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Wei Ling
Listing created by Wei Ling on July 22, 2013    

Clio is a cosmetic brand that is manufactured in Italy but sold almost exclusively in Korea. Its tagline claims itself to be the No. 1 Eyeliner brand in Korea, and is endorsed by Korea's Pop Diva Lee Hyori. Its product line focuses mainly on cosmetics for the eyes. With its raving success in Korea, its wave of popularity has now hit abroad and its cosmetic products are now retailed in many other countries as well.


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Top-Notch Korean Eye Makeup

You know how some brands have a few star products, but only a limited range of each? The eyeliner variants by Clio come in a myriad of fun shades, be it in gel, felt tip, or liquid form. If you’re not too adventurous yet, start small with the coloured metallics under the Twisturn Waterproof Turnliner range ($23.90), and you’ll soon be itching to try the vivid Gelpressos (from $18.90).

End off by framing your peepers with a mega boosting coat of the classic Kill Black Mascara ($29.90). It often earns me compliments and questions of whether I’m wearing falsies!

Their notable endorsements by celebs like Dara from 2NE1 may not mean much to you if you’re not into the K-wave, but with its products' long-lasting power and top quality, Clio is one Korean brand you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

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(Updated: May 05, 2014)

Pen eyeliner did not work for me

I bought a felt-tip pen style eyeliner to try out after reading many positive online reviews about how this is the most intense and long-lasting eyeliner. My favorite eyeliner would be the Heroine Make liquid eyeliner and it still is because this didn't work for me and did not work better than Heroine Make. The liquid eyeliner is indeed intense and extremely black but I don't know if it's the wet formula or the overly intense color, 10 minutes after I put it on, it actually smudged!!! Thank god I haven't left my house yet otherwise I would be caught to River Safari. I was so disappointed because of the high expectations that I had after reading positive reviews. If it's not smudgeproof, I doubt it will be water-proof either. So this eyeliner has failed on both counts for me.

The brand does have a wide range of cosmetics besides their liquid and gel eyeliners. They have blushers, lipsticks, eye-shadows and the likes which I haven't got round to trying. Prices are reasonable (~$20) and are available at most drugstores and departmental stores. Although this eyeliner did not work for me, I guess you can still try it out but give it 10-15 minutes of "trial time" before stepping out of the house because you wouldn't want to end up like me! If you're looking for a heavy-duty eyeliner, I would recommend Heroine Make over Clio.

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Glitzy Glamour

Clio always came across as the k-pop brand since they do advertise with k-pop stars and gimmicks. And the price does trip me up a little, so I never really went ahead with it.

My mum however gifted me with a lipstick from them, a pale pink, which goes great with a heavy smokey eye that gives the lustrous look. I was amazed by the creaminess of the formula which glides on so smooth and doesn't dry-up or highlight chapped lips!

I heard a whole lot about their eye liner and recently braved their panel in Watsons. I ultimately got the Gelpresso Waterproof Gel Liner in No. 15 Bloody Devil, a deep burgundy colour with micro glitters in it. The name really does fit. It is a devil of an eyeliner. All in good sense! It has a really smooth texture, and the colour pigmentation is superb. It'd definitely boost your NY's look! ;) Or any party occasion on that note!

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Keep an eye on this one

I've tried out Clio's eyeliner once and what can I say, I'm in love. The best part about Clio eyeliner is that they have this brilliant concept of shaping it like a boomerang. With this unique shape, it is way easier to hold the eyeliner when you're trying to draw on your eyes in front of the mirror. Your hand is steadier, you're drawing closer to the lashline and the result is a cleaner, sharper line!

So, if you're looking for an eyeliner, please do consider Clio. For newbies to makeup, getting Clio's eyeliner is a great idea as well - try mastering drawing with the boomerang-shaped eyeliner before moving on to the normal stick ones, as the normal ones can be pretty hard to use for first-timers.

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My most trusted eyeliner brand, hands down

4 years ago, I was 19 then and figuring out how to make my monolid eyes appear larger and more vibrant. Eyeliner would obviously be the first thing I'd turn to, but the question was to pick one that was suitable for me. My friend told me she was importing Clio's Kill Black eyeliner from Korea and I decided to get one to try too, and I'm so glad I did. I'm so happy that Watsons retails it now, about time really!

The Kill Black Eyeliner Brush Pen (it's not a pencil, gel nor liquid eyeliner, but more like a market with very soft and felt tips) is honestly one of the best eyeliners I have ever used. It's smudge-proof, water-proof, and most importantly allows you to draw very clean and fine lines.

When I finished my first stick of it and tried other brands, I ended up with smudged eyeliner or simply eyeliner that couldn't even be removed completely with oil-based makeup remover. If you have oily eyelids like mine, a pencil and gel eyeliner would definitely be struck off your list. Since liquid eyeliners tend to be difficult to use, Clio's brush pen would be a much better option because it's so much more mess-free.

Other than the brush pen, Clio does have pencil eyeliners as well if you'd like. Its Kill Volume Mascara (a small complimentary one comes with a Kill Black Brush Pen liner) is also waterproof and perfect for easy application. Try its range of 7 other eyeliners if you're feeling adventurous!

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