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Edlyn Seow
Listing created by Edlyn Seow on December 15, 2013    

Line of body luxuries, candles and parfum. Known for their long-lasting fragrance and pretty packaging.

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Finally, fragrance that lasts!

Can't get enough of trying their hand creams and lip balms, they all smell unique and the best part: THEY LAST LONG. Like really. I dislike it when the fragrance and benefits from the hand cream gets washed off every time I visit the restroom. This makes me have to re-apply quite frequently but ever since I found TokyoMilk residing at Monoyono, I was just simply over the moon!

Their fragrances are surprisingly pleasant, long-lasting and not entirely over-whelming. The product sinks in to your skin easily and quickly, not leaving your hand greasy after application. That's one of those things that irks me with using hand lotions; leaving my fingerprints everywhere. Haha!

Even after washing my hands, the smell still lingers, which is absolutely amazing! The only disadvantage, is that it's difficult to locate them in stores. So far, I've only known them to be selling at Monoyono and yet they don't carry their full line of body luxuries. Online purchase from their website is available but then we can only rely on online reviews for their scents.

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