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Listing created by SophiaSeen on November 28, 2013    

Ciba Vision is a subsidary of Swiss pharmacceutical company, Novartis. Ciba Vision mainly produces contact lenses and related care products. 

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My choice of lenses and solution

Air Optix and Solocare Aqua are my choice contact lenses and solution. When I was younger and just starting out with contact lenses, I tried a variety of brands, trial and error to see which ones I am more comfortable with. I tried Air Optix and I never looked back. Air Optix is extremely comfortable and I rarely have the issue of dry eyes with it despite spending hours working on my laptop. However, it might be more pricey than other brands but it is definitely worth it.

I love how Solocare Aqua is a multipurpose solution which makes it extremely convenient as I do not need separate bottles of contact lens solution. My trusted solution as coupled with good hygiene, I have not once had an eye infection.

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