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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on April 04, 2013    

Johnson's Baby, one of the most trusted product for babies hygiene. Equipped with aromatic ingredients, Johnson's Baby items enables babies to smell fresh for hours. Johnson's Baby even expanded their line of products by including a natural formula-ed product; Johnson's Natural. Several bedtime products from Johnson's Baby have even been proven to stimulate babies to sleep. There are also evidence that Johnson's Baby bath time products do enable babies skin to remain gentle and pure. Johnson's Baby products are sold at supermarkets nationwide. 

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A great sense of well-being

It may not be able to disinfect my body or have the cooling effect that the SAF body powder provides, nor the strong lavender scent of Snake's brand powder along with its anti-mosquito properties, but Johnson's baby powder is by far, in my opinion, the best of the 3!

Leaving your skin smooth and silky like a baby's and emitting a compelling fragrance, I felt a really great sense of well-being, a feeling of being free of the shackles of the army and the troubles , worries of the real world for a brief moment of time. I found Johnson's baby powder great for sweat and itches too (Especially those scratched till you start feeling the pain). Many a nights I couldn't sleep due to the crazy itches, Johnson's baby powder solved it for me.

Moreover, the shampoo and body soap were frequently used over the years by my family. We've always found the quality of the product reliable but whats most important was that it left us refreshed and clean(whee!) after a long day in work, school, or in my case just back from outfield (and having not bathed the past few days).

Whats the harm of pampering yourself once in a while?

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You're Never Too Old for some Baby Pampering

I love Johnson's Baby, even though I'm way past the infant stage. But the scent of the shampoo and body wash is simply too intoxicatingly fresh.

My mum really liked the Shampoo because of how it doesn't make your eyes tear when it accidentally slips past your eyelash barrier. And it has such a distinctive smell. The Johnson's Baby smell. But I've gotten past using this since it really doesn't foam sufficiently for the big mass atop my crown.

The body wash though, the one in the blue packaging especially, is my fave fave favourite. The smell, like baby powder, just makes me feel so happy!! I don't use this daily though, since I really doubt it's strong enough to get rid of all the dirt and bacteria for my tough grown-up skin, relative to a baby's that is.

But this is still really a cheap thrill for every now and then! The baby powder is something else that I'd go for when I'm desperate to smell like a baby - fresh and clean. And best of all, it keeps the perspiration contained. ;)

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really value for money!

I practically grew up with this brand of soaps and shampoos. That may have influenced my perception of it today as every time I use it, I'm just reminded of my childhood, it's really nostalgic!

One of my favourites is the baby milk shower cream. It smells so gentle and soothing, and moisturizes nicely. Furthermore, most of the products are incredibly wallet-friendly, as they can cost less than $10 yet last for a really long time! Since the soaps foam up so easily, just a small amount each time is more than enough.

Their insect repellent is also one of the nicest I've come across. I usually skip insect repellent because I hate the strong, synthetic smells that most brands have, but not the one from the Johnson's Baby brand, which smells mild and lovely!

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nostalgic scents
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I am familiar with Johnsons Baby as a product I used when I was younger. I think most people my age would have used the "No Tears" baby shampoo before and that is probably the most famous product from them. Contrary to popular belief, the shampoo does hurt one's eyes! It's probably milder than other commercial shampoos, but I think it's still wise to keep it out of one's eyes.

Personally, I still like using the bronze-coloured No Tears shampoo because I find that it is mild and hence suitable for daily or frequent washing. I never like a shampoo that feels too chemical and leaves my hair dry after washing, so this No Tears shampoo is great for me. The only problem is that it doesn't give rise to much lather, so I tend to have to squirt a lot to fully wash my hair and scalp.

Apart from No Tears, I also like the ever-popular Johnsons Baby Lotion. It is affordable and yet useful for daily moisturizing of my skin. Smells great too! However, it does leave my hands a tad sticky and that annoys me, so I usually put it right before going to bed so I don't have to bother about it. Both great products from Johnsons that are evergreen.

