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Revlon is a drugstore cosmetics brand launched in the USA. 


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Good branding, not-so-good products

Have you girls (or guys) seen their colorburst lipstick advertisement? I was totally sold. It comes in so many pretty shades and their packaging is so cute, looks somewhat like a crayon. I haven’t bought it, but it has been on my mind ever since the first time I saw their advertisement.

Like their colorburst lipsticks, I also love their packaging and branding of other products and had unknowingly bought a few of them. My first Revlon product was their photo ready BB cream. Don’t you get attracted just by the name? I too, wanted a face that is ever photo ready. Hence, I bought their BB cream without much thought. However, it was far from being photo-ready. It felt really unnatural and left a sticky finish on my skin. I won’t even take pictures with the BB cream on. In addition, I also bought their eyeliner from Watson and once I opened it, the crayon part broke into pieces. Yes, I have not even started using it.

Despite the negative experience I had, I really love their advertisement and would probably get one of those colorburst lipstick soon.

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Top-Raved About Drugstore Brand

Many YouTube gurus have named this the top drugstore brand, and I finally caved in to try them this year. As a drugstore brand, they are definitely affordable, as compared to Sephora that is. Although when compared to US, Revlon is a little over-priced.

The most notable buy for me is the Colorstay liquid foundation. It claims to be good for combi/oily skin, and doesn't oil-up throughout the day. I was skeptical since I have exceptionally oily skin and don't typically like foundation. I was however pleasantly surprised when I tried this foundation because it really doesn't oil-up, though not for 24 hours with my skin, it does perform magnificently. And a little goes a long way for me too. It feels comfortably light, yet offers decent coverage. I really am not exaggerating when I say I have oily skin, I shine within an hour after I cleanse my face, which is probably exacerbated by this humid weather in Sg. And Revlon's Colorstay works wonders.

I also really like their lip products. I first purchased Mauve It Over which is a matte nude colour, and total my-lips-but-better product for me. And this matte lipstick goes on so creamy and smooth, and doesn't crack up or accentuate your lips' imperfections as many other matte lip products do. Definitely one of my holy grail lip products. After my brave ventures, I recently purchased their new Colorstay Lacquer Balm , n 130, also much raved about on YouTube. It performs like a balm and stain in one, and the colour payoff is amazing. You get what you see on the tube, which is so rare for lip products! There is the minty/menthol taste when you apply it, but it goes off after 10-15 minutes, so it really doesn't bother you through the day.

Looking forward to my future ventures with Revlon!

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two thumbs up!

After hearing contant raves from Youtube's beauty gurus about Revlon's colour burst lip butter, I decided to give in and bought myself one in the Tutti Frutti shade.

Trying it on for the first time, I understand why everyone is raving about it. It is by far, one of the best textured lipstick I ever owned. It glides on smoothly, and doesn't leave my lips dry like other brands. Although I made a mistake of buying the lighter coloured shade and having to put on multiple layers to be able to at least see a hint of pigment, it works well for the transition from my work-during-day & party-in-the-evening makeup look. True to its words, the lip butter is also hydrating and moisturising.

I have yet to try their other products, but had to refrain myself from buying any more makeup! Overall, I give Revlon's colour burst lip butter two thumbs up.

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Love their lip butters!

Revlon is my one of my go-to section whenever I head down to Watsons for stock up whatsoever. I love their lip butters! It's so moisturizing, buidable, and just feels like nothing on the lips! Because it is so moisturizing, it tends to slip off after 4 hours, but its still good.

Their kissable lip balm stain however, is dry. It offers pigmentation that stays for long hours, and feel like nothing on the lips, but I do not recommend for people with dry lips, else you would have to apply another coat of lip balm. It is definitely buildable which is a plus point.

Revlon Colorstay Whipped™ Crème Makeup blends well to the skin, smooth and light! It does not cake and and provide decent coverage.

I just hope they bring in more variety in Singapore stores, since we can't find some of the colours and product lines they have back in the US.

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Holy grail drugstore makeup brand

I cannot even begin to express how much I adore this brand. I have used a good number of products to vouch for it when I say this is my holy grail drugstore brand. I find myself making a beeline for Revlon whenever I pay a visit to my dear old friend, Watsons.

They always come up with new and different products, and these products are always accompanied by a colorful, eye-catching display.

It is ever so slightly on the more expensive side, but the products are well worth it in my opinion. I have used the photoready BB cream, Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain, Colorburst Lip Butter, Colorstay Foundation and the Photoready Cream Blush, amongst many other things.

The BB cream, foundation and blush goes on smoothly and doesn't cake, which is fantastic, considering my oily to combination skin. The color payoff for the balm stain and lip butter is excellent. They are also very buildable. If you don't want such a strong color, swipe on one to two layers and you're good to go!

