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Canmake Cosmetics is a drugstore cosmetics brand founded in Tokyo. 


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a change of heart

I recently bought myself a Canmake stamp cover concealer just because John Little was having 20% off sale on most makeup products. I wasn't too fond of Japanese makeup but I thought I would just give it a try. Turns out, the concealer actually helps cover my blemishes without needing a thick layer like my normal concealer. The coverage of the concealer is amazing! This lessens the amount of makeup I put on every morning, thus preventing my makeup from looking cakey in the middle of the day.

An added bonus is the travel friendly size. I can just slip it into my purse and whip it out whenever it's needed. Though I have not tried or sampled the other products available from Canmake, my experience with their concealer has changed my perception on the brand. I will definitely drop by John Little again to have a look and maybe end up buying out the whole shelf.

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Buy it in Japan

I absolutely adore canmake products. Not only is their packaging great, but their products are of fantastic quality as well! I took the chance to purchase items from their range while I was in Japan because it costs half the price!

Currently, I’m using their eyeshadow, eyebrow powder, tinted lip balm and cheek stain. Needless to say, I’m a big fan of their products. They stay well, go on smoothly and looking their products alone makes you happy. One down side is their tinted lip balm is actually quite drying, so it’s still better to put another coat of normal clear lip balm on your lips first!

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(Updated: August 05, 2013)

Nothing to shout about

Canmake is yet another drug store brand of cosmetics. It is just that. The products are average and the results are similar to what I would get if I were to use products from any other brand. There are other drug store brands that I would prefer such as Maybelline or Revlon and the products from said brands are priced similarly to Canmake. That being said, Canmake is a Japanese brand and may appeal to those who prefer Asian brands, personally I have to admit I lean towards western cosmetics as they are more pigmented and more suited for me.

Buyer's beware, I bought their lipstick and lip gloss duo and it was extremely drying (read: cracks in my lips), definitely would advise anyone to stay away.

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Not my kind of cosmetics

I have tried Canmake on several occasions. Got them from magazines, relatives gave them to me etc but I have never paid for it myself simply because the brand does not appeal to me. I am not into the whole Japanese makeup look and I naturally shy away from that brand. The cosmetics that I have tried was the mascara (the one in pink tube) and canmake cream cheek (a cream blush)

The mascara was new and upon application, it was gunky. So gunky it looked like I had bad lashes and was an amateur in mascara application. I only put a light coat but the clumps were unforgivable! I am sure no girls like clumps on their lashes? The mascara was very thick as well. The tube promised super volume but if volume equates to the heaviness from the gunk and clumps, I am sorry, even though the tube is pink, it has to go into the bin. It looked so promising though. I would advice you to stay away from the mascaras.

As for the Cream Cheek, I have heard raves about it but I wasn't feeling anything for it. Maybe because I am a powder blush girl and don't fancy the idea of something sticky on my face. The cream cheek was okay. Nice colors. The downsides were that it contains shimmer and it was rather large and not fine. You know how some shimmers give a dewy and glowy effect? This was not like that. The packaging was tacky and cheap. Just housed in a plastic container that can be easily broken when dropped.

Nothing I would recommend and since the flops I have experienced, I do not see myself going for this brand again.

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