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Listing created by gwenyummy on October 10, 2013    

GRATiAE a skin- care line with a sole purpose - anti-aging. It focuses on natural, organic, and healthy skin-care products. 

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A 50/50 product

I have dry and sensitive skin, so far I did not have any allergic reaction. Their moisturizer is a very good product, but expensive. I have also tried their eye cream but did not like its feeling.

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This is a massive S C A M! Do not purchase from these aggressive vendors.

All of the products they try to sell you in the store are priced over $100, some as high as $342. The thing is that all of these products are available on for as low as $10 dollars (

The sales people are dishonest. They lied to us about the products, the ingredients inside and who's endorsed them. Do not patronize this dishonest business.

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Incredulous sales person sells most amazing eye cream!

Learnt about this product when my mom and friend were approached by one of their male sales attendants in Mandarin Gallery. He wanted to us to enter the store so he could try some of their products on us, but we declined and walked away. However, he insisted on giving us a sample and urged us to go back so he could hand it to us and i naively sent my friend to collect it.

The next thing you know, he's not coming out! So we had to go back into the store to claim him! They were in the midst of testing the products on his eyes, doing the whole spiel on their Israeli, organic skincare range and they were evidently very convincing, and relentless.

Then, he started applying the eye serum and eye cream on my mom and took a shot of her. After just 5 mins, the products have already worked its magic on her! The results were just.. incredible!! Her wrinkles had reduced, though not completely of cos, but significant enough to make a huge difference on her before and after photos taken on the Iphone4.

We were so amazed by the results but once we learnt about its price, we were adamant about not purchasing the products. The sales guy wouldn't let us go and we were bad at rejecting people so i decided to get their hand cream just so they would quit "harassing" us (yes it has now come to that point where we really wanted to leave but just couldn't.)

So he started to pull a stunt of me. He offered the Replenishing eye serum and eye cream (in a beautiful golden boxed packaging) to me FREE OF CHARGE. We were incredulous and i knew it was a kind of scam and i declined to take it, free or not. I just wanted to pay for the hand cream and leave the store. He INSISTED countless times on giving me the products, claiming that once i use it, i will love it so much that i will recommend it to friends and family. I turned him down politely again and again and eventually gave him my card to pay for the hand cream. He charged $342.00 to my card for a $60 hand cream and when i received the bill, i was in shock la (obviously)!

But he was soooo unrelenting that i eventually gave in. He sold the Replenishing Eye cream ($342) and Replenishing Eye Serum ($342) AND the Hand Cream ($60) for only $342. Essentially, i'm getting more than 50% discount on the products, so i paid for it and hurried away, praying in my heart that the products are gonna be my time and money's worth.

When i opened the beautiful package the next day, the Eye cream was EMPTY! It almost had me in cardiac arrest. Thankfully, i called the store, lodged a complaint and had it exchanged the next day. Though i was slightly traumatised by the whole event, i am SOOO glad i made the purchase eventually.

Sorry about the lengthy essay, i just wanted to share my experience and hope that it somehow helps prevent other customers to get stuck in similar situations. Next time, don't wanna buy, just walk away! But i did, and i can't deny that it's THE BEST EYE CREAM AND SERUM i've EVER used my entire life.

So i guess this is the bit that you really wanna know about - The products.

I am an ultra-sensitive, oily-combination skin-type. Prior to using Gratiae's Replenishing Eye Cream & Serum, i had very leathery skin and bumps around the area of my eyes and sides of my nose bridge. I also get milia once in a while as the products i used were probably too rich or unsuitable for me. Additionally, my eyes are prone to puffiness and dark circles due to lack of sleep and water retention =(

Benefits: A powerful age-defying nourishing eye cream targeted at the delicate, sensitive area of our eyes. Its beneficial blend of thermo-mineral water, restorative natural flora, and organic oats and oils re-tones skin, balances moisture level and boosts cell renewal.

Effectiveness: I've been using this religiously and within the first 3-5 days, i have already noticed improvements in my skin tone and complexion. I'm not saying that it has completely removed all the bumps around my eyes but it has definitely and irrevocably changed my life. Skin is more even in tone and smoother and allows for much easier and lasting eye makeup!

Benefits: A superior, fast-acting organic serum with a natural blend of ingredients that recovers skin's elasticity and clarity, assisting in revitalizing, firming and boosting cell renewal. Also combats the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and reduces puffiness and dark circles around the eye.

Contains Lactic Acid that improves skin's texture and hydration level. (Psst.. Cleopatra's most coveted beauty secret is bathing in sour milk!)

Effectiveness: Tested the product on 3 different relatives! The photo below speaks for itself! (Before & After in 5 minutes)

Find my full review, additional photos on my blog.

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Quality, effective, luxurious eye cream
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