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Listing created by poppy on February 18, 2013    

Lioele is a Korean cosmetics and skincare brand. 


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Awesome nail polish!

I’m not a huge fan of Korean cosmetics, because there’re just so many different brands and I’d rather do away with all of that, and stick to more mainstream brands like Revlon and Ettusais.

While shopping on Qoo10, I came across an offer for Lioele nail polish. It was less than $3 per bottle, which was an awesome deal, so I decided to buy a few colours to try out. That was one of my best buys on Qoo10, because I was blown away by the quality of Lioele’s nail polish! The colour was vibrant and so pretty – I received a huge number of compliments on my nail polish! It also was pretty long-lasting, as I went for about 4 days without any chipping. I’m not too sure about its cosmetics, but it definitely has an amazing range of affordable nail polish!

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Highly recommend the gel liner

I haven't dabbled into Korean beauty brands and I am considered a "noob" in this area. Having tried a few products thanks to the generosity of my friends, I have a different view towards Korean makeup. I used to think they were not on par with international brands and man was I wrong. The gel liner from Lioele is the blackest, smoothest and most budge proof I have ever tried. I have tried MAC's famous Blacktrack gel liner (which sucked), KATE gel liner (not too bad) and Maybelline's (gooood) but Lioele is my favorite!

I really like my liner black. In case you are wondering, I do not line my whole eyes like a heavy metal star or something. The reason why I like it black is because I find that using a black liner to tight line my lash line gives me fuller lashes and opens up my eyes further, making me look more awake. This gel liner gives me the pigment. I yawn a lot throughout the day and I can't help but sneak a little rub sometimes so being smudge-proof is an important quality that I look out for. Water-proof is the obvious quality because we don't know when we would cry (girls.. we are all emotional beings aren't we!). This gel liner ticks all the boxes for me and I would repurchase again in a heartbeat

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Awesome BB cream!

I wasn't a fan at first, and used their BB cream mainly because I had so many of their (free) samples.

Their BB cream gave me pretty decent coverage, but will start to look quite unnatural after a period of time. It also doesn't quite last in Singapore's hot and humid weather.. and so I thought that after I'm done with their samples, I'll probably never use Liole ever again. But what happened soon after was pleasantly surprising.

I actually saw a noticeable change in my complexion! Breakouts were less frequent, and my acne red marks are fading to the point of oblivion! I don't know if it's because of Liole, or some other factors.. but I'm guessing Liole.

I wanted to buy their BB cream right after my last finished sample, but was shocked at how pricey it was considering it being such a small tube. I didn't wanna take a risk (since I didn't know if it's Liole that's been making my skin better) so I didn't buy it. Maybe some other time.

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