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Rachel Yap
Listing created by Rachel Yap on December 19, 2013    

Essence is a German brand that offers very affordable beauty & care products.

It is available at selected Watsons Stores.

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Dirt Cheap and Surprisingly Decent

I was skeptical when I heard of Essence Cosmetics, because the prices seemed too low to be true. Surely something so dirt cheap would also be of dirt quality? However, I was but a broke beauty junkie who wanted to try bronzer for the first time, so an Essence Bronzing Blush it was. I was pleasantly surprised. One application would last me through an entire day, and never made my acne-prone skin break out.

Their Colour & Go nail polish ($2.90), which, unlike other “cheapo” nail polishes I’ve tried as a penniless student, dried nicely in just a minute without uneven lumpy bits. The XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss ($4.50) lived up to its name and stayed on even after a drink. The Stay All Day liquid foundation ($7.90) didn’t provide a heavy enough coverage for my liking, though. It’s a gamble, I guess.

One thing to note is that Essence regularly switches up its collections, so do stock up if you gain a favourite product. That Bronzing Blush I fell in love with has been discontinued and I’m truly heartbroken. Sob.

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the good and the bad

Essence cosmetics are my go-to makeup in the events of an emergency or when I am strapped for cash but require a new eyeshadow palette. Being one of the cheapest drugstore cosmetic brand, the quality of the makeup isn't too bad compared to the lower quality makeup from Daiso. However, I do find the smell of the eyeshadow and mascara to change after a few months. The mascara I bought started to clump and harden within a month of purchase. The only thing I find good is the brushes they offer. I bought myself a blush brush and have had it for almost a year now.

There are the good and the bad of Essence as a cosmetic brand, but then again, it applies to all cosmetic brands available in the world. That should not stop anyone from sampling and finding their favourites in each.

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unbelievably affordable!

A friend recommended the brand to me when we were browsing through Watsons, and I was amazed at the incredibly cheap prices! At first, I thought that such low prices could only mean that the products themselves weren't of very good quality, so I bought just a bottle of nail polish first, to try out.

In fact, it was a pleasure to use, and I'll definitely be repurchasing more bottles from the wide range of vibrant colours stocked! My friend swears by their eyeliner and eyeshadows too, but as I don't use makeup often, I've yet to try those myself.

Overall, the products are unbelievably cheap, yet seem of good quality. Definitely worth a try!

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Parkway Parade Watsons
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Perfect for Starters: Affordable and Decent Quality

I was pleasantly surprised when I encountered the Essence rack when browsing Watsons, and was especially attracted to the extreme low prices. I mean, it's so rare to see cosmetic products priced below $10, even for our so-called Drugstore brands here in Singapore!

Undeniably, I was quick to grab a few of the products to try it out. I now own several of their nailpolises and cosmetic products. Really, I just cannot avert my eyes or hands when I see their prices. It is absolutely perfect for beginners who are just starting out with make-up and beauty-related things since this really is such a cheap outlet. It makes your blunders and mistakes when venturing to find what suits you feel so harmless to your pocket. It's perfect for students too, who really love to dress themselves up but can only do so during the weekends due to school. Investing in cheaper cosmetics makes more sense and less cause for noise from naggy parents. ;)

I would definitely recommend their nail polishes, since they're priced at approximately $3 each. They offer such vibrant and in-season colours you'd have a hard time picking out what you want!

Their eyeliners, both the pencil and and long-lasting pencil (which refers to those which you twist the slim crayon stick out) are also really good grabs, and the colour pay-off is also really good. They last pretty long through the day without too much smudging too. Decent enough for the price you pay at least.

I also own a few eyeshadows from them. I recently purchased the Flower Grunge eyeshadow in 01 Eyes Like Flowers, a quad of 4 colours. The packaging is really attractive and sleek, though quality is just alright, not rave-worthy. It is however, better than another quad I purchased earlier last year - the 11 Sea My Eyes quad. I'm attributing to how there is less shimmer. Yea, I'm a go-for-the-matte kinda girl.

And so I also happily grabbed their Matte Bronzing powder last year, which is serving me well! It's so hard to find bronzers in our drugstores, what say Matte ones. But despite my love for it, it seems to have been discontinued since I only see their shimmer bronzers now. :(

Their BB creams are worth a shot, although they only have a span of 3 for their colour range. I don't think it's really bad considering how Garnier, such a reknowned brand only offers Singaporeans 1.

And on a side-note, I really like their blending brush for the eyes too. ^_^ And the colour of it feels so diva-ish LOL.

Really adore this brand and am ever so excited to try out their new things!

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