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Edlyn Seow
Listing created by Edlyn Seow on January 03, 2014    

A must-have cosmetic brand for all those seeking to express themselves boldly. Their most popular products would be the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer and the Naked Palette. All very edgy and sophisticated.

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Bold, deep colours that will become your firm favourite

Urban Decay is everything that I love in a makeup brand. They don’t take themselves too seriously and they don’t have that air of pretentiousness that many upmarket brands seem to have about themselves. Best known for their Naked palettes and other eye make up products, their bold colours and clever advertising leaves them a strong favourite with the younger audience.

As an owner of their Naked 2 palette, I can safely say that their products live up to the hype. I’ve pretty much used it everyday since I got it, and the colours vary so much that you can go from a casual everyday look to a bold smokey eye and everything in-between, all with one palette. The pigmentation of the colour is really deep, and there is a large choice between the colours, with a variation of matte and glittery to give you as many options as possible.

I am a true Urban Decay fan. I used to think that the price of the Naked palettes was a little excessive, but when you actually begin using it you realise that the colours are beyond worth it. Everything from the big mirror and the super high quality brush that come with it to the design of the palette itself is perfect, now I just need to bankrupt myself buying the other three.

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24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils

Urban decay probably has one of the widest selection of pencil eyeliners. If you're looking for a hot pink or gold, they've got you covered. The issue I have with the liners is that they're suppose to be "forever lasting" and "waterproof", which they are definitely not.

I own 14 of their liners and had to get rid of the both zero and perversion (the 2 black shades) because they were hopeless at staying on my eyes and gave me panda eyes by the end of the day. They also won't last on your water line and will transfer down and emphasize your eye bags. I don't notice this problem for the other shades but they do fade off naturally throughout the day, definitely not something you would want from an eyeliner you pay $30 for.

Overall, unless you plan on using them as a base to make your eyeshadow pop, I would suggest giving their 24/7 liners a miss. They don't hold up in SIngapore's humidity and if you have oily skin/eyelids, they never set. I'll be sticking to liquid and gel liners instead.

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UD is my favorite eye-shadow brand! I own the Naked 1, the Roller-girl palette and the VICE palette. I love how there's so much variety in their eye-shadow packaging/ theme and colors and this variety is backed up by the high quality of the shadows. Their powder shadows are silky, intensely-pigmented, tightly-packed and long-wearing. The glittery ones do have a little fall out but the fall out is way lesser than glittery shadows from other brands. Some mattes tend to be a little chalky but on the whole, you can still see quality in their shadows.

I like the whole NAKED range of eye-shadow palettes but unfortunately I am warm and yellow toned so I am unable to pull off NAKED 2 or 3. For my skin tone (NC25/ light golden-yellow), NAKED 1 compliments me best. If you're neutral toned, I guess you can pull off NAKED 2 and 3, NAKED 1 might be too strong for you unless you are skilled in controlling the amount of color you sweep on your lids. For girls with cool undertones, do give the NAKED 3 a go! It is extremely pretty with all the pinks and creams ^_^ It might sound a bit expensive to shell out $80+ for an eye-shadow palette but if you take into account the variety, quality and versatility of the palette, it is well-worth the money and is more cost-efficient in the long run because one palette can definitely last you for a long while.

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NAKED eye-shadow palettes
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Urban Delight !!

What I like most about Urban Decay is their Naked Series. I'm not someone who uses a lot of make up, so I like to go for a natural, nude kind of look. Urban Decay is one of my top choices because their Naked Series really caters to customers like me, and their entire range of skin shades suits a sportsperson like me who gets a little more tan now and then.

What I have with me is the Naked Basics palette. The colors are really simple and nice to use. You can blend them together, or you can use them one their own. They complement each other really well. You can go for their Naked 1 or 2 Palette Series if you want a little more glitter or color on your palette, because Naked Basics is really just the basic shades of brown from light to dark, with a couple of shades of champagne and beige.

I also like to use Urban Decay's primer. It's very friendly for sensitive skin users like me, and I find that it really does do wonders in keeping my make up on for longer periods of time!

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Highly raved for a reason

Have been using the Urban Decay Primers for quite some time now, and it is TRULY amazing. So, I just had to hop on the bandwagon when the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette was launched. I finally decided to purchase it since I did not own any of the highly raved Urban Decay Naked Palettes. Fortunately for me, my friends decided to be angels and gave it to me for my 21st birthday! Yay ;)

The Naked 3 palette neutral shades has gotten me countless of compliments whenever I wore it to work. I especially adore the shades in "Limit", "Buzz" and "Blackheart". However, I was not that into the first shade "Strange". Felt like it didn't really show any color - if anything at all, on my eyes. Probably the only reason why I would not give this product a 5 star.

It comes in a beautiful hard casing, and also with a dual ended brush that fits nicely in the tin. This palette latches tightly, and is great for traveling!

The Naked 3 palette shades are more a cooler tone, which sets it apart from the previous 2 palettes. I believe I suit cooler shades more, but I sure do love to play with makeup! So .... here I come Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 and 2 :)

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Expensive, but a supposedly good product

Almost every one of my girlfriends has been fawning over the ownership of some naked palette series while I on the other hand just stare blankly at them due to my negligence.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) for me, I'm hardly the type that feels the innate need or urge to splurge on make up - especially not on any naked set?! I thought make up sets were meant to be filled and not naked! Jokes aside, I decided to take a look on the series of palette which had managed to garner my friends' short attention span for such a long time.

Being the centre of most topics, its merits are not difficult to pick out. The Naked Palette seems to contain the essential colour palette needed for face make up with an extensive range that blends nicely when used together. Further, it seems that the quality of the make-up has been also commented on quite frequently. Unlike other cheap make up that doesn't do much justice to your face, I've heard that this make-up literally makes your face glows.

I don't have much personal opinions on this item, but it sure seems like a god-like product, other than the price of course, but I'm sure those who would pay the price for beauty would beg to differ.

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Love, Love, Love It

This past Christmas, I was blessed to receive Urban Decay's newest eyeshadow palette, the Naked 3 palette. I had been raving about it for weeks and I suppose my friends got the hint. Hehehe. The eyeshadow palette had an array of colours in pink hue, and even their eyeshadow brush is usable unlike the rubbish applicators given by other cosmetic brands.

The colours available can be played around with, creating both a day and evening look without looking like a drag queen. The only downside of it is one of their eyeshadows from the palette is too glittery which causes terrible fall out onto my lashes and cheeks, and not to mention my eyes. I personally stay away from that particular one.

Now that I own the Naked 3 palette, I have my eyes set on the Naked palette which offers eyeshadow colours in brown hue. Guess what I'll get for my birthday now, you guys! Haha

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Quality make-up brand

Might be a little costly, but Urban Decay definitely proves its worth in their product quality.

I've got both their eyeshadow primer and Naked palette. The primer works miracles. It prevents my eyeshadow from caking, removes the fine lines of my eyelids and helps it all last longer! Very beneficial indeed, for long wearing make-up.

I really love the colors of the Naked palette! I was hesitating initially, on whether to purchase a range of dull-looking neutrals but decided to eventually after reading all the raves about it and I certainly am stunned by how good this product is!

You know how people often say you need sleep in order for your make-up to come on nicely? No, I can not sleep a wink and yet have my eyeshadow appear bright and bodied on my eyelids. I do not have to apply multiple layers; once or twice is sufficient!

I also appreciate how the powder stays and choose not to rain down my cheeks during the span of the day whenever I sneeze or something.

After applying the primer, it doesn't smudge across your lower lids, making you look like a panda either. They both work hand in hand to provide the best results. A definite buy for me!

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