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For almost a decade, Bio-essence has always been on the forefront of innovation to develop effective new products catering to the needs of the consumers and offering a variety of highly popular products to help women and men achieve and maintain gorgeous, healthy skin. Today, Bio-essence with more than 100 products under the brand, including  popular ranges like the Shape V Face series (Anti-aging), Tanaka White series (Whitening), 24K Bio-Gold with Bird’s Nest series (Eye, face and neck care) , HydraSpa series (Hydration) as well as Celebrity’s Choice series (Body care) and Nugeno series (Men skin care) out of which many has clinched awards from retailers like Watsons, Guardian and Giant for best selling and most wanted items under facial, eye and body care; Numerous awards were presented by female magazines including Herworld, Female, CLEO, Singapore Women’s Weekly for outstanding performances in product efficacies as reviewed and voted by the editors and readers over the years. Some top selling products include the Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream (Over one million bottles sold and ranking No.1 Sales for individual performing SKU for 7 consecutive years from 2004-2010), Radiant Youth Essence and Deep Exfoliating Gel. Bio-essence is also the brand synonymous with open and public mega challenges to prove its advertising claims. It has held more than 10 public challenge events across Asia each involving more than a hundred people. Consumers were able to instantly see, measure and prove the efficacies of the Bio-essence products through photographs on the spot.


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Terrible product - don't ever buy

I had issues with dry and sensitive skin all along and coupled with the need for spa coverage, I decided to try the Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water SPF 20 PA++ 100ml that was released recently. Seeing all the hype that was created from the use of this product by many bloggers. I trusted their reviews and went ahead to purchase and use them.

I bought 3 bottles at the price of 2 from Watsons, and was excited to use them immediately. I would say that the product did nothing much to hydrate my dry skin. My skin started peeling despite putting a few layers of the product.

I had intended for one bottle to be placed at home and one to be brought out. One of the bottles was insanely disappointing - the moment I opened it, the spray function of the bottle was spoilt. I could not get any product out of the bottle at all. WHAT I A WASTE OF MONEY.

I have never posted a review before, and this is the first because I am utterly disappointed with this product.

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Some back-story first - I was in PE class and we had to run this horribly long distance under the 3 p.m. sun. My friend took a look at me afterwards and said, "you're no longer Snow White."

Being vainly and perhaps unjustifiable protective of my relatively fair skin, I immediately rushed out to purchase new skincare products, including the Bio-Essence Bird's Nest whitening sleep mask, which was a huge bust.

No discernible difference, and in addition to that, I really just didn't feel like the mask did anything for my skin. I have naturally dry skin, and the mask felt like it just sat on top of it, not soaking deep into the layers of my skin. Even in the morning, my skin just felt sticky and product-laden.

I have heard great things about their products, but frankly, I'm disappointed.

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Average results

Due to my insecurities over my big squared face, I bought their "shape v face" range of products after some positive reviews I heard from my friends. Sadly, my face didn’t turn V-shape and neither did it become firmer or any slimmer. But at the very least, they do have good moisturizing properties as my face feels dewy and refreshed the next morning.

Before that, I have also used their Tanaka White series before. For the Tanaka White series, I love their face mist! Not only is it cheap, but it has a nice fragrance and instantly refreshes your face. But again, I don’t think that their products have achieved what they set out to. There was no whitening effect on me, just what normal skincare could offer.

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Only short-term

Not a user of Bio-essence’s products but I’m definitely a fan of their Snail Secretion mask! Wanted to fit in some pampering into my week so I grabbed a few from them at Watsons. They were only selling at $2 each. Possibly cheap for a long-standing brand?

So I got to work after getting home and one thing I love about this mask is that it has slits at the jaw area, providing a more fitting wear. For people with small faces, you'll totally love this advantage. What work would a mask do when it doesn't fit on the contours of one's face? The smell it carries wasn't exactly overwhelming either and after leaving it on for 20 mins, I was surprised to see the results were immediate!

