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By fusing the most exceptional, authentic essences and abandoning the conventions of contemporary perfumery, the myths, dreams and musings of our everyday imagination is captured in every exquisite Serge Lutens fragrance bottle.


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(Updated: February 26, 2013)

Special and Unique

I got to know of Serge Lutens from a women's magazine. That was many years ago, so I can't remember what it said, but whatever it said, it was enough to send me to Tangs to try out the fragrances.

The scents of the fragrances were in general very unique. I can't describe it, you have to try them yourself to know it. All I can say is they smell differently from other conventional fragrances--not that conventional fragrances do not smell nice; they do, but Serge Lutens fragrances seemed to send some subliminal message to me that they were meant for people (yes, men included!) who have a strong sense of self and who like to travel off the beaten path. I was sold. I now use Serge Lutens fragrances exclusively.

The following are Serge Lutens fragrances I use, depending on my feelings or how I want to feel:
Deceptively Innocent: Gris Clair
Mysterious & Elegant: Clair de Musc
Special & Beautiful: Cedre
Uniquely Straightforward: Ambre Sultan
Complicated & Unexpectedly Lovely: Chergui

I think the greatest attraction Serge Lutens fragrances hold for me is their ability to make me feel special and individual. Unfortunately, this is a very common case of 'you get what you pay for', because to get that special, wonderful feeling, you have to pay more than $150 for a 50ml bottle of Serge Lutens fragrance.

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