracles!

I've been using the Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Lotion for some time now and it's my favourite toner so far. It really works wonders on me even though I have sensitive skin. It doesn't sting when I apply it like some toners do, and it keeps my face moisturised for the whole day!

Since it's hydrating, you don't necessarily have to use a separate moisturiser after that. It also helps reduce the size of your pimples. I wouldn't say it rids your face totally of pimples but it does reduce the redness of it.

I've been wanting to try their other products for now. But, I honestly don't think it's that affordable. Each bottle costs close to $30 which isn't that cheap for a student like me. Nonetheless, it's a really good investment for a toner.

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Affordably Effective

I scanned the racks in search of either a moisturizer or facial cleanser at NTUC. The pimple population across my face seems to be multiplying! The humid weather didn’t aid the facial situation either. My face became excessively dry.

The words Hada Labo caught my eyes on the rack. Usually, I’d settle for either Nivea or Olay. However, both of those brands weren’t as satisfying as what it proclaimed to be. Hence, I scoured for something new.

I recalled my friend showering compliments towards this brand when she got it for free via some sort of lucky draw. There were even labels nearby stating that the bottle was sold every 4 seconds at Japan! Boosted by those recollection of compliments towards it and curiosity, I purchased a bottle of Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion.

The price was affordable. The lotion itself was sticky originally. Several minutes later, I could actually feel my face getting moisturized. The moisturizing creams which I dabbled with previously barely felt moisturized unlike this Hada Labo lotion. My skin felt much more supple and it even looks much more radiant. There wasn’t even a tinge of dryness evident on my face after applying that lotion. Additionally, this moisturizer had a mysterious effect on pimples. The pimples population was reduced after applying this Hada Labo lotion. So impressive! However, the bottle itself didn’t seem to state anything about pimples hence I do not really know if it was the result of the lotion.

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Great product!

My friend recommended me to use Hada Labo products as she said they produce the best skincare products she has ever used. Curious, I bought a bottle of the Hada Labo toner just to try. I already had other brands of face wash and face cream so I didn't purchase those.

When I first dispensed the toner drop by drop onto my hand, it seemed watery and slightly sticky but once I applied it to my face, it instantly felt cool and my skin felt tighter!

Although my skin is generally quite good, I think that Hada Labo really made it even better - smoother, tighter skin which felt soft to the touch!

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good, affordable skincare!

I've been using Hada Labo for a few years now, as it's affordable enough for students like me. I prefer the hydrating lotion from the whitening range, as it feels more watery and less sticky than the one from the normal moisturising range. The moisturising cream is also grease-free and very hydrating!

I like how the AHA/BHA face wash is dispensed, in a very soft and foamy texture, as it feels comfortable on my skin. If I'm not wrong, all Hada Labo products are free of fragrances, mineral oils and alcohol, which is great and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin (: I've tried many other products - especially those with alcohol - that makes my face really red and itchy, but hada labo products are fine!

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A good product for many but not me

The hyaluronic acid lotion is a cheap, miracle product for many. The product feels sticky but it just seeps into the skin after patting it on for a while. This product provides intense hydration and the skin would be very soft to touch.

Very unfortunately, I think my skin could not handle hyaluronic acid. I have tried a few products containing this ingredient and all of them clogged my pores. My pores get congested easily compared to the average person. I have several friends who are using this product and they have nice, dewy skin.

The AHA/BHA facial foam cannot be used around the eyes as it would sting the eyes. Since I also apply products around my eyes, I would prefer a cleanser that can be used around the eyes. The facial wash also makes my skin drier after using it for some time.

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Intense Hydration

I've used 2 of Hada Labo's products: Their SHA Hydrating lotion and the AHA/BHA Exfoliating face wash foam. I intend to purchase their entire Hydrating product range once I'm done with my current ones.

The lotion (or toner) targets Asian skin to moisturize from within; also keeping moisture locked up for a long time! The product looked watery after I dispensed it on my palms but it work miracles! It got absorbed quickly, with no greasy residue. My skin instantly felt nourished and tight, signifying that my skin is taking in all the nutrition it needs from the product.

You don't have to use it in generous amounts because only a little is sufficient to hydrate your whole face.

The face wash is very gentle on the skin. It's rather foamy and you get quite a bit with just one pump. It doesn't feel like much after lathering it all over my face but after days of use, I can seriously see my skin getting brighter. I am also rid of those rough patches on my skin!

Yay to such a great find! Prices are also really affordable for such good quality. About $22+ for a bottle?

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