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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on December 10, 2013    

Each little package holds in store a range of quality hand-picked products from leading independent labels that vary with every bi-monthly edition. 


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(Updated: November 03, 2014)

Samples Delivered To Your Doorstep!

When I got an e-mail invitation to join The Black Box service, I was a little skeptical. However, I must admit that I was excited because it was similar to a popular service in the U.S. called Birchbox which I've read so much about online. Since it was free and I am a sucker for all things free, I signed up for it.

I forgot that I did so until I received a little black box delivered to my doorstep. In short, I was not disappointed. Each box contains various different products for the subscriber to try, accompanied by a little card which explains how to use them, where to get them, as well as the prices of the full-sized products. As someone who enjoys trying out new beauty products from time to time, this service is godsent because you get to try them without the commitment of buying a full-sized product. I have gone on to purchase some of the products I have tried and some have since become part of my daily routine.

Even though some of the products in the box can be random, I do not have many bad things to say about this service - I would liken this to having one of those food sample stations delivered to you except in this case, they are samples of beauty products.

With the subscriber base increasing at a rapid rate, The Black Box has in place a balloting system which allows only a select few subscribers to receive its products bi-monthly. Being a fan, I still always try my luck because I really have nothing to lose.

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Surprises come in a small box

The Black Box is a bi-monthly unisex box which contains sample sized goodies like beauty products and daily necessities. Every 2 months, the goodies in the box would be different allowing their subscribers to be surprised and delighted. Apart from the goodies in the box, there are also vouchers provided which you can utilize online.

I felt that the first few boxes which they sent out actually caters to the female population over the males. As they progressed, the word, "Unisex" can finally be seen in the boxes!

The best part about this box is that you can get all these goodies for free. In the past all you have to do is to subscribe to them and your complimentary unisex boxes would be delivered to your doorstep! However, because of the overwhelming subscribers they currently have, in order for one to secure their Black Box, balloting for it is required.

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