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Edlyn Seow
Listing created by Edlyn Seow on January 03, 2014    

Too Faced is known for a range of glittery eyeshadows to suit any occasion, miracle bronzers as well as foundations. All of it, encased in a pretty pink packaging trademarked with a classic made-up eye. 

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Love their products!

Aside from the cute pun in the brand name, Too Faced has one of the most appealing cosmetic packagings amongst other brands. From their chocolate bar eye palettes to heart shaped blushers, everything from Too Faced screams dainty and feminine.

My first Too Faced product was the Born This Way foundation, encased in a frosted glass bottle and black cap - simple yet sleek. I loved the way the foundation looked and felt on my skin, it literally made me feel as if I was “Born This Way”. It has a medium to full coverage thus using one layer is sufficient to conceal the blemishes on my skin. Also, the foundation is oil free and infused with beneficial ingredients like coconut water, alpine rose and hyaluronic acid, great for oily skin users like myself. Although it has a medium to full coverage, it feels very light on my skin which is great if I want to layer up. It blends easily and well with my blush and it lasts for a whole day out.

My second Too Faced product was the Chocolate Bar eye palette which smells just like chocolate, and has very pretty and neutral colors. The eyeshadows are very well pigmented, and glides on easily for smooth application. It doesn’t stay on for long unless you use a primer as a base.

Overall, Too Faced has proved to have great products with satisfactory quality although they are a little pricey.

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Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette
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Perfect for both contour virgins and experts alike

I’m not the largest make up expert going around, however when my sister purchased me a Too Faced Contour Cocoa Kit, I recognised the brand name immediately. My sister knows all there is to know about makeup, with her recent obsession with makeup brushes simply getting out of control, so I knew to trust her judgement when it came to this purchase. The included instruction kit didn’t give me much to go by, however a million and one youtube contour tutorials left me in good hands. I haven’t yet mastered Kim Kardashian contour skills, but I’m not a total mess, so in my eyes it’s a success. Not only is the kit beautifully packaged and designed, but the powders actually smell like chocolate, so unsurprisingly my love for the kit grew and grew.

The powders are all of high quality as if you were to buy them separately, and the brush is unbelievably soft. For me it’s good enough however for the more experienced makeup user I feel like it would probably fall short. The only downsides I can think of are that the lightest powder is just a little too glittery and left me feeling a bit Twilight-esque, and the darkest was just too dark for my sadly pale skin. The mirror is big enough to use on the go and the colours all work really well together, proving that there is a reason why this Too Faced kit is so popular.

I love the product design behind this kit, I’m also now a true Too Faced fan and will definitely be buying some of their other products in the future. Powders are better than liquids for first time contour uses such as myself, however the kit is so good that it is perfect for both first timers and experienced users alike. High quality, amazing smell and a decent price for such a good product, I definitely recommend this Contour Kit.

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Too expensive

I do love the wordplay in the name. Anything a little clever or funny immediately draws my attention, really.

Being not exactly a makeup addict, and by that I mean never having applied makeup in my life before trying Too Faced, it was surprisingly easy to do (why haven't I tried it earlier?) The product I sampled in Sephora was their eyeshadow palette, which I have heard rave reviews about from my friends. It did not disappoint, gliding on like a dream. I think I may be a convert now.

I'm not too crazy about the price though, honestly, I would much rather stick to drugstore cosmetics. If you do have the money to suit the price point though, I suggest you shell out for the eyeshadow palettes! With a multitude of pigments and really easy blending (a retail assistant showed me how to do it), I highly recommend it.

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Eyeshadow Palettes

I personally think Too Faced has the best eyeshadow palettes. All the colours are well coordinated and you don't have to think much if you want to get your look done fast. The shadows are also creamy, pigmented and blend like a dream. The only issue I've had is with fall out from the more chunky glitter shades.

I personally own the natural eye palette and budoir eye palette. The first is great for day time and the second for night but the range of matte and shimmer make it easy to do both day and night looks if you just own one palette. I'm waiting for the next Sephora sale to get the Chocolate Bar palette because the shades are so gorgeous and it smells like chocolate!!!

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Primer + makeup palettes

I love Too Faced for both its quirky packaging and cosmetic quality. The one thing that I purchase over and over again is the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. It is an eyeshadow primer that you layer on your eyelids before putting on your eyeshadow. It controls the oiliness of your lids and this will help your eyeshadow and liner to last longer without smudging. It also gives a more intense color payoff as opposed to applying the eyeshadow to your eyelid sans primer. I love this eyeshadow primer because when it comes to duochrome eyeshadows, this primer does help to bring out the "chrome-ness" of the eyeshadow!

The make up palettes from Too Faced are of great value and contains everything you could possibly need in a nifty palette (eyeshadow / blush / concealer/ lip color etc) and they are so handy for travelling!! The colors in the palette are also designed to go with each other and according to the theme (think girly/ smokey/ beachy) so its really handy to carry around instead of bringing multiple items. If you're looking for an all-rounder makeup palette, I am sure Too Faced will have one that will suit your needs and likes! Oh and please don't forget to grab a tube of the Shadow Insurance while you're shopping! :)

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Too Fantastic!

Too Faced is a really nice brand of make up to use. I'm not someone who spams a lot of cosmetics on my face, so I tend to go for a more neutral, natural and nude look. I like Too Faced's bronzer. They're selection is not very wide, but their colors are interesting and there is a sufficient shade range for those with lighter to darker skin tones. This is really important because I get tan very easily, so it makes it easy for me to get two tones of bronzers from one brand that I know will match my skin tone nicely.

They're products work quite well for someone with sensitive skin like me. If you're someone to likes to go out and party, and you love all that glitter and glammer, than Two Faced is definitely for you! They provide an extensive array of glitter eye shadow and their lip colors are dazzling! If you're not familiar with purchasing online, you can always go to the Sephora outlet at ION Orchard to grab a set. That's usually where I always get my cosmetics from. Don't forget to sign up as a member and subscribe to Two Faced's promotion emails!

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I've Got A Face Full of Too Faced

I got my first Too Faced cosmetics from an online sale at Strawberrynet. I got a gift set for myself which included bronzer, primer, lipgloss, eyeliner and eyeshadow, all packaged in their very own makeup bag. I never knew their status as a cosmetic brand in the beauty world, but rather just bought that gift set because it was cheap at $20.

It was only when I was dragged into Sephora that I knew they were a high-class cosmetics brand which has wallet-burning prices. They have quite a range of eyeshadows, lipglosses, and other makeup products. After much consolation with my wallet, I ended up buying their Jingle All The Way palette, which had an array of eyeshadows, blusher and bronzer encased in an iPhone 5 casing. At 2 for $40 during their January sale, it was definitely a bargain.

Overall, I do suggest for beauty junkies to check out online beauty stores for bargains and sales before heading to Sephora to buy them.

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Can't get enough of their packaging, I just can't. It's just too pretty! A pink base with laced-like swirls.

This was my very first make-up palette, given to me as a gift- the Natural Eye make-up collection. I love the color combinations and how well it blends. In each case, there's usually 9 colors, 3 adding up to give you a different look. They even have instructions included to help you achieve them!

I also like how they very cheekily name their colors. For e.g. Push-up, Sexpresso and Birthday Suit.

The bad part about Too Faced is that you can't really play around with the colors (other than the designed 3 looks) and that the eyeshadow tends to fall off easily, giving you a little ring around the lower lids or on your cheeks.

Probably if you avoid using the black to line your eyes, the rest should do fine!

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