My face was clearer, brighter and much more supple! It still looks hydrated and dewy even 2 hours after. If you're looking for a quick pick-me-up, I guess this would do the trick!

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Boring unappealing brand

Bio-Essence is probably the only brand that I will never purchase. The packaging is ugly and its just boring. It channels this "Auntie" vibe and that alone will make me stay away from it. I got some BB cream and moisturizer samples from my aunt and it further reaffirmed my decision to stay away from this brand.

The BB cream was GRAY. Okay, I get that most BB creams are gray but this is really super gray. I don't want my face to turn gray!!! *Cries* I have a yellow-toned faced and the gray hue in this BB cream made me look ashy and made me look like my head was detached from my neck because of the difference in skin color. It was also sticky and thick to apply. So obvious I had something on on my face (color aside). It sinked into my pores and needless to say I immediately reached out for my makeup remover. This gunk is going off and the remaining BB cream in the sample pack would be saying Hello to my rubbish bin. The moisturizer was alright but it didn't beat the effectiveness of my trusty Hada Labo lotion. I didn't care for it. The moisturizer went to meet the BB cream and they suffered the same fate.

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Bio-essence reaffirms my skepticism in local beauty labels. I had hopes, but it was crushed by how disappointing their products are.

I've tried their BB cream and exfoliating gel, and both were complete failures in my opinion. Their BB cream does a poor job at concealing the red marks in my face and it looks unnatural and gives my skin a grey-ish tinge. I didn't even finish the sample pack they gave me. Their exfoliating gel does remove the dead skin cells of my face but it gave me breakouts soon afterwards.

Their prices aren't even that attractive, and I'm surprised they're still in the market!

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Miracle Spring Water!

The heavily advertised Bio-essence Spring Water has garnered much public attention from television advertisements to beauty stores. The amount of benefits it claims were extremely ambitious and to some point, dubious. Fancy advertisements does not convince me at all, but my mother bought it so I guess I couldn't bear to let it rot at home. I was rather sceptical at first, spending a good 10 minutes scrutizing the bottle and its description. The only ingredients are Nitrogen and Spring Water, which is good news, but can be bribed into falsifying the information. I was so relieved when it is even suitable for babies as I have sensitive eyes and skin (face). The following are the amount of benefits they claim to have and the percentage representing how effective it is to me, 100% being extremely useful and 0% being no evident effect:

controls oil (40%)
refines pores (0%)
whitens, brightens skin (0%)
firms skin (0%)
lifts skin (20%)
reduces dark circles (10%)
reduces eye bags (NA- i don't have eye bags)
relieves pimples, reduces redness (10%)
longer lasting make-up (80%)
moisturizes skin (10%)
relieves tiredness (100%)
soothes skin after treatment (NA)
moisturizes hair (0%)
refreshes skin after exercise (NA)
soothes damaged skin (NA)
under hot sun moisturize and refresh skin (100%)
soothes diaper rash (NA)

On a side note, this is purely personal to me, and might be different for people with varying hair or skin conditions. For example, it does nothing but wets my hair but for others it may be as effective as a hair serum.

So to sum up all that statistics, the most effective for me are relieving tiredness, cooling the skin, long-wearing makeup and moderately effective in controlling oil. Although I have not experienced all of its ambitiously declared benefits, based on these effects alone, I will be an extremely faithful customer to Bio-essence.

I use face spray to keep me awake in class and I have yet to find one which does not irritate my sensitive eyes and that alone is a reason good enough for me to be a regular user of this product. Making my make-up last a little longer and controlling oil are additional benefits which I would be more than happy to have.

Before you start thinking that Bio-essence has extended their media channels to scripted word-of-mouth and that I'm paid to say good things about this product, I would like to highlight to you that there are many other brands selling similar or probably the exact same product - Spring Water Spray. The reason why I'm sticking to this brand is because I wouldn't try to save a few misery dollars at risk of getting my eyes sprinkled with pepper, but I would advise you to consider trying a few brands to get a value for money Spring Water Spray.

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