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Another use of the shampoo

The most common misconception of Johnson's Baby is their No More Tears Shampoo. I've learned it the hard way, that the shampoo does in fact make you cry when it comes in contact with your eyes! Though I've sworn off from using the shampoo for myself as I grew up, I found another use for it.

I actually clean and wash my makeup brushes with a mixture of the shampoo and a few drops of olive oil. Because the shampoo is gentle enough for a baby, it doesn't excessively dry up the hair bristles on my makeup brushes and the olive oil helps with the conditioning. It is by far a cheaper alternative than those expensive makeup brush cleaners from cosmetic brands. I have stuck on with this method for three years and found that my brushes last longer.

I recommend all makeup-loving ladies to give it a try.

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Scents so soothing you'd sleep like a baby

Even as a child, I had a bodycare routine - which mainly consisted of Johnson's Baby, Johnson's Baby, and more Johnson's Baby. I apologize for killing any intrigue.

As a child, I was particularly taken with their body wash. I think my parents have only ever bought the Bubble Body Wash (the one which comes in the form of a big, blue bottle), and I used to play with the blue viscous liquid all the time in the bath, which definitely aggravated my family to no ends I suppose. I also used the shampoo from Johnson's Baby, and after my shower, my mother would top it off with a light sprinkle of their baby powder.

I suppose there's a reason why Johnson's Baby is so wildly popular - not just amongst infants, but also among grown-ups - and it's probably because the products by Johnson's Baby always smell so simple, yet so soothing and amazing.

Even now, their baby powder retains a firm spot in my bathroom cupboard, and I still use their body wash on the odd occasions when my family decides that The Body Shop is out of our budget.

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Lovely Scents

My mom had always been using johnsons baby products on me and my siblings and even as an adult now, I still find myself attracted to their products! I love the mild scent of the baby oil and soaps, and I am currently using their lavender baby powder to help myself sleep better at night. It may just be a placebo effect, but it doesn’t matter because the smell is so calming and it helps me sleep!

I use the baby oil as a hand lotion to keep my hands moisturized as I often face peeling skin from doing a lot of washing and cleaning in the F&B industry.

After all these years, I still love johnsons baby products and will buy them for my kids in the future too!

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Not just for babies

As part of its latest marketing campaign, Johnson's Baby as been trying to market itself as a brand suitable not just for babies but also adults who want baby smooth skin. And based on my experience, I can say that that is true.

I have been using Johnson's Baby since I was well...a baby and am still using it till this day. After every bath, I find that I am exceptionally clean like a baby just out from a bath. I choose to continue using this brand of products as I believe that products meant for the delicate skin of babies would be less harsh on the skin.

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Household brand

Despite it being a product for babies, I still use them currently. I absolutely love their body powders because it simply reminds me of how a baby smells like - which is really pleasant.

I use quite a bit of their products - their baby oil for my hair, and the removing of make up. Their baby cologne because it reminds me of how fresh kids smell like, as well as their shower foam.

It is already a household brand, so I doubt it needs any recommendation, unless they come up with a new product! Will definitely keep repurchasing. :)

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J&J is one of the most common household brands be it for adults or even babies. I loved their body foam! The smell is good, the after washed smoothness is there! And more importantly, their products are valued for money.

Being a first time mummy and expecting a new born, I was really at a lost on what body foam and all to get for a baby. However, J&J was the one brand that many of my friends recommended me to get. So, I paid a visit to J&J counter during one of the baby fair held at Expo and I was shocked at the wide range of products they carry for babies’ right down to even wet tissues for babies’ butts.

Since there on, our boy has been using J&J products which includes their head to toes wash (no more tears), moisturizing body lotion, wet tissues, baby powder, baby oil and the list goes on. We really like their no more tears head to toes wash! So convenient!

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