The only minor down-side of Revlon in Singapore is that the color selection is too small. Gorgeous shades such as Coralberry and Candy Apple (the Super Lustrous lipstick and Lip Butter respectively) are unavailable and I'm just dying to get my hands on them.

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good lip products, bad eye products

If you frequent pharmacies a lot, this brand would not be foreign to you. In case you are looking to try out this brand, I would recommend only the lip products.

My absolute favorite would be the superlustrous lipstick line. Colors are smooth and pigmented. I heard that 'Pink in The Afternoon' is the color that Audrey Hepburn wore in one of the movie scenes in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'! The lipstick will not dry your lips out and the colors range from bright reds and corals to sensual plums and wines and to natural nudes and pinks. I also love their Lip stain that comes in a chubby pencil form. It has a mild peppermint smell. Very refreshing. Lip butters are alright. Moisturizing but wears off fast.

Do not try their eye products!!!! Although it stated smudgeproof, it did the opposite. Barely an hour on my lids and it smudged all over. So embarrassing. The eyeliner wasn't pigmented too. Supposed to be Black but it came out grey. Meh.. that eyeliner went straight into the bin. I did not purchase anything else other than their lip products. I have heard a lot of raves from oily skinned girls about their whipped cream foundation so if you are looking for a budget friendly foundation, do consider Revlon!

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(Updated: March 26, 2013)

Stinging revolution

Revlon stings. Really. Maybelline eyeliners seemed to be heading towards the mediocre lane seeing as to how they have yet to produce any new products. However, they're still doing okay. I was itching for something new though. Hence, I paid a trip to a nearby Watsons. I zoomed pass the Maybelline rack and headed towards Revlon's.

I scanned the racks in search for an eyeliner. Found it. The words emblazoned across it's plastic surface were impressive. Eyebrow and eyeliner. 2-in-1. These words successfully persuaded me in sealing the deal. I headed for the counter and few seconds later, viola. I was a proud owner of a Revlon eyeliner.

Proud may be the world's most inaccurate term to be associated with this Revlon eyeliner. I learnt that several days later. After the receipts for it are snuggled deep within the rubbish chute beneath the stacks of multi storied car-parks. Refunding option automatically control, alternate and delete. Sighs. The eyeliner felt like spicy capsicum juice were squashed directly onto my pupils. It may very well defeat the level of sting swarming bees could generate. Scratching it did little to appease my stinging eyeballs. Finally, I whipped my make up remover cleansing wipes out and removed it all. Leaving no trace of Revlon particles. Not even a teensy weeny bit. The stinging sensation subsided soon after. Phew.

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Awesome lip products!

If you want to update your daily makeup look, switching up your lipstick is the way to go. To all you fickle-minded ladies out there (you know who you are!) no, you won’t have to break the bank, because there’s Revlon.

Revlon is probably my favourite drugstore makeup brand. It’s easy to find, affordable, and the quality of their makeup is really good. I love the fact that Revlon frequently comes up with awesome new products, such as its photoready collection. However, my favourite products from Revlon are its lip products!

You HAVE to try the Colourburst Lip Butter and the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. The lip butter has really pretty colours with great colour payoff, and the balm stain is the lazy girl’s answer to long lasting lip stick. It literally stays on all day, and the colours are so vibrant! I absolutely love it! So, ladies, do keep an eye out for Revlon’s amazing new products. I know I definitely will!

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emergency product

I hardly buy anything from this brand so the only thing I have tried so far from Revlon is their nail polish collection which I got for one of the surprise gift exchanges during Christmas. I am not quite a big fan of their nail polish after using it as it doesnt last too long and it chips easily. Furthermore the colours are not the best and they are usually a little too glittery or a little too plain for my liking.

I would think that this brand is one of the usual ones that they stock at regular pharmacies or other basic stores. Hence it's something like the emergency make up brand when there is a need for something, Revlon is the immediate available alternative. Although I heard that the concealer moose is really quite good and light, I have yet to try it. Still quite satisfied with my current choices of cosmetics, enough to not go changing away.

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Not a favorite.

I have a friend who works in a local drugstore, which sells Revlon, and she would always gush about how amazing Revlon is. I beg to differ.

I've tried various Revlon products, and I've never even once felt satisfied, or anything close to it. Their hair dyes, for example, are a joke. I could never get the shade I want.. which isn't such a big deal, I know, but when you've gotten yourself the blonde hair dye and left it on for hours extra, and all it turned out to be was the darkest of brown.. wow. Just wow.

Their ColorStay Liquid Eye Liner Pen seems promising, but hurts when I tried to apply it on my eyelids. The tip was too hard, and the color was so light.. I threw it away after only use attempt at using it.

Their Fabulash mascara is even more horrible.. makes my eyelashes clumpy, flakes, and also is the main reason why up till today I have stopped using mascara. Seriously.

That is why I don't get why Revlon is still in the market and why people are buying (and actually loving!) their products.

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